Friday, March 27th

Meeting her Dad at the club, Vikki assures him she’s happy (with Stitch – and fine that Billy’s marrying Chelsea) Now enough small talk – what’s up??

As Dylan scolds Ben for not going to the police, Abby marches in to tell him why – she’ll end up dead. Huh – Sharon feels she’s in danger too (Dylan’s then puzzled when Abby suggests Sharon’s the one sending the messages).

You take Faith and I’ll tell everyone how you broke that poor girls neck, Sharon shrieks. What are you talking about? Nick comes back in. Sharon knows what happened to Sandra Allen all those years ago – here at the ranch – you took her dreams away, and nearly her life.

Avery puts aside Gabe Bingham’s signed paperwork when Phyllis drops by her office to update that Kelly’s dead. Avery has to disagree on one point; people can change a great deal (she eyes Gabe’s paperwork)

At the mansion, Chelsea finds Adam admiring a diamond ring that ‘fell out of her purse’ (which she’s saving for Connor) She’s not upset by what he said (she’s not over Adam) – she’s upset because he’s right.

In Jack’s office, he and Billy briefly mourn Kelly; who was lost and fragile. Billy also isn’t upset by what Jack said, he’s upset because he’s right (about marrying Chelsea for the wrong reasons)

Victor denies he has an agenda – but is hoping Vikki supports his takeover of Jabot. Ashley appears to give them huge bottles of Hex (which is flying off the shelves) She then gloats that Jack won’t consider Victor’s offer to buy Jabot (which is news to Vikki)

Billy’s proposal was …. impulsive? ill advised? Jack supplies. Billy loves Chelsea but perhaps he was subconsciously testing her feelings for him. And OK, he’s worried about Gabe. Jack’s right – again – it’s stupid to worry – Chelsea’d never be interested in Gabe – right????

Chelsea loves Billy, but worries she may be rushing into marriage – for closure – but she thinks about Adam more than ever. It’s not fair to Billy. What will you do? Adam wonders.

Nick doesn’t know what Sharon’s talking about. It was high school – you hooked up with lots of girls. Yes, he remembers Sandra; a JR he invited to his party – the party was hopping until someone broke a vase. You got angry and sent everyone home – except Sandra. You opened up Russian vodka. The night ended abruptly – something happened that changed Sandra’s life forever.

Sharon and Nick continue. Sharon has stayed behind to ‘wash her face’. Nick made a bet with Sandra (destined for the Olympic diving team) She dove off the balcony into the swimming pool. Security summoned Victor home. Nick was just a stupid kid. Yes, and about to pay the price – but that’s not how it ended.

Abby retracts her accusation against Sharon. Dylan threatens to call his Dad. If anyone finds out, I’ll get murdered! Abby finally blurts out.

Phyllis announces that she and Jack have set a date – but they’re going away – no maid of honour needed (though she would have chosen Avery) Phyllis is glad to hear that Avery and Joe have made amends (not so glad he’s staying in town) It’s not a good idea if one ex is still in love with the other.

Adam approves of Chelsea’s decision to tell Billy (though she worries she’ll lose him) And if she does? I dunno, Chelsea goes upstairs (leaving Adam to ponder the ring she left behind)

Jack finds it interesting that Vikki was the one to tell him Kelly was dead. Billy regrets losing his anchor – now he needs Chelsea to ground him. Speak of the devil. Jack leaves Billy and Chelsea to both blurt out – let’s put off the wedding.

Ashley thanks Victor for the champagne – and now she’s off to meet an international distributor. Not to gloat but Hex is going global. After Ashley leaves, Vikki wonders why Victor let Ashley throw Jabot’s success in his face. She’ll soon be working for me, Victor’s sure.

Updating Dylan, Abby suspects Sharon murdered Austin over her interview. Dylan doesn’t believe it. He and Stitch know the first rule of war is ID the enemy. It’s time to fight back.

Sandra pulled through, Nick points out. After numerous surgeries, Sharon adds – she walked, but never dove again. Buh bye Olympics and scholarship. Nick wonders why Sandra never returned his calls. Sharon relays hearing Victor make a call – Nick’s mess needed cleaning up (basically throwing money at Sandra’s family) This is news to Nick. Sharon explains why she kept quiet (but is more than willing to blab now to get regain custody of Faith) David wanted her to bring this up at the hearing. When Dylan appears, Sharon claims that Nick realizes he’s been unreasonable and may even give her joint custody. After Nick huffs out, Dylan guesses that Sharon threatened to use her info against him.

Back in the suite, Abby’s sure Sharon’s hiding something (and she won’t just forget that Ben, cheated – with her Mom) Speaking of the other woman, Abby opens the door (and is pissed to hear that Ben blabbed ‘in the heat of the moment’) After he escapes, Ashley snips – it was one night that meant nothing. Maybe not to him, but it did for you, Abby guesses.

Jack joins the sisters at Avery’s office to hear she got a weird vibe from Gabriel – he hadn’t heard about the charity and the signatures seem off. Avery wonders what Gabe wants. Jack bites his lip.

Gabe tells Connor a story about a handsome king who made a mistake – so was forced to leave. He missed his son and wife so made his way back home. The story isn’t over yet – it has a happy ending.

Jack comes home to scold Adam for playing a dangerous game (and lists Avery’s suspicions; and she’s not the only one) Adam will be more careful – he’s too close to blow it.

Billy’s not happy to heart that Gabe helped Chelsea realize she had unresolved feelings for Adam. But she loves Billy and nothing will change that ~kiss~

Sharon rants at Dylan – why is he questioning her? What’s changed?

Abby doesn’t want to see her Mom get hurt again. Ashley wonders if she’s jealous. He’s my sister’s boyfriend! Abby thinks that crazy. Yeah, and Austin was your niece’s husband, Ashley reminds loudly. Vikki arrives – I heard yelling; is everything OK?

Summoned back to Jabot, Jack’s pleasantly surprised to find a lingerie clad Phyllis perched on his desk. No need to lock the door – it’s more exciting ~kiss~

Nick’s made a beeline to Avery’s office – he wants to give Sharon one day a week with Faith. Just do it, he marches out.

Dylan tells Sharon that both Summer and Abby got the same messages. He’s staying to protect her.

Chelsea’s grateful to find that Adam’s been taking care of Connor. As she goes to put him to bed, they guys butt heads over what kind of guy Adam was. Love conquers all, Billy’s confident (until Adam heads off smirking)

Ashley claims she and Abby were debating business – then tell Vikki that Ben had something important to take care of.

Victor’s in the confessional – it’s a critical part of the plan. No one can find out we know each other.

Next: Nick confronts Victor; You bribed the entire Allen family – and part of that was no contact with me, right Dad!? … Is that a yes? Thrilled by the boxed ring Noah’s holding out, Courtney nods – yes, yes! …. Dylan grabs Kyle – what the hell were you thinking!?

My Thoughts: Great – another bizarre story from out of the blue …And really? NOW Sharon’s oh so concerned about poor Sandra; a girl she’s not mentioned in over 25 years? She’s more worried about a girl who was almost crippled – than her Mother IS crippled. Poor Doris could still be wheeling around in circles on the deck of the cruise ship she’s been on for almost a year .. Of COURSE it didn’t ‘bother’ Nick that Sandra was a minor – he was a minor himself (and therefore not criminally responsibly for supplying another minor with alcohol) That would be Victor; who for some reason let a bunch of drunken teenage skinny dippers invade his ranch. If he didn’t exactly ‘let’ them, it should have been standing policy that security notifies him of all parties – not just the ones that get out of control … How shocking – even back in high school, Sharon was hanging back to spy on Nick (who’s now rewritten as a teenage gigolo) She must have been quite close to see the label on the vodka bottle (or perhaps she had binoculars) …… Avery again plays the long-suffering, disapproving sister; ‘Oh Phyllis, you didn’t …’ What? Murder Kelly? Avery sounds about as concerned as if she suspected Phyllis had double parked her car outside, or brought her a chocolate muffin instead of vanilla…. Vikki and Victor’s relationship is creepy enough already. Let’s hope they don’t test Hex and suddenly overcome with desire, leap across the table at one another …. Dylan’s not leaving the suite until he gets answers? Who the hell does he think he is….. Of course Billy and Jack had no idea how ‘fragile’ Kelly was – they used her like a ‘tramp-o-line. She looked anything but fragile while being Jack-hammered at Underground (in fact they likely caused the collapse) …. You can tell that ring means a lot to Chelsea – who doesn’t have 5 carat diamond ring kicking around the bottom of their purse? .. … Why is Avery so surprised that Phyllis would have asked her to be Maid of Honour? Who else would Phyllis ask? It’s either her or Lauren … Hex isn’t ‘flying’ off the shelves, it’s sheer weight is crushing the shelves. Enjoy your initial sales boom – selling it at Costco, by the gallon means customers won’t need more for a long time … It wasn’t my place? Sharon says with a straight face (to tell Nick what she’d overheard) Uh – it wasn’t your place to hide behind the poolhouse – and the filing cabinets in GCM’s lab aren’t your place either. And the ranch wasn’t your place to burn down. And of course Sharon uses her kids as an excuse not to tell Nick something he should have known. She makes it sounds like they were ever so busy – getting married – having Noah – finding Cassie – then Faith. Yet there was time for both Nick and Sharon to have affairs, get arrested etc etc. Sharon doesn’t like to keep secrets, she’s just crunched for time. I’m not surprised that Sharon’s resorting to blackmail. But even if a drunken Nick daring a girl 35+ years ago somehow proves him to be an unfit parent, it STILL does not make Sharon any fitter. Noah or Summer would get stuck raising their sibling because their parents are both idiots. Sharon’s delusional if she thinks she could have sprung this story on Nick in court – it was already ‘too late’. David would have had to disclose any witnesses Sharon dug up to support her story. Line of the day goes to Jack; we have very strict rules about romance in this office. Please. If that red sofa could talk it’d say ‘euuw’ and ‘gross – the office assistant is spooning with her stepson’