Thursday, March 26th

Having gone through the mini bar supply in Abby’s suite, Ben now decides to shower himself sober. No! Abby can’t help. The last time I had help showering, I cheated on Vikki. Huh? Abby has a new mystery on her hands.

At the Abbott mansion, Sage and Avery end a friendly call re: the Better Days charity. Both are happy to be continuing it – thanks to Joe. Chelsea then comes down to say getting stranded in the country with Adam was no hardship; she married Adam on a farm. Hmmm – Sage observes a glow she doesn’t see when Chelsea talks about her current fiance.

Hey Gabe, Nick strolls into CL’s. You gonna pretend you didn’t have sex with my wife? is Gabe’s choice of greeting.

At home, Kevin’s still working on Austin’s laptop – while Mariah believes Nick a more likely suspect than Sharon. Summer arrives with Noah; Nick’s innocent, they report. Kyle’s not sure what to think.

At Sharon’s, Dylan’s not sure if she wrote the message on the mirror or not. So, am I conniving? Or nuts? she wonders – or do you think I’m both?

Chelsea and Sage continue to discuss Gabe (who sees no glow with Billy either – but understands her connection to Adam) Chelsea continues to pimp for Gabe (and hears that Sage once loved a wonderful man who’s shoes Gabe can never fill)

Back at CL’s, Gabe doesn’t give a damn who Sage sleeps with – but doesn’t want to lose the inheritance. No, Gabe’s not jealous – but doesn’t want Sage hurt (like Sharon) Nick detects hostility.

When did you turn against me? I’m not pretending I’m in danger to win Nick back – I’m sane – I’m normal; normal people get upset when someone breaks into their house to leave a message. Please believe me, Sharon weeps – in Dylan’s arms.

Dylan believes Sharon – but yes, she does overreact when it comes to Nick. What else happen that night? Walk me through it. Sharon explains heading out after the power went out – the car got stuck – she and Faith walked back. Dylan goes along with that – and will stay until the police arrive. No, Sharon needs to face things on her own. Leaving, Dylan pauses on the porch to send a text.

Noah relays Dylan’s text – he wants to meet re: Sharon. As he leaves, Mariah tells Summer to back off Sharon. Just as Kyle groans about a dead end, Kevin announces he’s decoded Sharon’s interview.

Arriving to join Gabe and Nick, Avery talks about the Better Days Foundation. Barely interested, Gabe’s always happy to contribute to a good cause. Avery assume so – it’s YOUR cause.

Coming out in a towel, Ben’s interrogated on his affair. Just finding out his sister’s dead, he doesn’t want to talk about it – it was just sex. Who is this skank?! Abby will rip her eyes out! No you won’t – she’s your Mother.

Sage gushes on about the wonderful man she loved – who died. Chelsea gets that. Sage wonders if Chelsea’s marrying Billy to move on. Chelsea loves Billy, but it’s not the same love she had for Adam. It’s just pre-wedding jitters, Chelsea doesn’t look convinced.

Gabe doesn’t know much about Constance’s charities. But you’ve been signing for this one. Pffft – Gabe’s signed for many. But you’ve attended board meetings. Pfff Gabe’s attended many. After signing, Gabe leaves Avery and Nick wondering why he didn’t even read them first. Nick tells Avery that Gabe’s not the man he remembers – he’s all about money now.

On the patio, Dylan reassures Noah that Sharon’s not on her meds – but she got a message on her mirror – I know the truth and so do you. Noah has no idea what that means – but won’t let Dylan call the cops.

Protective Noah gone, Kevin and the kids listen to Sharon’s interview. She claims Nick’s the same as Victor and the rest; dirty dealings go way back – especially this one thing – it cost a lot of money to cover it up – and it wasn’t Victor’s crime – it’s was Nick’s.

Noah doesn’t want the cops involved – but can’t say why. It’s not the first message. Abby got two. Don’t go to the cops! Noah leaves Dylan frustrated.

Back inside, Avery tells Nick that Dylan will be fine (with her working on Joe’s good cause) Both having things to take care of, Dylan leaves Avery to repeat he’ll be fine. Neither she nor Nick look convinced.

When Gabe comes home, Chelsea leaves Sage to update that he IS making headway – she’s been reminiscing about her marriage to Adam, and questioning her commitment to Billy. No. Sage isn’t enjoying ANY of this.

Ben still shirtless, Abby demands answers – and is told about the shower in the lab/Ashley’s office. No, Vikki has no idea – and you can’t tell her.

Finally managing to put his shirt on, Ben reminds Abby that he’s keeping HER secret (so she should reciprocate) Abby hides as Dylan arrives demanding answers – are you…drunk? Not anymore. And it became Dylan’s business when Sharon got the same message Abby did.

Sharon’s cleaning her mirror when Nick arrives – she’s not in the mood to argue. Is he there to apologize? No – for what? He won’t stand for Sharon’s petty comments – we’re NOT getting back together. Sharon suddenly goes back to frantically rubbing the mirror – she must get ‘this’ off! Alarmed by her behavior, Nick’s not sure Sharon should see Faith.

‘What Nick did would have put any other man in prison’, Sharon growls at the camera. The kids are ‘wowed’ by the video – but Summer’s sure Nick isn’t capable of murder. They must find out if Sharon’s crazy story is true. Noah comes back – Mom’s in the clear – she got a lipstick message. Uh no – Kyle wrote that message. Huh!?

It’s wrong to lie to Chelsea, to play with her emotions, Sage hisses. Adam DOES have faith in what he and Chelsea share. He’s respectfully asking Sage to help him – please.

Avery’s on the phone with Joe; Gabe Bingham is much different than he is on paper. After she hangs up, she notices two distinctly different signatures.

Dylan’s worried about Sharon – we need to go to the police. No, Abby marches out – if we go to the police, I end up dead!

Things get heated at Summer’s – Kyle wrote the message to flush Sharon out, Mariah and Noah are pissed (Kyle gets a punch in her mouth) Noah’s updated; we found evidence that points to Sharon – or Victor – or Nick!

Visitation is at my discretion, Nick reminds. Sharon accuses him – you wrote this! Stop threatening to take my daughter away from me! You can’t! Nick can – he’ll have Noah check on Sharon tomorrow. If you keep Faith from me, I’ll tell everyone how you broke that girl’s neck! Nick stops and stares back.

Next: If I don’t let you see Faith, you’re going to tell the whole story. That’s your choice, Sharon confirms for Nick ….I’m very happy for Ashley, Victor mumbles. It didn’t bother you that she threw Jabot’s success in your face? Vikki asks. She’ll be working for me soon, Victor claims …. I think we should put off the wedding, Billy and Chelsea say in unison.

My Thoughts: OK. So I’m just catching up. Doesn’t seem as if I missed much; Nick slept with Sage (shocking) Kelly dead? (ya right; as dead as Adam is) She’s probably hiding out with Austin. Odd that Victor would be the first one notified of Kelly’s suicide? Shouldn’t Ben take a break from babysitting and arrange his sister’s funeral? Maybe locate Maureen? … Hypocrite much Abby? She’ll rip out the eyes of woman, the tramp, who cheated with her sister’s boyfriend – but her sleeping with her cousins’ husband is something she hopes Summer can ‘get over’? …. Dylan’s never bothered to call the cops when it’s his own ass on the line (unless he’s calling Daddy) … Of all the people in GC to keep your secret – why Abby? Sister of Vikki – and the daughter of the ‘skank’ Ben cheated with. This won’t end well …. Sage is absolutely right about all the lies (and whether Chelsea will forgive him) BUT – he stands a better chance than Sage does of Nick forgiving her. Adam and Chelsea were married; they share a child. Nick and Sage had sex in a dilapidated broom closet ….. Ben may not be a full blown alcoholic – but he obviously has drinking problem. Good thing he’s making rapey perfume instead of performing operations and amputating limbs etc….. Kevin can handle ‘ransacking’ but not the ‘bashing’? Oh please – locking someone in a freezer then setting it on fire isn’t any better than bludgeoning someone …. But is filling Gabe’s shoes EXACTLY what Adam’s doing? Fortunately they were the same shoe size …. Sounds like a worthy cause, Gabe grins at Avery (after hearing ebsolutely NOTHING about the cause except it’s name) … I think someone onset needs to start up a donation fund to remove or cover up Ben’s HIDEOUS prison tats…. Thanks once again to Meghan for providing spoilers in my absense (most of you don’t know she made the ultimate sacrifice in not calling Victor ‘Victurd’)… I always laugh when a betrothed has ‘wedding jitters’ (even more silly considering how many times they’ve all said I do – and I don’t) … Oh here we go. We don’t have enough crimes on the go – let’s import one Nick comitted decades ago. I’m guessing he broke a girls neck with hickies.