Wednesday, March 25th

Sharon told Dylan about her interactions with Austin. She said she was so angry at Nick about the custody issue and said some awful things about him. Dylan advised her to tell Nick before he found out another way. Sharon agreed and left to talk to Nick. Noah asked Dylan about the night of Sharon’s car accident. Dylan told Noah what happened. Noah wanted to know if Sharon had been off her meds.

Nick and Sage finished having sex when Sharon walked in. Sharon was furious. After Sage left Nick told Sharon she had no business just walking in. Sharon ranted at Nick about sleeping with a married woman given how self righteous he had been acting about her actions. Nick told Sharon what he did was none of her business and made it clear to her they were not getting back together again. Sharon accused Nick of being egotistical and said what happened between him and Sage was tacky.

Dylan came by to check on Sharon. She told him she had not told Nick because he had been having sex with Sage. Sharon suddenly saw a message on her mirror written in lipstick which said “I know the truth and so do you.” Dylan asked how whoever wrote the message got past security. Sharon asked if he thought she had written the message herself.

Chelsea told “Gabe” she thought Adam was still watching her. “Gabe” told her that Adam’s spirit was with her. Chelsea said she did not want to talk about Adam anymore. She said she was very happy with Billy. Chelsea accused “Gabe” of being jealous of her relationship with Billy. He admitted he was jealous. Chelsea said she was walking home and “Gabe” grabbed her arm. She told him not to touch her. He apologized and the Auto Club arrived.

Billy and Victoria discussed their relationship. They acknowledged they could not talk to their significant others the way they could talk to one another. They complimented each other and hugged before Billy left. Billy found Chelsea there when he arrived home. Chelsea told him about the car breaking down and that she and “Gabe” talked about Adam. She said at one point the way “Gabriel” spoke reminded her of Adam. She told Billy she was ready to check out the venue for their wedding. Billy told her he had cancelled the appointment and they should wait to get married until after Jack and Phyllis marry. He told her about Kelly.

Sage told Adam she had sex with Nick and it was fantastic. She said she wanted to be with Nick. She told him to go to Chelsea and tell her that Sage did not love him and he was ready to move on.

Kevin was trying to open Austin’s file related to Sharon. Summer accused Sharon of killing Austin which upset Noah. Summer said Sharon put Phyllis in a coma so she was capable of anything. Summer had a flashback to Austin asking her about Nick and whether he would use his last name to his benefit. She shared the flashback with Mariah, Kevin and Noah. Kevin said they need to find out who killed Austin or they could end up dead too.

Previews for Friday’s US Show

Kevin tells Mariah he decoded Austin’s interview with Sharon
Ben told Abby the last time he had a shower in the office he cheated on Victoria
Adam asked Nick if he wanted to pretend he didn’t have sex with his wife