Tuesday, March 24th

Chelsea told Adam she had a meeting and he offered to go with her which angered Sage. After Chelsea left Sage and Adam argued. She told him he would never be the man Gabriel was. Sage went to the Underground and Nick saw she was down. She told him that the Gabriel they once knew was gone. They drink, danced and kissed.

Chelsea and Adam were driving to the meeting and they ran out of gas. While waiting for the auto club Chelsea reminisced about her life with Adam and how much she loved hm. Adam asked her what she loved about Adam. She described some of Adam’s traits and how he made her feel loved and protected. Chelsea said she thought she could fix Adam. When Adam asked her if she thought she could still fix Adam she said she did. Chelsea said at times she felt as if she was cheating on Billy because of her feeling that Adam was still with her. Adam said he was.

Ashley and Billy talked about his upcoming wedding. She questioned his reasons for wanting to marry Chelsea so quickly. Chelsea entered the room to pick up some files. She told Billy she was going on a business trip with Gabe. He reminded her they were suppose to check out venues for the wedding. Chelsea said it was her understanding they were postponing the wedding. When she left Ashley pointed out to Billy that he and Chelsea were not on the same page in regard to the wedding.

Jack and Phyllis were at the GCAC when Stitch and Abby arrived. Jack told Stitch Kelly committed suicide. Stitch blamed Jack and Phyllis. When Jack and Phyllis arrived home Jack told Phyllis it was his fault. Phyllis told Jack she was tired of his whining and his wallowing in guilt. If he did not stop it she would leave and never come back. Jack told her he loved her and asked her not to leave.

Victoria told Nick that Victor was planning to destroy Jack and acquire Jabot. In response to a phone call from Abby Victoria went to see her and Stitch at the AC. When she found out that Kelly had committed suicide she said she had always known Kelly was a problem. Stitch became angry and said he did not understand why everyone was blaming Kelly. He said he knew Victoria blamed Kelly for breaking up her marriage so she was not the right person for whom to talk to. After Victoria left Stitch admitted to Abby that he had been too hard on Victoria. He confided in Abby about Kelly and his pain over losing her. Ashley arrived and saw Abby and Stitch leaving together.
Billy arrived at Victoria’s place and she told him Kelly had killed herself. Vicky spoke to Billy about Stitch’s reaction and how she was still trying to figure him out.

Previews for Thursday’s US Show

Chelsea attempts to get out of the car and Adam said she was not going anywhere

Sharon said to Dylan she was going to tell Nick everything

Sharon found Nick and Sage having sex at the UG