Tuesday, March 17th

At CL’s, Nick’s on the phone dealing with the fallout from the Underground collapse, and is ticked that Sharon’s late delivering Faith. Dylan defends Sharon – screwing up doesn’t define who we are.

Joe drops by Avery’s office – she didn’t need the dress returned (or momentos from the past) That’s NOT why he’s here – Joe needs a lawyer.

Back at CL’s, Nick’s again on the phone re: rebuilding Underground. When Summer arrives with her support system, Noah updates Nick that Austin was digging up dirt on the family. What kind of dirt? The kind that somebody didn’t want exposed.

Abby’s at the club – where she feels safer. Good, Kyle thinks it wise to get away from Stitch. He updates on the video clip that shows Stitch getting mad at Austin. He could be the one who ‘did it’.

At home, Ben looks at the mirror (now clean) and flashes back to him and Abby finding the message – someone was in the house! Vikki comes down – you OK? No, he’s sure that someone was watching the house – your sister could be in danger.

Ben’s alerted the security company – we’ll be safe. Vikki lists all Abby’s going through – and is alarmed that she moved to the club. Keep an eye on her, Vikki trusts Ben’s instincts. Hugging her, Ben agrees – sometimes people do things for reasons we’ll never know. Da da da dummmm.

Abby’s sure Ben just shut Austin’s questions down – he’s no murderer. Kyle worries that she’s naive – Ben and the person writing the messages are trying to keep us quiet. But Abby ASKED him to keep quiet – Stitch is trying to help us. Kyle believes ANYONE a suspect.

Back at CL’s, Noah tells Nick about Austin’s documentary. He’s pissed that Summer and Abby were used. Sharon arrives with Faith; who’s late because of ‘a bad hair day’. Nick’s fine with that and agrees to Sharon staying for breakfast (as Dylan watches on)

On the patio, Noah updates Summer and Kevin; his Dad didn’t know about Austin’s documentary. Kevin wonders if he unexpectedly came across something that could get him killed.

In her suite, a nervous Abby locks her door – and flashes back to Summer confronting her – then her and Ben finding the message on the mirror – and then – a knock at her door….

Joe’s saving a charity for abused women and kids – and needs Avery to do the paperwork. Seems he had an abusive Dad. OK, but Avery’s suspicious of his sudden philanthropy. Why here? Why now?

At CL’s, Sage’s arrival cuts off Faith’s giggle. Sharon decides it’s time to leave – it’s Dad’s time. Hugging her Mom, Faith glares at Sage.

On the patio, Kevin thinks Austin abandoned the project due to threats. Stitch seemed intense on camera – and he had motive (protecting Vikki) He spent time in prison – how far would he go to shut us up? the three kids wonder.

It’s Ben at Abby’s door – he booked the room next door and hired ex military to protect her. He relays what little he told Vikki (nothing about Austin’s murder and the message on the mirror) Why not? Abby wonders.

At home, Vikki again mopes over a Jabot file on Billy. Kyle arrives – Abby around? (though he knows she’s at the club) Yes, Vikki’s OK with Ben booking the room next door – why wouldn’t she be? Kyle basically reminds that Abby’s a tramp. Vikki trusts Ben – to protect Abby. Or he’s protecting a secret, Kyle says.

Ben wonders if there’s anything Abby hasn’t told him. Nervous, she runs for the door. You’re afraid of me? What’s wrong with you? You think I’m a threat!? He blocks her exit. Yes, clearly Abby does.

Sage now seated across from Nick, Faith insists on her Mom signing a permission form for a school trip. As Sharon goes to the bathroom, Sage tries (but fails) to engage Faith in conversation. Faith is eager to go – so she and Daddy have special time together. Sage takes the hint – you have a wonderful Daddy. And Mommy, Faith adds.

Sharon looks out onto the patio as Kevin tells Sumer and Noah that as long as no one finds out what’s on this computer, we’ll all stay safe. Da da da dummm.

Sharon comes out to update Noah on the progress – she and Nick are getting through this. She hopes Summer will one day forgive her (which Summer makes clear won’t happen)

Vikki wonders if Kyle’s trying to tell her some message. He tells her about Austin’s documentary on their families. Did Ben tell you he had a starring role? Kyle’s sorry he’s the one to tell Vikki – but Stitch is on camera the night before Austin died – and is perfectly positioned to give an insiders view.

Nick now finds Sage at the GCAC. She understands – and will make things easy; she knows Faith is #1 and she’s wasting her time. Uh no, Nick just came to apologize.

Joe claims the Better Days Foundation came to him – after their benefactor Constance Bingham died. Avery understands it means a lot to him – like her work for the Innocence Foundation. Perhaps Joe’s not materialistic after all – just wanted to distance himself from his past. Avery and Joe are face to face as Dylan arrives – am I interrupting? She updates him that she’s handling paperwork for Joe (then leaves Dylan to scoff at Joe’s non profit work, and imply that his agenda is Avery

Back on the patio, Noah tries to referee Summer and his Mom. After Sharon leaves, Noah claims Sharon’s trying to make up for what she did. She’s not involved in what happened to Austin (Summer’s not so sure – and leaves Noah to flash back to a time when his Mom was unstable. Hmmmm)

Abby tells Ben that Kyle suspects him – but she doesn’t. Kyle has reason to lie, not ME, Ben wonders if Austin stumbled upon a secret; and Victor would go to any length to protect his family. Ben admits he went too far to protect his Mom. Then why protect me? Abby wonders.

Dylan ain’t buying Joe’s latest stunt; he’s pushing his own agenda. Joe doesn’t have the patience to convince Dylan that he’s sincere – have a nice day.

Summer’s not accusing Sharon – but she does know us. Noah doesn’t blame Summer for resenting his Mom, but she didn’t kill Austin. Yes, he IS sure. I love her, and you. Try to get along. OK, Summer will try to be nicer next time. Good ~hug~ As they go in for cake, Sharon creeps out to eye the laptop left behind. Da da da dummmm….

Returning to her office, Avery guesses Dylan and Joe had words. Domestic violence is an important issue to Joe she insists. Dylan looks horrified when Avery asks him to give Joe the benefit of the doubt this time.

At the club, Nick tells Sage that Faith doesn’t accept the women in his life – but she’ll have to accept that he’s moving on. Yes, he’s excited about that. How excited? ~kiss~

Sharon’s got the laptop in hand when busted by Kyle – and Noah and Summer.

Ben knows Abby doesn’t deserve to be stalked – and since Vikki asked him to, he’ll keep her safe. Abby’s sorry ~hug~ Vikki walks in – and doesn’t look happy.

Next; You won’t fight Jack for Jabot? I won’t have to (Victor tells Vikki)…. Are you sleeping with my daughter? Ashley stuns Ben with her question … A furious Kelly confronts Phyllis at the mansion – you deserve to die, she plunges a knife into her stomach (which I’m guessing is a dream)

My Thoughts: What does Dylan know about toting around a 7 year old?? .. Nick wants to get the ‘repairs’ started? Does he really think he can rebuild UN? It’s been leveled to the ground. And are we supposed to feel sorry for him that it’s a ‘never-ending mushroom cloud’? A young bartender, Derek, was killed – I’m sure it’s irritating for his family too …. Why would Sharon and Nick make the Faith exchange at CL’s? Wouldn’t it be easier to drop her off at the tack-house – they live on the same property after all. Why wouldn’t Sharon just call Nick to say she’s running late? But then again, what’s the big deal – it’s not like Nick’s in a hurry to go anywhere … Of course Summer dislikes Sharon (who should know better and steer clear) – but what possible motive would she have to kill Austin? And did she really think she could fire up the laptop, find what she’s looking for and sneak out undetected? Like Kevin hasn’t changed the password? Who leaves a laptop unattended at a coffee shop anyway? Especially one containing such important files?… SC looks incredible for her age – I can’t even say the short skirt and over the knee stockings (or boots) are inappropriate – cause I’d just be jealous … But really, at this point there’s too many suspects (and it likely won’t be any of them) That said, kudos – cause I have no clue who killed Austin …. If Abby needs 24/7 protection, why not hire a few bodyguards? She can certainly afford it – and the GCAC isn’t exactly the safest place in town; there’s more crime going on there than anywhere else.. And with two young kids at home, why would Vikki not involve the police when told someone was ‘in the house’? Once again, dusting for fingerprints might save everyone a lot of time… Judging by Vikki’s face, she doesn’t trust Abby (or Ben) nearly as much as she claims…. It’s somewhat humorous that this huge mystery is going on – and the Chief of Police has no idea … Ben feels that Abby doesn’t ‘deserve’ to assaulted and stalked? Oh? Does ANYONE deserve to be assaulted and stalked?