Friday, March 13th

Jack and Sage are especially nervous as a drunken ‘Gabe’ toasts the happy couple – marriage is a promise – to love one another. I promise to do that forever, he stares at Chelsea.

When Victor enters the interrogation room, Kelly wonders where her lawyer is. She wasn’t expecting to spend the night in jail – are you double crossing me??

At CL’s, Summer assures Mariah that her marriage was real – she knew Austin. He was doing an expose on your family and sleeping with your Aunt, Mariah wonders how well Summer knew Austin. You feel sorry for me? Summer scoffs – your life is empty – you will never know love Austin and I had.

Meanwhile, on the patio, Ben tells Kevin all that Abby told him (which makes Kevin wonder if he knows more than he’s letting on)

Adam pledged himself to his bride – til death to us part (even after that) My wife needs to know how much I love her. I never stopped loving her (he continues to look at Chelsea)

Victor’s a man of his work – Kelly will be out before she knows it. It can’t look like he’s helping her – just listen your lawyer – bail will be paid. Kelly’s sorry she doubted Victor (who says she hasn’t been playing by the rules) Stop acting so confident. Jack must think you a fragile bird.

Adam toasts – to my wife – who doesn’t even know who I am. Jack thinks that’s enough. He won’t let a drunken ‘Gabe’ embarrass Sage. Kyle’s toast brings chuckles – and all clink glasses. Someone had to step in when things got weird. Billy’s not impressed with ‘Gabe’ – if he’s unhappy, he needs to do something about it.

In the dining room, Jack hisses at Adam. Not now, he has a wedding to stop. In the living room,Abby’s alarmed when Ashley tells her to look in the mirror for lipstick. What!? You’ve got lipstick on your teeth. Oh – thanks, Abby’s relieved.

As Kevin wonders if Ben killed Austin, Mariah and Summer come out to be updated. It’s not one of us, they also glare. Ben barely Austin – what reason would he have to kill him? Kevin has one.

‘Sherlock’ and Mariah wonder if Ben told Austin too much – he does have a history of lying and comes from a family of criminals. Hearing Kelly’s in jail for framing Phyllis, Ben has to go – I didn’t do this – be careful. The kids are left to wonder – how much did Abby tell him? Kevin’s call goes to voicemail.

Kyle tells Abby to stop acting like she has a big secret. But she does – and we could go to jail. Or worse, Kyle warns – don’t confide in anyone. Ashley wonders what they’re talking about. Abby’s going home. Kyle walks her out.

Billy tells Chelsea that Jill and Collin aren’t coming – some kind of bug. Billy’s eager to set a date. He too sets a 30 date limit.

In the dining room. Jack warns Adam not to announce who he is – it’s a move Victor would make.

Victor tells Kelly to say she was so hurt – that’s what drove her. You’ll soon be out. If not …. After you’re bailed out, go to the suite I paid for. Kelly will need all her strength for what’s to come. Be a good girl, he warns and exits.

At the station, Ben offers to get Kelly a lawyer – why is she so calm? And if she didn’t do it, why confess? It’s good she told the truth – he knows all too well what comes from lying.

Back on the patio, Summer defends Ben (while Kevin and Mariah think him guilty – perhaps he did it to protect Vikki) He has gone to extremes to protect someone before.

Adam HAS changed – he’s a better man (who wants his son and wife back) Chelsea will be furious, Jack thinks it time Adam let her go. Never, Adam vows – we’ll be together.

Phyllis tells Billy and Chelsea that she and Jack are getting married in a month. Chelsea doesn’t seem too upset that she and Billy will have to postpone their wedding. Phyllis gets a call from Avery; what! When? How could that happen? Thanks for letting me know. Seeing everyone occupies, she slips out.

Ben escorts Kelly to her ‘new room’ (courtesy of Lily, she lies) Who posted bail? Ben wonders. Victor? No, he supports Phyllis. Ben worries – it’s clear Kelly’s not telling him everything. No worries, she’ll call if she needs anything. Now alone, Kelly orders champagne and fires up her laptop (seems there’s an e-ticket with TransGlobal) Uh oh – the knock at the door isn’t room service, it’s Phyllis!

Adam won’t give up on Chelsea (as Jack did on Phylis) You can’t win Chelsea back as Gabriel? Just wait a bit longer – Jack’s with Phyllis because it was meant to be. Be patient – things happen for a reason. Trust, Jack implores.

In the living room, Ashley and Billy chat – she’s OK with both her brother’s choice in wives. Sage apologizes to Chelsea (for Gabe) or is something else bothering you????

Kyle says his good bye’s – he has friends to go see. At the door, he gets a text from Kevin (seen Abby? She’s not answering)

Abby tip toes into the dark house; Vikki? Stitch? Hearing a noise upstairs, she creeps up – hello??

Kyle joins the gang on the patio – alarmed to hear Abby confided in Ben (who’s now a suspect) Kyle agrees with Summer – it’s far fetched. But wait, Kevin’s found an video of Ben. He said he didn’t do an interview. Why lie???

Abby’s back downstairs, telling herself that she’s perfectly safe. As the lights go out, she grabs a makeshift weapon. Ben arrives – he’ll go check the fuse box. No, the beautiful blonde always get killed in the movies! She follows him downstairs.

In Kelly’s suite, Phyllis knows she has an ulterior motive for confessing. What is she planning? Not your wedding! Kelly quips. Phyllis picks up the tablet; what’s this? A travel itinerary!?

Adam can’t stand on the sidelines – he went through hell last year; the only thing that got him through is thinking of Chelsea; the sooner that happens…Adam marches into the living room – to apologize. He was talking about his wife. S’ok, Billy knows it must be rough at home. Aside, Chelsea was thrown off-guard by Billy wanting to get married so soon. Yes, it WOULD be a problem.

Kevin and the gang watches the video (which picks up a bit later) Angry, Ben asks – what kind of question is that? Turn that damn thing off! All wonder what else Ben lied about.

Coming back upstairs, the lights now on, Abby and Ben joke about the blow fuse – until they see a lipstick message on a mirror; I’m always watching… Someone was in the house, Ben states the obvious (as Abby runs into his arms)

Back at the party, Jack suggests ‘Gabe’ spend some time with his wife (leaving Billy to wonder about that guy) Jack wonders if he’s the reason Billy’s rushing the marriage. No, Billy loves Chelsea; we’re meant to be together.

Chelsea doesn’t want to rush – she wants a real wedding (a long engagement suits her just fine) Adam listens. After Ashley leaves, Jack wonders where his lovely fiance is.

Give me that! Kelly takes the tablet. I’ve been planning this trip for months! Phyllis heads for the door; planning to tattle that she’s jumping bail (but instead ends up unconscious on the floor, after Kelly hits her over the head with a champagne bottle)

Victor’s in the confessional – she’s out of jail and will be leaving town within the next 24 hours. Our plan’s in place, but you better be ready. Is that clear??

Next: Victor lies – why the hell would I help Kelly Andrews? That’s exactly what I plan to figure out, Jack says … I just want to know how he’s doing, Hilary says. Why do you care? Devon snarls. Because it effects ME, Hilary claims..Neil’s at the station; Paul, I want to talk to you about the accident.

My Thoughts: Good Lord. I feel like I’m watching a murder mystery; every. damn. day. We don’t need Abby mentioning horror movies to know that’s what they’re copying. We GET it! I enjoy a good whodunit as much as the next person, but does it have to be every day? And involve everyone? How many villains can one town have? There’s no one left to like. That said, yes dammit – I’m intrigued and have no idea where this is going … How exactly does Kelly think skipping bail and leaving town will get her closer to Jack? .. Why did it take so long for Jack to notice that his lovely fiance was missing? …Why didn’t Kelly just stay her suite at the club? You’d think Victor would be more careful in covering his tracks …Scobby, Shaggy and the rest want to keep their big secret, why are they meeting at CL’s? What’s wrong with Kevin’s apartment? Mariah’s been staying there for weeks and we haven’t seen them there yet … Victor’s a man of his word? What!?? When was the last time he saw Nikki?