Friday, March 20th

Victor again desecrates the confessional – hoping his mystery partner is ready – and that Jack is too.

Yes, I’m ready, Jack assures Ashley. In the lab, she announces that their rapey perfume will be the only one of the market; Victor’s pulling his rip off. It makes no sense; both wonder what he’s up to. Jack then gets a call from Paul; what?! when!? Are you sure it was her??

At home, Phyllis books a cut and colour appointment with Tiago. Kelly appears – it’s all in the cut (she brandishes a large knife)

On the patio, Kyle and Summer don’t believe that Sharon was going to use Noah’s laptop to buy something for Faith online. You knew that was Austin’s, Summer growls – what are you up to??? Even Noah looks troubled.

Searching Sharon’s place for a misplaced phone charger, Kevin updates Mariah that Austin was deleting interview footage files – which leads them back to Stitch. Mariah’s pissed that Abby blabbed – she can’t keep her mouth shut or her hands off another woman’s man.

Vikki pauses at the open door, then enters Abby’s suite (as she’s in Ben’s arms) What am I interrupting? she wonders.

Back on the patio, Sharon sticks to her story. Noah doesn’t believe her – you bought me my laptop Mom. But when he defends her, Summer is angrier at Sharon – are you really going to let him stick up for you again!? OK – Sharon knows about Austin’s documentary. How? She was interviewed.

Vikki pressures Abby to explain what exactly is upsetting her. And getting a list, she’s sorry – and is completely OK with Ben staying next door to protect her. When finding Abby in his arms, she thought something was wrong. When Vikki suggests they ask Dad for more security, Ben quickly says ‘no going to Victor’

Victor-in-the-box continues to prattle on about the element of danger; Kelly’s done her part; now it’s your turn (to ruin Jack’s life)

Kelly chases Phyllis around with the knife – she’s going to end it. It’ll be worth going to prison. Phyllis is stabbed in the stomach – Jack!! she screams. Oh look – it’s a dream. But as someone comes through the door, Phyllis grabs a poker and hides.

Yes, it’s me, who did you think it was? Jack’s alarmed when Phyllis jumps out in attack mode. Hearing she had a nightmare, Jack updates that Kelly may have been spotted on a flight to Abu Dhabi. Phyllis worries she’ll come back to get rid of her. Jack still doesn’t believe Kelly capable of murder – plus, she’ll be arrested at the airport. I won’t let her hurt you.

No need to involve Victor, Ben’s already contacted a security firm. Abby agrees – she doesn’t want to be hovered over 24/7. Calling from the lab, Ashley’s surprised to hear that Abby’s with Ben (they’ll both be there soon) Abby excuses herself so Vikki can reassure Ben that she trusts him with Abby (and is sent out to follow her) But alone in the suite, Vikki looks suspicious.

Still searching, Mariah dislikes Abby because she’s rich and gorgeous. Kevin thinks SHE’S gorgeous – Abby has nothing on you. And you don’t suck as a roommate. There’s nobody else he’d rather face jail time with.

Sharon wanted to ‘borrow’ the laptop. To delete your interview? Yes, she said things about Nick she shouldn’t have. Please delete them – I was in a bad place when interviewed by Austin; do it for Noah and Faith. Yes, Sharon hurt Summer, but she loves her kids – do it for them. As Sharon spies from inside, Kyle and Summer pressure Noah – we need to see her interview.

At the lab, Ashley shows Ben and Abby the boxed ‘Hex’; soon to be found at a retailer near you (Victor’s will not – and Ashley won’t waste time wondering what he’s up to)

Vikki’s at the ranch; assuring her Father that Jabot has no vulnerabilities; she’s looked behind every firewall and proxy server; Jabot and Jack’s net worth are at an all time high. Why did Victor pull their perfume and put himself in a weakened position. Things have a way of changing, Victor states.

Giving Phyllis a foot rub, Jack distracts her with talk of their wedding. How about we elope? Yes, Phyllis agrees with a kiss.

Search over, Kevin and Mariah are about to kiss when Sharon mopes in. She’s sorry she kicked Mariah out. Are you OK? Mariah asks. Kevin leaves Mother and daughter to hug it out. I’ve done something terrible, Sharon confesses – something I can’t undo.

Sharon explains that she let Austin interview her for Summer’s sake – she didn’t plan to smear Nick; things slipped out – about the Abbott’s and Newman’s. Mariah seems to understand – Sharon was afraid she’d lose custody of Faith.

Noah and Summer butt heads over what to do about Sharon’s interview. Kevin arrives to hear all. Noah’s the only one opposed when Summer suggests Sharon went to the cabin to confront Austin.

Phyllis denies she’s resisting the idea of getting married. Jack will make her happy with or without a marriage license ~kiss~ Jack gets another call from Paul (and reluctantly reports that Kelly evaded the police) She’s free.

When Victor sees a business opportunity, he pounces. Vikki worries about Abby and Summer being put in the middle. Victor won’t have to fight Jack for Jabot – he’ll come around.

Abby and Ben are alone in the lab now. She’s happy about the perfume, but after what she did to Summer, feels bad about interfering in his and Vikki’s relationship. After butting heads over whether Victor’s involved, Ben and Abby again get close. Seeing them through the window, Ashley’s unimpressed.

Mariah reassures Sharon – who flashes back to demanding Austin delete her harsh words (for Faith; who’ll hate her) How could you do this to me? Your words – live with it, Austin made Sharon ‘furious’ – I would have done anything to get him to erase that footage.

I’ll send her over, Ashley hangs up (as she watches Ben pawing Abby) Sending Abby up to advertising, Ashley all but forces Ben to stay. Flashing back to the shower – she bluntly asks ‘are you sleeping with my daughter’?

Left to look at Billy’s photo in the Jabot file, Vikki worries to herself (that Victor will ruin her family)

Jack serves tea – Kelly’d be crazy to come back to GC. Oh look – Victor’s at the door. I saved your ass, he reminds – let me in. Knowing nothing about Kelly’s whereabouts, Victor has a proposal for Jack – I want to buy Jabot.

Uh yeah, Ashley really DID just ask what Ben thought she did. I’m NOT sleeping with Abby! You couldn’t stand her and now you’re her protector? Why are you two so secretive? Ben’s protecting Abby because the woman he loves asked him too – she’s a good person, Ben doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to her.

On the patio, Summer and Noah continue to argue about whether Sharon was at the cabin. She was with Faith. Yes, maybe on the way back from the cabin.

Served Scotch-spiked tea, Sharon’s encouraged to confide in Mariah (flashback to trying to bribe Austin to delete the footage – if not for me, for Summer) Austin refuses. You selfish bastard. I was so furious, I could have … Could have what? Mariah prods.

Yes, Victor’s serious – he wants Jabot under the NE umbrella. No way, Jabot’s more profitable than ever, and Victor’s the last person Jack would partner with. Noting that Phyllis looks good (because her legal problems are behind her) Victor leaves smirking. Jack knows he’s being set up – but for what?

Next: Lily watches as Devon confronts Hilary; why do you even bother with us? Is it about screwing us over? Or some other reason you’re still invested…. Don’t tell me the Judge dropped the case. No, but he will if Nikki and Victor get their way, Chris tells Paul … What’s the real reason you want to buy Jabot? What do you have up your sleeve? Nikki questions Victor.

My Thoughts: There can be no doubt now that Victor is back in full blown villain mode. He’s been blurring the lines on and off for years now, but it’s pretty clear the writers want him to be loathed (though many have been for a long time) There can be no bigger anvil than having a man plot evil in a church confessional. And this time he won’t be able to claim it’s for the benefit of ‘family’. Why would he sell CI – only to buy Jabot? If Victor spent as much time concentrating on his business – as he does plotting against Jack, maybe his company would be having a record breaking year too. … If Kevin’s an IT analyst, I’m an IT novelist … Mariah’s a fine one to comment that Abby can’t keep her hands off other women’s men. …If Abby’s all that why doesn’t she have a man of her own? It makes no sense for Vikki to be making such a fuss over Abby’s ‘random mugging’ – when she herself, got over being kidnapped/held hostage at least twice … Sharon’s idea of loving her kids is along the same lines as Victor’s. How does deleting her interview help Noah and Faith exactly? … Really Kevin? Robin Hood? You stole a box of Kay’s trinkets that were going to charity …. Here’s an idea Sharon – instead of going to such lengths to hide who you are from the Judge, why not just be a person with nothing to hide? …. Sharon was ‘tricked’ into saying things she regrets? Really? And this is healthy Sharon? On her meds Sharon? ‘How could you do this to ME’? … Oh fine! I’ll tell the truth, Sharon huffs – like it’s such a hard thing to do and totally unnecessary . Has Noah not realized how quick his Mom is to lie to his face? Finally, is it a good idea for Sharon to be drinking on her meds? … Can’t feel sorry for Vikki – she’s been spying on Jabot. But how could she possibly be able to go behind every firewall and proxy server Jabot has? She’s no ‘IT analyst’, like Kevin.