Monday, March 23rd

I’m enjoying a mini-vacay in balmy Florida. Today’s (tomorrow’s and possibly Wednesday’s) spoiler is provided by Meghan. Thanks!!

Neil was released on bail. Christine told Paul that if Nikki and Victor have their way the Judge will throw out the case against Neil. When Paul and Christine see Nikki and Victor Paul apologizes to Nikki for accusing her of trying to run over Christine. Christine was furious and asked Paul why he was apologizing to Nikki. She said she was going to file charges against Nikki and Neil for obstruction of justice. Victor told her his lawyer would have those charges thrown out.

When Neil comes to see Christine and Paul she tells him that she was going to file a civil suit against him and Nikki for unlawful death. She blamed Neil and Nikki for what she lost. Hilary was outside the door and overheard. Neil offered his sincere apologizes to them for the loss of the baby. Christine would not accept his apology and said she would never forgive him. The assistant DA Winston Mobley arrived. Christine told Neil that the ADA on her orders would destroy him. After Neil left Paul asked Christine if the loss of their baby’s life was not enough? Why destroy Neil’s life? Christine accused him of not caring about their baby because he had other children. Christine disclosed she couldn’t have anymore kids.

When Neil left Paul’s office Hilary approached him. She said there are ways the case against him could be thrown out. Neil accused her of being concerned about her divorce settlement. But he said she would get nothing. Hilary approached Devon and Lily to talk about Neil’s situation. But they brushed her off and Lily said Hilary was only concerned about Neil’s bank account. When Neil arrived at the GCAC Lily told him she had the perfect lawyer for him. Leslie appeared. With some reluctance Neil agreed to let Leslie be his lawyer. Meanwhile Hilary made a point of running into Winston.

Cane asked Lily if he could move back into their bedroom.

Lauren was in Michael’s office when Cane arrived. Lauren asked Cane how he dealt with it when Lily had cancer. Cane offered Lauren advise and support. When Michael arrived Cane asked him to look at his contract with Chancellor’s. Michael figured out that Cane was planning a take over of Chancellor’s. Cane confided in Michael that Cane had been blackmailing him so he couldn’t fight for the CEO position. But things were different now. Cane brought up Michael’s cancer which angered Michael. Cane apologized and Michael apologized too saying he had just come from chemo. Lauren returned and wanted to make love. But Michael said no.

Ghost John appeared to Jack who blamed himself for the Kelly/Phyllis mess. John told him not to blame himself. Phyllis went to see Victor and asked him in front of Nikki why he wanted to buy Jabot. Victor claimed it was just a good business deal. When Phyllis said that Jack would never sell Jabot to him Victor changed the subject by reminding Phyllis he save her life. Phyllis thanked Victor. She brought up Kelly. Victor told her Kelly had committed suicide and provided a picture of the deceased Kelly. After Phyllis left Nikki asked Victor what was his real reason for wanting to buy Jabot and what he was up to. Victor told Nikki that the time would soon come when Jack would need help and be forced to give up everything. When Phyllis returned home she told Jack that Kelly had committed suicide and Victor showed her the proof Victor had which was a picture of Kelly in the morgue

Day Ahead Spoilers

Sage told Nick that the Gabe he knew in school was gone and so was the man she wanted to help

Adam told Chelsea they would be dynamite together

Jack told Stitch that Kelly was dead