Tuesday, February 17th

Home safe and sound. Sharon couldn’t keep the car on the road – she’s sorry. It’s OK. It was an accident – Faith’s a brave girl, just like her Mom.

Dylan drives through the storm – surprised to hear sirens and see flashing lights.

At Underground, Joe brings Avery ice for her face, and needles her about Dylan ‘clocking’ her. Avery’s face is fine – and Nikki was just protecting her son. You don’t understand or like Dylan. Yeah, but funny thing is, Joe doesn’t see Avery chasing after him.

Nikki’s worried about Dylan; upset and out in this storm. He’s a vet, Victor’s sure he’s seen worse. Finishing her drink, Nikki declines another ‘soda’ then plows into Victor. You’re not fine – you are drunk. By God, he’s got it!

Sage warns Adam that he’s treading on thin ice. Victor drove Gabe’s Dad to suicide, Adam assumes Sage wants him to pay. The storm’s closing in, hopefully Chelsea’s not on the road. No, she’s probably cuddling with the man she loves, Sage taunts.

Connor and Katie are asleep and Billy’s hangin’ with Johnny when Chelsea comes down smelling smoke. Opening the front door, they see the hallway’s full of smoke!

At the cabin, Courtney tells Summer to put the statue down – it could be the murder weapon. Flashing back, Summer blurts out ‘I did it – I killed Austin!’

Ashley catches Jack coming out of the broom closet – really!? Having sex with Phyllis just a few feet away? Ash thought he loved Phyllis and was done with Kelly. How disgusting. Jack scowls as she shrugs into his coat.

Neil and Devon both tell Hilary to save her strength – stay with me. Hilary! Hilary! both men are alarmed when there’s no response.

Devon can’t find a pulse – stay with me baby! he runs to the plane for a defibrillator. Jill’s rubbing Hilary’s hands, is there anything else she can do? Pray, Neil says.

Chelsea’s sent out with Katie and Johnny. Billy will go fetch Connor and meet her downstairs.

Preparing to light a fire, Sharon doesn’t want to borrow one of Grandpa’s cars (to get to a hotel) He and Daddy can’t know about the crash. They might see the car – let’s go try to move it. Convinced to go with her Mom, Faith’s happy to find Dylan at the door.

Nikki whines about her son – she won’t stand for these accusations. Victor has a firm grasp on her arm – was almost dropping Katie due to MS or vodka? Why didn’t you come to me? You drank behind my back! What’s the matter with you? When Phyllis announces that she wants to leave, Nikki sniffs – your house-guest wants to go home. We aren’t finished here, Victor mumbles.

As the ceiling creaks and groans, Ashley continues to blast Jack. Are you back on drugs? Who are you? Are you trying to push Kelly or Phyllis over the edge? This is cruel. Jack appreciates her concern, and with a quick kiss, leaves Ash stunned.

Sage doesn’t want Adam to make a fool of himself looking for ways to be near Chelsea. Go rescue my brother, Adam sends her off to Nick (who suggests she go home – things are winding down due to the storm) On cue, he and the remaining guests look up as the lights go out.

Nick goes to check on the generator, Sage is to hold the flashlight. Telling Nikki to stay put, Victor asks Nick if he can help. Avery’s fine – it’s not the night any of us planned. Jack looks up as the ceiling continues to crack.

Courtney bags the bloody statue as all bicker over whether Summer killed Austin. I did – I remember! she blathers. She’d never do that. She couldn’t have gotten him in the closet alone, Courtney’s statement causes more arguing. We’re all in a lot of trouble, Mariah and Noah agree.

Outside, with the kids, Chelsea babbles to Johnny – Daddy will be down soon with Connor. Putting a blanket over Johnny’s head, Billy goes into the hallway, but is forced back inside by smoke.

In the storage room, Nick turns the generator on. Sage looks up – is that an earthquake? Nope – just the ceiling caving on you.

Nick and Sage are both OK, but armed only with a flashlight, must make their way out to check on everyone.

Dylan’s got the fire going, and now Faith’s sent to get blankets to make a fort. When Sharon frets over Nick seeing her car, Dylan tells her not to worry – he’ll say he was driving.

Kevin now comes down on Fen re: drugs. It’s not about you, it’s about Summer. It’s about Austin, Mariah corrects.

As a cop, Courtney must report Summer’s confession etc. The rest of the gang decide to stage an accident (so Summer won’t be charged with murder)

Racing back, Devon’s relieved to hear that Neil’s pumped on Hilary’s boobs enough to revive her. She has a pulse as Devon bends over her. Watching for a moment, Neil’s praised by Jill – you saved her. Cane comes running over with an unconscious Lily in his arms.

Encouraged by everyone to wake up, Lily does so – remembering Cane lied to her… and that bitch… We’ll get through this – together, Neil calms her down.

As fire rages in the building, Chelsea worries about Billy. Adam appears to hear that Billy and Connor are in there. Connor!?

Nick must get to his parents. Sage has no one she needs to get to (Gabe can take care of himself) We’re strangers really. I’ve waited my whole life for something to begin. Nick wants to get to know Sage better (when they get out of here) Sage wants to get to know Nick too ~kiss~

Phyllis, Victor and Nikki are OK, but stuck under debris. Nikki cries and whines – we’ve gotta get out of here. Victor looks up unto the sky. Elsewhere, Joe calls out to Avery. I’m here, she replies (both are trapped but OK)

Noah’s not sure lying to the police is a good idea (neither does Courtney) Kevin, Fen and Mariah are game. Noah caves – Summer’s my sister – she didn’t plan to kill her husband. We’d be accessories. Courtney doesn’t want to be a dirty cop (but eventually adds input – if we’re doing this, we’re doing it right) What about Summer? (who then comes in wailing that she didn’t mean to kill Austin). I loved him. We all did, Abby says (which makes Mariah look unsettled)

Nick wanted to kiss Sage and does want to get to know her. You know me better than anyone, she seems deeply effected by the kiss. You need to get to your kids – you’re a good dad. Nick feels like a jackass – Faith needs her Mom. Does he feel Faith’s safe with Sharon? Maybe – but Nick can’t live with the risk.

Faith looking for more blankets, Dylan jokes with Sharon – then notices that she has a nasty cut on her head. We need to get you to a doctor.

As Joe struggles to free himself from debris, Avery dodges live wires to help. You’re always there for me. Meh, Avery would have done the same for anybody. Adam busts the door open and grabs Connor from the bassinet . Wake up! he shouts at Billy (motionless on the floor)- I can’t take you both. You’d do the same thing – Adam runs out with a crying Connor.

We have to work as a team, Cane says. Lily glares at him. We need to stay positive, Neil adds. All are gathered around the fire (Hilary now in Devon’s arms)

At CL’s, Ashley leaves a message for Abby – stay safe and have fun.

Summer can’t leave Austin alone outside – he needs me! Abby leads her inside. Austin’s left with his head propped up on a rock. As all head inside, Mariah pauses to promise they’ll keep Summer safe for him. Inside, she watches Abby comfort Summer – and has a flashback of Abby and Austin kissing.

Slowly working on freeing Nikki, Victor pauses. Is someone there? Phyllis calls out. Yes, Victor spots Jack. Is he alive? Victor feels for a pulse.

Adam hands Connor to a grateful Chelsea – but she’s alarmed to hear that Billy’s still in there. I’ll be back, Adam runs back inside to get him. Looking up at the raging fire, Chelsea gasps as en explosion goes off.

Again, no preview. Perhaps they’ve done away with them?

My Thoughts: In my rant yesterday, I mocked the sheer number of disasters to befall GC in such a short period of time. Now we can add Sharon’s confirmed accident (though only a fender bender) – AND a fire at the penthouse!? Really?! … Why aren’t there any smoke alarms in the building hallway and million dollar penthouses? For that price, you’d think there’d be a sprinkler system … Why was there no firefighter to prevent Adam from running back into an unsafe building. If the fire started several floors below the penthouse, why weren’t there more residents milling about? Why wasn’t Chelsea cleared out of the way? … Of course the gang is going to choose an elaborate lie to obstruct justice over telling the truth. If Abby was making out with Austin, it seems someone’s got their hands on the love potion – or it’s not as hard to come up with this magical rape formula as Ashley thinks. Right Courtney, speaking of cops I’d get dirty with, where’s Detective Harding been? Courtney had a good point – how did Summer get Austin into the closet by herself? Too bad Mariah’s flashback wasn’t of Austin making out with Fen – now THAT would have been a shocker … If we’re lucky, Kelly’s body will be found beneath the rubble … So much for the buzz Nikki’s been working on all evening. Nothing kills your high like a roof collapsing on you. It’s about time Victor caught on… Great – Sharon’s got a bump on her head (which’ll be her excuse if anything happens with Dylan) … I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t see the Baldwin’s. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll see Mike and Lauren clinking champagne glasses in bed and toasting to their wonderful night of romance … Oh. Great. Hilary’s going to live. I couldn’t be more overjoyed </sarcasm> OK – I’ve been pretty accurate lately, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Jack will not remember sleeping with Kelly .. I bet Vikki and Ben are gonna be glad they went home early (and Ben will be glad he no longer works at GCM. The emergency room’s going to be quite busy soon)