Thursday, February 12th

At CL’s, Noah joins Nick and Faith – Happy Valentine’s Day. He has a party to get to; leaving Nick short handed at Underground, on the busiest night of the year. Then the sitter bails. Who can Nick ask to babysit on such short notice? Do you really have to ask? Noah replies.

At home, Sharon pores over an old Valentine’s card from Nick; flashing back to happier days (when they ‘had it all’)

Austin and Summer join Mariah and Kevin at the Abbott cabin. Abby appears; the only one excited about the mystery. All are startled when someone knocks on the door.

Vikki and Ben wheel Johnny and Katie into Chelsea’s penthouse. Billy volunteered to babysit – but needed to go out for a bit. He should be back soon.

At Delia’s roadside memorial, Billy wishes her a happy birthday (as Adam hides, listening)

The Ashby’s are ready to go – the private jet’s ready too. When Jill and Collin arrive at the club, Devon’s assured that Collin won’t have any part of running CI (she then quietly apologizes to Collin for Devon’s stupid rule) At the revolving door, Devon tells Hilary that they’ll soon tell Neil the truth. As they head to the bar, Neil arrives – tapping his cane (but watching all gathered)

Neil fumbles along; Hilary? He has a big silver briefcase. Lily’s sure it’ll be a great Valentine’s weekend (too bad Gwen couldn’t come) Devon just wants to focus on business. The car’s here – everyone ready? Neil is SO ready.

Chelsea tells Vikki to leave the kids with her – Billy needs to spend some time with Delia; he’s not ‘alone’

Adam listens as Billy shows Delia a plaque; a theater’s been named in her honour (thanks to everyone who loved her) Billy weeps – and Adam looks almost as devastated. Adam took you from me, but he won’t destroy our memories, Billy sniffles – then hears a noise – is someone there???

Whoever’s out there is frozen, Abby yanks open the door – it’s Fen, followed by Noah (who correctly guesses that she’s the mystery hostess) Oh alright – Abby didn’t want to spend Valentine’s alone. Someone more pathetic than me, Mariah quips. As all file into the kitchen, Austin guesses Summer’s disappointed it wasn’t Kyle.

Sharon’s more than happy to watch Faith – she wants a chance to prove she’s a fit parent.

Billy tells Delia that he sometimes thinks she’ll come back to him – then I remember you’re gone. He wanted Adam to pay – but he’s gone. Delia appears – he’s not gone Daddy.

Adam comes home with a bottle of wine – to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Sage on her way out, Adam tells her to go ahead. Looking lonely, he delivers the wine to Chelsea (he and Sage are fighting) Happy Valentine’s Day, he mopes off towards his condo. Chelsea comes out – wait.

Delia insists that Adam’s not gone. He’s alive – in Connor, like I am in you. Connor needs you. Billy thinks of him as a son, but can’t let go of his hatred for Adam. OK, Billy’s convinced, he’ll focus on his loved ones. So you forgive Adam?? Delia pressures.

Chelsea tells ‘Gabe’ that Billy needs some time alone (though she’s not really sure what he needs) Join me for some wine, Chelsea’s delighted to see it’s her favourite.

Underground’s starting to get busy when Vikki and Ben arrive to whine about the $20 cover charge. This is where they first got together. Sage arrives to hear that Nick’s short-handed (and immediately runs behind the bar to make ‘Silk Panties’)

The jet airborne, most of the gang is having a great time. Neil asks about Collin’s attempt to come up with the money to buy CI. Collin’s investment didn’t pan out as he hoped. Hilary and Devon squirm. Tell me about it, Neil might be interested in an opportunity like that. As Hilary reclaims her husband’s attention, Collin warns Devon that he’s playing a dangerous game (and scoffs when Devon say she’s telling Neil soon) Neil reminds Hilary that she’s a nervous flyer – she always puts her affairs in order before flying.

Hilary suddenly needs water. Devon follows to reassure her – everything’s OK. Hilary feels like Neil knows everything she’s thinking. Fuming, Neil talks to himself – I gave you both a chance to come clean. You’re cowards – all of you. He’s not surprised at Jill and Collin, but expected more from Cane (Lily will be hurt, but Neil has no choice – it all ends today)

Summer loves Austin. He apologizes; let’s start Valentine’s Day over – with a kiss. The others return to tease the only couple there. Let’s play a game. Never have I ever. Everyone grabs a drink (even Fen and Summer) Abby goes first; Never have I ever told a lie. All drink. Etc etc. Summer asks – Never have I ever had a crush on a best friend. All drink.

As Sharon goes to check on cookies, Faith makes a Valentine for her Mom (from Nick) It’s not OK to lie, and Sharon’s not sad ~hug~ What if Daddy sent a Valentine to someone else?

What do you think of my Silk Panties? Nick’s impressed enough to reward Sage with an ‘Underground’ T-shirt. After serving Vikki and Ben free drinks, he catches Sage changing in the back.

As Nick’s phone rings, Sage turns around – you gonna get that? Uh yeah, Nick exits. Sage smiles to herself. Faith calls to wish her Dad Happy Valentine’s Day – I love you. After Nick hangs up with Sharon, Sage returns; once you’ve seen my silk panties, what’s there to be embarrassed about? they chuckle.

Billy knows that Delia’s right – he’ll try really hard to let go of his hatred towards Adam. He’ll think happy thoughts. Bye Daddy. Billy’s then left to mope alone.

On her tablet, Chelsea shows Adam a tea rose bush – it blossoms with pink roses in May. She’s getting it for Billy because it’s Delia’s birthday; tea roses were her favourite. She knows he’s in pain – Delia meant everything to him; there’s no getting over losing a child. Are you OK? she notices that Adam’s almost in tears.

The game continues; never have I ever been to jail. All drink. Never have I ever committed murder. All laugh except Austin. That’s it – he storms outside (Summer follows)

Faith likes it when her Mom’s happy – it seems like everything will be OK. Though reassuring Faith, Sharon looks nervous when the lights flicker.

Sage and Nick joke about her working there full time – when the lights briefly fizzle out. And seconds after Ben and Vikki go home, debris falls from the ceiling (onto their table)

Chelsea didn’t mean to upset Gabe. Losing children/not being a father upset him. Chelsea’s sorry Sage can’t have kids. It’s OK, she gives him a hug. Billy walks in – not happy.

Lily and Jill are anxious to get to Chicago, then alarmed when Neil pours himself a drink. Dad! That’s alcohol! Yup – 12 year old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey – 80 proof, Neil reads the bottle and takes a huge drink. He then announces that he can see – everything (he glares at Hilary and Devon!)

Next: Phyllis tells Jack; You don’t think I know Victor’s using me? I’m using him too … Joe – I have a Valentine’s Gift for you. I don’t want it, Avery snaps. I’m sure you will, Joe replies … Jill gapes – I thought you said it was impossible. I would have said a lot of things were impossible, Neil glares at Hilary and Devon.

My Thoughts: Faith will never love a boy? Who can blame her after watching all her Mom’s been through. Perhaps by the time Faith’s ready to date, TPTB will be ready to portray a same sex couple …. Why wouldn’t the Ashby/Winter’s clan meet at the airport? You’d think Cane and Lily would be spending their last few minutes with the kids they barely see … Why would Neil reveal all his cards at once, and let everyone know that he’s drinking again? … Abby worries about whomever’s freezing outside but is wearing short shorts. If she wanted to know who’s at the door, she could have simply moved the curtain and looked through the window. Why on earth would she invite Mariah to her lame party? Never mind what happened with Tyler, she kissed Summer’s husband? It looks like Austin is starting to show his true colours – and he had quite a reaction when the word ‘murder’ came up. I don’t think Nick would appreciate Abby providing alcohol to his underage daughter (with Noah there too) … Are we really not going to see the Baldwin’s on the ‘most romantic night of the year’? Instead we get a party of nitwits and the tragedy about to befall Underground and the Ashby/Winters clan …. Sage’s Silk Panties can’t be that great; Ben and Vikki left theirs barely touched. They couldn’t even stay to finish their free drinks? … Nick ‘moved mountains’ to keep the club open – but it seems his contractors did a lousy job repairing the roof. Why would anyone pay a $25 cover charge to get into Underground? There’s no entertainment or food …. Chelsea used the phrase ‘to be honest with you’ twice within 10 seconds (so I guess she does a lot of lying) … The bottle of wine wouldn’t ‘go to waste’ – it could have waited until Billy got home…. It was nice to see Delia again; though Adam’s grief was more believable than Billy’s (who’s touching words, as usual, lacked emotion) … Faith wouldn’t put her pajamas on until after she spoke to her Dad? Does no one have any control over this pint sized dictator?