Friday, February 13th

I can see – everything, Neil announces. Lily hugs him – so happy. Wonderful, Hilary adds without smiling. Neil saw shapes, then shadows – until he finally saw the light – and what a sight it was; my lying son in bed with my cheating wife.

Never have I ever committed murder. Game over, Austin marches out, Summer following. Has Austin committed murder? Abby poses the question to all.

Adam and Chelsea pull apart when Billy closes the door loudly. We were talking, Chelsea explains. About what? Delia.

Nikki’s at Underground, worried that Nick would be sad about Sharon. She hugs Dylan (who tells her Avery’s on her way.)

Avery and Jack meet at the club – we need to get the Judge to OK another psych evaluation. Getting Phylis to flip out is the best plan. Avery’s not asking Jack to ‘hurt’ her again, she’s asking him to help SAVE Phyllis.

At the ranch (moping over flowers and a card) Phyllis confides in Victor; she’s furious at Jack, but loves him (and should call him) He betrayed you, Victor reminds – and he has ‘other plans’ for Phyllis this evening.

Gabe heard today was Delia’s birthday – must be a hard day for Billy. Yes, it is. Billy feels bad for Gabe too (he and Sage can’t have kids) Chelsea sends Gabe after Sage – remember why you fell in love. I do remember, Gabe says as he leaves. That leaves Chelsea to express surprise that Gabe’s so sensitive. Billy’s made a decision that will effect their future.

At Underground, Dylan tells Nikki that Avery’s dealing with Phyllis’ problems. Nikki doesn’t want anything to interfere with his happiness. When Joe arrives, Mother and son say a few words. Joe then joins Ashley (who knows she’s not the ‘ravishing blond’ he wants) On cue, here’s Avery (and Jack). And look – here’s the ‘opportunity’ they’ve been looking for (Victor and Phyllis arrive)

Neil saw his wife and son with his own two eyes; naked, in bed. Is this true? Jill asks Devon. Hilary weeps – I tried to tell you. In tears, Lily slaps Devon – how could you!? Jill rants at Hilary – for playing ‘bang the billionaire’. Devon and Hilary announce that they’re in love and want to be together. Not happening, says Neil.

Dad, I’m sorry, Devon denies he wanted to hurt or make a fool of Neil (who ain’t buyin’ it) How long has this been going one? Weeks, months? Yes, it matters. Neil gave Hilary every chance to walk away – didn’t I!!!??? Yes, but you needed me. No, Neil needed a real wife; to share his bed, his life with. You couldn’t make love to me because you were making love to my son. He realizes that WAS Devon’s phone he heard go off in New York. He was sleeping with you hours before I did! Screaming, Lily lunges at Hilary (then is devastated when Neil rats Cane out)

Austin’s sorry – he was reminded of his Mother’s death. Let’s continue the game, Mariah and Kevin decide. Courtney arrives to say that Summer and Austin can’t leave – there’s a storm. Abby then brings out a bowl of punch (which a mystery hand has spiked with something)

Nikki snarls at Victor (for bringing Phyllis as his date) She was lonely – I brought her along – show some compassion – this has nothing to do with Jack, Victor insists. Nikki knows he’s up to something – I can’t take it anymore (she makes a beeline for the first available drink)

You look beautiful, Joe tells Avery. Thanks, she races over to Dylan. Meanwhile, Jack would like a moment alone with his fiance. Victors vanishes as Phyllis thanks Jack for the flowers – but isn’t ready to come home. Jack lists the other places Phyllis can stay. Phyllis knows Victor’s using her, but it’s OK, she’s using him too.

Phyllis won’t let Victor take advantage of her – but he can help with her defense. If I trusted Victor, I’d be ‘crazy’ (she waltzes off). Ashley tells Victor that Jabot won’t release Hex – she’s backing out before the casualties get too great. Thirsty Nikki’s about to order a drink, when Nick appears to introduce Sage. What did she want that’s dry?? A dry cloth, Nikki lies. When Gabe arrives, Nick confirms that Sage is there – but it’s time to end the charade.

Billy admits that Adam’s been a factor in their relationship; he’s here. And what has Billy decided? Chelsea wonders.

Fen again rubs Summer the wrong way re: her not knowing Austin. Kevin prods Mariah (who claims that her BFF crush was in grade school) Yeah, Kev’s too. Courtney gets woozy when Noah kisses her (pan to the spiked punch)

Cane explains why he didn’t rat Devon and Hilary out. We’re the only innocent ones here, Jill growls – then is stunned to hear that Collin was blackmailing Devon. As all bicker, Hilary apologizes to Neil; who’s no longer a ‘good man’, he’s dead – you and my son killed him (he drinks, over Lily’s protests – it’s too late baby girl *gulp*)

Billy can’t forgive Adam. But can he forgive Chelsea for loving him?? Billy’s done with his anger – he’s embracing what makes him happy; Chelsea ~hug~ What now? Billy has a gift for Chelsea; the light in his life. Loving her is the best way to honour Delia’s memory.

Gabe’s not really comfortable talking about his marriage of convenience with. Nick wonders if the money’s worth it. Sage appears to hear Nick’s giving Gabe marital advice.

Nikki stumbles, but blames it on her high shoes. She’s more worried about Dylan. He knows Avery loves him, but wants to punch Joe in the face; it’s like an addiction. Nikki worries he might have inherited that. Oops – you struggled with alcohol, Dylan’s sorry. Still do, Nikki admits. You manage to control your impulses, so can I, Dylan’s sure.

Ashley tells Jack that she lied to Victor – he’ll think he has lots of time to perfect his product (while we work on getting ours out)

Jack just had a very lucid talk with Phyllis. But we know she’s not herself, Avery argues. Yes, but how to prove that to Phyllis and everyone else?

Joe tells Avery that he can be a new man. He blocks her escape – he has a gift for her. I don’t want it, Avery’s exasperated. Joe’s sure she will.

Yes, Neil fell off the wagon before tonight. Did you think you’d be able to ride off into the sunset with no repercussions!? Devon and Hilary are gonna pay for it – you’re both dead – to me! Collin wonders why Neil wanted them all together in a confined space – and what’s in the briefcase? (which he’s clutching on his lap)

Nick warns Phyllis (who doesn’t need it – your Father’s helping me). But Jack loves you, Nick reminds. Jack’s leaving – he’s meeting someone. It’s Kelly, Phyllis, as expected, is enraged. Jack thinks her reaction proves she’s not herself. You set me up! Phyllis guesses (as Victor watches)

Noah and Kevin wake up groggy, then Mariah and Courtney. What happened? Abby and Fen then wake up No one feels hungover. Summer wants one more minute of sleep. That punch was lethal – it knocked us out. Not all of us. Where’s Austin?

Open the briefcase. No – Neil tells Collin to shut up. Neil wouldn’t risk innocent lives, Jill, Lily and Hilary are sure. Tell them, Lily implores of Neil. Sorry – you’re the innocent one in all this. What’s in the briefcase? she asks. Our lives are in here, Neil shouts – you wanna know what’s in this case!? the plane suddenly lurches.

Chelsea’s delighted with the necklace Billy puts around her neck. She has a gift for him too (she hands him the tablet) A tea rose bush; we can plant it at the grave or wherever Billy wants. Valentine’s Day really is the perfect time to remember why you fell in love ~kiss~

Adam mopes to Sage – lets get out of here. Naw, Sage is gonna stick around (since Nick needs her to serve some drinks)

Joe’s gift for Avery? He’s leaving town (Dylan watches)

You want me to snap. You feed me lies and want to make me look crazy! Phyllis’ outburst is beginning to draw attention. I’m not crazy – I’m the sanest person in this room! Nikki tries to stop Victor; don’t make this worse. Don’t worry about me, he shrugs her off.

Kevin returns to the cabin – if Austin’s outside, he didn’t get very far. As Kevin opens a wardrobe to put his coat away, and unconscious Austin falls out.

The plane’s going down! Buckle up everyone! We’re in a storm! (which is pretty obvious by the lightening)

There was no preview for next episode.

My Thoughts: I guess Nikki’s forgotten what a bitch she was earlier to Dylan’s ‘beautiful fiance’. And if Dylan feels addicted to punching Joe in the face, he needs help just as much as Nikki. I guess she plans to get behind the wheel after drinking? What’s another accidental death, right Nikki? (it’d only be #4 on her kill list) I’d say her jealous reaction to Victor bringing Phyllis to Underground is due to her drinking, BUT it wouldn’t be the first time Victor’s turned to a former daughter in law (and Nikki’s made no secret how she feels about Victor’s sudden interest in ‘helping Phyllis, or how far he’ll go to annoy Jack) Nikki’s almost the quickest thinking drunk ever. I’d like a dry …. towel, she tells Sage. At least she planned to buy her booze (instead of filling her flask from home) …. It’s perfectly understandable if talk of murder would cause Austin to think about his Mom, and it would be insensitive of the gang IF they all knew about it – BUT, it’s not a stretch since he’s been charged with kidnapping Avery at gunpoint; there could be a darker side to Austin that no one’s aware of. At the very least, he needs help if random talk of murder triggers a reaction (especially if he plans to reside in GC; where murder, and attempted murder occur so frequently) … What DOES Neil have the silver briefcase (which he might have borrowed from Paul) I can’t believe he’d do Lily (or even Jill) any harm. If the briefcase contains their ‘lives’ it’s probably something harmless, like a bunch of family photos .. I’m not sure who poured what into the punch. It was hard to tell if it was a manly woman’s hand, or a man with small hands. I first assumed Abby had spiked the punch with love potion, but why would it put everyone to sleep? Oh what a romantic Valentine’s Day; arguing, a plane crash and a bunch of drugged kids. The only likeable couple, Mike and Lauren, are nowhere to be seen.