Monday, February 16th

The plane has gone down in a snow covered forested area. There’s flames, and a hand buried in snow.

Austin !??? Summer and the rest of the gang try to revive him.

Kelly smirks as Avery, Nikki, Dylan and Ashley discuss Phyllis’ outburst and how Victor and Jack ran out after her. Now’s not the time, Ashley catches Kelly texting (assuming she’s trying to reach Jack)

Jack and Victor have dragged Phyllis out of the storm (and back into Underground’s entrance. Victor’s not going anywhere – how far is Jack willing to go to try make people think Phyllis is crazy!??

Austin’s dead – we can’t bring him back, Noah tries to console a hysterical Summer. How did this happen!? all are in shock.

Cane awakens and staggers out of the wreckage to see bodies half buried in the snow. Lily!!!!!!????

Back at the cabin, Summer continues to freak out. Courtney concludes that Austin was hit in the head, then put in the wardrobe. Don’t touch him! she barks when the guys take position around Austin’s body.

Victor leaves Phyllis to blast Jack for tricking her into acting crazy. She won’t believe that Jack loves her – get out of my sight. Jack will go but won’t give up fighting for her. Victor tells Phyllis that yes, she’s to go back inside the bar with her head held high – you can do it.

Kelly watches Jack tell Ashley that he’s going. Show’s over, Sage quips to Adam (who’s sticking around to say a few things to the old man) – and introduce Ashley to his lovely wife, Sage. Ashley’s a legend in her field (who has a weird feeling as she eyes ‘Gabe’) As Victor returns with Phyllis, Sage warns Adam ‘ don’t do it’

As Cane helps Jill to her feet, Neil helps Devon up. Look at the plane! It’s a miracle we aren’t all dead. Where’s Lily, Hilary and Collin? Devon and Neil both try to free Hilary from some debris (she can’t feel anything) Cane returns to screaming Lily’s name.

Cane staggers back – the pilot is dead. Neil sends Devon off to help find Lily (while he tends to Hilary)

When Joe announces to Avery and Dylan that he’s leaving town, Avery goes to chat with Phyllis and Victor (who doesn’t appreciate her plan – shame on you) Avery’s left to explain to Phyllis that she’s not being fair. You talk about tainting the jury pool? Jack and I aren’t the enemy – you need help. Phyllis disagrees.

Kelly comes out of the ladies room to say hello to Jack – she heard about the fight with Phyllis – can I help? Jack wants to talk somewhere private. Lead the way, Kelly’s eager.

No one’s especially happy that Courtney’s treating it like a crime scene, least of all Summer; he’s not a body, he’s my husband – she sobs in Noah’s arms.

Summer can’t believe someone in this room would … the punch was spiked. Abby invited us here, Mariah accuses. Shut up – I don’t drug people. Maybe one of us pretended to drink it. Noah points out an empty vile. Nobody touch that. It’s evidence – the police will question us, Courtney informs. I did it, Fen blurts out.

In the storeroom, Kelly babbles to Jack – she’ll always be there for him. Jack knows she’s compassionate, beautiful – I’d be a fool not to want you. Kelly stops him from kissing her – you said is was over. Why is Jack behaving like this? (looks like he’s had some love potion)

Dylan doesn’t believe that Joe’s leaving town. Avery’s upset that I’m leaving, Joe taunts Dylan – we have a connection – we were so hot together. Avery jumps in the middle as fists fly (and ends up with a bloody nose – and Dylan looking at her, horrified)

Jill gives Collin a blanket. Neil wants them for Hilary. Jill reluctantly obeys. Neil’s attentive – please baby, stay awake. You’ll be fine. Collin spots Neil’s briefcase in the snow. Devon returns, Cane’s still looking for Lily. Devon then tends to Hilary (as Neil looks devastated)

Jill sends Devon to keep Hilary warm. . Go find Lily, she weakly murmurs. No, Devon won’t leave Hilary. Neil watches as he kisses her. Collin brings the briefcase over to Jill. Be careful, she warns. It’s full of ‘our lives’. It’s keepsakes – a photo of Neil and Hilary on their wedding day, tickets to a concert. A photo of when Devon joined the family. That’s right – and Neil wants them all burned, except the photos of him and Lily.

Fen spiked the punch. He hated Austin, Summer snarls. What is wrong with you!? Fen only wanted to take the party to the next level – to loosen everyone up. Abby’s pissed – I’m liable. Way to go Fen. Sorry doesn’t cut it. He made a mistake Ms Naked Heiress, Kevin jumps in. Mariah and Summer scream at each other. Fen claims he drank some and passed out too. Mariah remembers this is like the last chapter of a Plato Sphere book. What kind of psycho would recreate a goofy story?!!

Jack can’t keep his hands off Kelly (who rejects his advances – is this about me or what happened with Phyllis?) All I know is I want you, Jack roughly undoes Kelly’s dress and goes at it.

Avery flinches as Dylan tries to tend to her. What kind of animal hits a woman? Joe taunts. As Dylan lunges, Nick sends him off – he’ll take care of Avery. Nikki follows Dylan – don’t leave Avery here with Joe. I let my anger take over – I don’t deserve her, Dylan exits. Hands shaking, Nikki makes a beeline for the bar (and doesn’t appreciate Victor saying ‘it’s best’) Nikki blasts him for ignoring her (as he eyes Adam) and storms out. What are you looking at son? Victor recognizes Gabriel Bingham – something you want to say? Yes, Gabe’s been waiting a long time for this ….

He’s Mariah’s favourite writer, Fen and Noah read it too. A lot of the details are the same. Like the murderer knew beforehand. Kevin doesn’t want Austin’s death to be blamed on the fiction writer. Why so jumpy and defensive? It’s nothing. OK – I’m Plato Sphere. Mariah’s stunned. Kev never intended for someone to copycat his stuff – why would I kill Austin? We all know exactly what you’re capable of (all eyes are on Kevin)

Nikki asks why Avery flinched when Dylan reaches out to her. She’s never been hit in the face before – I made everything worse. Make this right – he loves you, Nikki implores. When Joe apologizes, Nikki stands to snarl at him.

You don’t remember me? You took over Harrison Bingham’s software company (my father’s life work – he died after the hostile takeover) Victor’s sorry – but he’s a business man. Who are you to talk to me like this?

Nick calls Sharon – she’s staying at a hotel with Faith (because there’s no power at the ranch). Be safe. He hopes they’re off the roads. Nick then asks Phyllis if she’s OK. I’m fine, don’t grill me.

It was never like that before, Kelly’s gasping for air. We should both get out there – you first, Jack tosses the dress at Kelly (who seems surprised by his abruptness)

Since they have fire to keep warm, Jill and Collin insists Cane take a coat to go find Lily. Good luck. Devon reassures Neil – we won’t lose Lily or Hilary.

Avery says everyone could have handled things differently. Open your eyes, Nikki protests. Guys like this don’t mean a word they say (but it’s Victor she’s looking at, not Joe)

Sage appears. Your friend has an attitude, Victor tells her. Gabe apologizes – his emotions got the best of him. Be very careful son – very, Victor leaves Sage to scold; ‘I saw Adam just now’ (and everyone else will be if he’s not careful)

Ashley watches Kelly leave the storeroom – and sees Jack tucking his shirt in.

Hey, were friends. Nick just wanted to make sure Phyllis is OK (and offer free drinks) The night just got a bit better, she smiles. Unbeknownst to all, the ceiling creaks and starts to buckle.

Dylan drives through the night, turns the radio on. ‘We’re under heavy fire’ (seems he’s flashing back to combat) Lights flash and sirens are heard – what the hell?? he’s puzzled.

Kevin is not a criminal anymore. Those days are behind him – he works for the police. Fen and Mariah believe him, Abby and Noah not so much We just want the truth. Someone here’s not telling it. Looking at Austin’s body, Summer has a flashback; hands (tha appear to be hers) hide a statue covered in blood. She finds said statue behind a cushion and screams.

Is Jill still mad at Collin for using the information? Oh, the blackmail? Yes, but she knows why he did it. Neil and Devon manage to get the debris off Hilary. This cut’s bad – by a main artery, Devon looks at her leg. Neil assures Hilary she’ll be OK – stay with me. I’m not gonna make it, she murmurs. This is where I die.

No preview for tomorrow’s episode I’m afraid.

My Thoughts: It seems that Summer may have been the one to kill Austin. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s had a severe reaction to a ‘party’ drug. If that’s the case, both Mother and daughter could soon be in matching jumpsuits. It’s a good think Avery’s been fired by her sister; now she can focus on freeing her neice … I’m surprised Austin’s dead – I thought for sure we were headed for a triangle when Kyle returned… Fen’s in a lot of trouble. He’s responsible for Austin’s death, more trauma in Summer’s life – and duh – you drugged a cop (ruining Abby’s party won’t be forgotten either) …. I hope (but doubt) it’s a coincidence that Sharon and Faith are possibly ‘on the road’ and Dylan’s come across sirens and flashing lights. I would have thought the plane crash and Austin’s death was enough tragedy, but it looks like the Underground is about to cave in. Adding a Mother and daughter being in an accident would be overkill (excuse the pun) but I wouldn’t put it past these writers. So much death and destruction on Valentine’s Day, is poorly timed. Pace yourselves. We’ve got a solid, romantic couple who are fighting cancer – I wonder how the Baldwin’s are doing?????? Id’ much rather see them than a drugged up Jumpin’ Jack Flash having a quickie with Kelly in the broom closet.