Monday, March 16th

No time…..

Jack’s surprised to find Phyllis missing and Paul at his door (as a friend to update that Kelly somehow made bail)

After knocking Phyllis out, Kelly makes a frantic call – no, this is NOT Phyllis. She’s indisposed. Don’t tell me we can’t talk now. If I have a problem, WE have a problem.

Cane and Lily are both having a rough day at the club. And the kids want to know why Daddy’s sleeping in the guest room. Perhaps Cane should have tattled on Devon (then needles Lily about what real love is)

Taking a seat with Devon, Hilary lists the reasons why what Neil did IS her business.

At the seedy bar, Neil orders vodka – and drinks as he flashes back to the accident.

Nikki’s lawyer is at the ranch; multiple witnesses saw her car swerve into Christine. Forensics will back it up – and Nikki’s history with Chris will be a factor too. Victor comes home to hear Nikki deny she was distracted (by Neil perhaps) Abruptly dismissed when Victor comes home, the lawyer wants the Newman’s to be prepared. Now alone, Nikki’s shocked when Victor wants the truth, or a believable story.

Nikki insists it was an accident. The evidence is compelling, Victor’s sure it will prove that the car veered sharply to the right. Are you protecting Neil!? You’re keeping something from me! No I’m NOT! Nikki marches upstairs.

Yes, we caused Neil to drink again. That was Hilary’s plan (which didn’t involve him killing an innocent baby) Devon doesn’t believe she feels guilty. God you’re good (he believed her to the point that he lost his family) We’ll work through this – and YOU’LL end up with nothing, Devon walks away. That leaves Cane to bust Hilary; you still love Devon.

Meanwhile, Lily has a rushed and puzzling chat with Kelly (as she runs off to see her lawyer – with a large bag)

Back at the mansion, Paul worries that Phyllis found out that Kelly’s out on bail. When Phyllis finally answers her phone with a moan, Jack asks what happened. Still on the floor, and weak, Phyllis murmurs; Kelly.

In Kelly’s suite, Jack fusses over Phyllis (who just needs an Aspirin and Kelly caught) Paul’s calling in a APB on Kelly (who has a ‘ticket to run’) As Paul goes to check surveillance footage, Phyllis guesses that Jack suspects she manufactured this (he remains silent)

Barging into the ranch, Kelly demands Victor help her. Take your little bag and go back to the suite I paid for, Victor tries to get rid of her. Kelly hisses that she bonked Phyllis over the head with her champagne bottle. Partners? Are you delusional? Victor won’t clean up Kelly’s mess.

Hilary sticks with her story – she wanted to inflict as much pain on the family as possible; Neil’s a drunk, Devon’s in pain – and the Ashby marriage is on the rocks. Cane ain’t buyin’. How can you look in Devon’s eyes and lie? Lily interrupts – hoping Cane’s not buying any of this.

Nikki joins Neil at the bar (and orders whatever he’s having) Water!? she sputters. Yes, alcohol is only making things worse for Neil – I killed a baby! And everyone’s blaming YOU. The truth can’t come out, Nikki insists. It already is – I confessed, Neil claims.

Moving to a table, Nikki grills Neil on his confession. I told Devon – Hilary overheard. They’ll protect you, Nikki’s sure. Honour the dead child – set up a scholarship. Like Adam did for Delia!? Neil growls. Nikki changes tactics – don’t let Hilary take any more from you.

Lily tells Hilary to leave Devon alone; stop being a cheap whore. You convinced Cane to lie to me and loved every minute of it. That covers it, Hilary leaves Lily to accuse him of buying into her lies. Paul then comes to Lily – needing to talk about Kelly.

Now at home, Jack reassures Phyllis that he believes her. Avery updated Phyllis, who then went to confront Kelly. Who paid that much bail? By process of elimination they come to the same conclusion……

Didn’t Victor tell Kelly to act like a damsel in distress? He doesn’t NEED to do anything – he’s not tied to Kelly’s bail and could call the cops right now and have her arrested for trespassing. OK, Victor will help – but yes, there’s a price – there’s always a price.

Neil in the bathroom, Devon’s relieved to hear that he and Nikki are drinking water. Nikki explains that she was trying to force Neil to go to an AA meeting. Now he wants to punish himself. How long has Neil been in the bathroom? The bartender comes along to announce that he left 5 minutes ago.

Paul updates Lily that Kelly attacked Phyllis. You’re not doing her any favours in covering for her. Lily believes that Kelly was going to see her lawyer – she didn’t seem as confident anymore. A night in jail changed her. But then again, she did say she couldn’t face one more hour in a cell.

Keep up your end. My life is in your hands! Kelly hisses at Victor (who hustles her out when hearing Jack insists on seeing Mr Newman) Well I’ll be damned – if it isn’t Jack and Phyllis. They blame Victor for Kelly attacking Phyllis – you bailed her out. Why the hell would Victor help Kelly? That’s exactly what Jack plans to figure out.

Hilary’s now at the bar for a green beer (and to confess all to the drunk guy beside her)

Finding Neil at the station, Devon tries to talk him out of confessing. Neil’s sober and thinking clearly. He apologizes to Nikki, but doesn’t like the man he’s become.

Jack and Phyllis continue to accuse Victor – who suggests they should be happy Kelly confessed and is leaving town. Jack gets a call – Kelly?! She’s on a payphone – couldn’t leave without saying good bye.

As Phyllis glares at him, Jack asks Kelly where she is. Don’t jump bail. You need to come back. I’ll come get you and help you find an attorney. My white knight – even to the end – remember I always loved you ~click~ Phyllis guesses Kelly told Jack she loved him. He’s not worried about what she said – he worries about what she’ll do – to herself.

Back at the club, Cane tells Lily that Hilary still loves Devon. He’s sorry he lied (covering for Devon) but can’t spend the rest of their marriage apologizing. Lily can’t spend the rest of their marriage being angry. They hold hands.

Hilary can pay for her won drinks. She takes care of herself. And she won’t go home with the drunk beside her (it won’t end well for you) He’s harmless, the bartender tells her. I’m not, Hilary exits.

When Paul arrives, Nikki and Devon try to shut him up. Neil confesses that the accident wasn’t Nikki’s fault. She didn’t cause that accident. I’m the one responsible for taking the life of your baby.

Next: Don’t be so hard on yourself, Noah tells Summer – no one knew what Austin was up to. Maybe someone knew, Kevin says…. Stitch?! Abby scowls at Kyle – Yeah – as far as we know, he’s the one who did it … Did you call the police? Vikki asks Ben. No, it was just a feeling, but I believe your sister is in real danger.