Thursday, April 2nd

Sharon and the groom have a nice talk – today Noah’s giving this family something to celebrate ~hug~

Nick’s frowning in the park when the JOP arrives to wonder if he’s the groom. No my son’s the lucky guy this time.

Summer and Courtney are preparing for the big day. Summer can’t help but feel a bit sad – but is happy her BFF is marrying her brother. Today isn’t about Austin’s death.

Dylan’s looking at a map of GC – flashing back to confronting Sharon on her ‘detour’. Going somewhere? Why didn’t you come to bed last night? Avery appears to ask. She knows what’s up – and it needs to stop.

Ben’s all ready to leave town. Abby needs to call Noah to say she won’t be at the wedding. No, she’s still going with Ben.

At the club, Joe needs help with a personal matter. Removing his hand from her arm, Lily can’t believe he’s hitting on her – again.

Also at the club, Neil stands firm with Leslie and Devon; he killed Paul and Chris’ baby. The truth will matter to the jury.

Again bumping into Winston (the young lawyer), Hilary blatantly flirts and introduces herself as Ann Turner.

Gushing about Noah, Courtney again apologizes for depressing Summer (who assures her it’s OK) We’ll be family, both are delighted. Kyle arrives to say they both look gorgeous. Courtney needs to drop by the office – she’ll meet them at the park. Now alone, Summer tears up – she feels stupid for loving Austin, still. It’s not fair. Kyle gives her a hug – it’ll be OK. I’ll be next to you today.

Sharon continues to gush over Noah – he’s the man she hoped he’d grow up to be. If she doesn’t get another chance to say it; I love you. I’m proud of you ~hug~

Lily continues to rant at the ‘smarmy’ Joe – she and Cane are just fine – find someone else to handle your ‘personal issue’ (she marches off)

Avery tells Dylan to stop fixating on the time she spends with Joe. Last night’s dinner was about the charity. Dylan shuts her up – I’M the one who’s fixating on Joe!? Last night was about something else – and Avery might know that if she’d shut up about Joe.

Noah won’t miss me, Abby’s sure – Ben will need her more (and it’s what Vikki wants) Well, since it makes no difference to Kelly, Ben decides they’ll go to the wedding – then fly out to get the ashes – together.

Kevin and Mariah chat with Nick at the park, then leave him to take a selfie with the groom. Then some touching words (and a reminder of Nick’s almost wedding) But it’s not like the park is cursed. Avery’s heart belonged to someone else.

Avery won’t let Dylan dodge her; what’s going on? You’re never here. Neither are you. Sharon comes knocking – it’s important. Go ahead, I have a meeting, Avery marches out. What’s so urgent? Dylan asks Sharon.

I was drunk, out of control – I grabbed the wheel from Nikki rather than go to an AA meeting. Lily and Devon ask Neil to listen to Leslie; the jury will hear what a great man he is. Neil orders the kids to leave him alone with his lawyer.

Over coffee, ‘Ann’ continues to flirt with an interested ‘Win’. She puts her number in his phone and sends him on his way with a l’il kiss. Poor guy, Devon saunters over to sneer – I should warn him. Don’t you dare! Hilary snaps.

Neil’s not just hurt, his heart is broken. I have no son. Leslie insists he let Devon help – the jury will understand when they hear his story. Hey, was your eyesight OK the night of the accident? Neil won’t pander to the jury; won’t beg for pity; won’t throw Nikki under the bus. He’s already in hell; prison’s no big deal.

Kevin and Mariah chat – he needs to get back into the camera system. Why was Austin following Jack? He’s covering for Kyle, Mariah thinks – Sharon didn’t do it. Nick interrupts – what’s going on? Summer and Kyle arrive to say that Courtney’s on her way.

At the station, Courtney picks up the marriage license (how embarrassing that she forgot) When a cop leaves his desk, computer logged on, she jumps into action.

Sharon tells Dylan that she pulled over on Post Rd that night – a car was coming toward us – it slowed down. What if they saw me? Dylan thinks it convenient that she just remembered now. Don’t you see!? Sharon’s frustrated – the real murderer is going to frame me!

Coming downstairs, Ben and Abby run into Lily; who offers condolences. Joe again appeals to Lily – he has a favour to ask.

Summer thanks Noah for always being there for her – and Courtney. She and Kyle won’t pester Sharon today. Nick then asks Noah where his Mom is. Maybe she’s stuck in traffic. Maybe Courtney is too.

Courtney squints at the monitor – wait a minute, that doesn’t make any sense.

Sharon continues to panic – she saw the car – the driver saw her. There’ll be evidence – Noah’s friends think I’m guilty. Her condition makes her an easy target. Sharon suddenly has somewhere to go – I can’t be late for this…..

By the time Avery joins Joe and Lily, he’s arranged to have a fund-raiser at the club. If someone’s being honoured, it’s easier to get people there. Joe suggests they honour Victor. Avery thinks Jack’s more ‘beloved’. Lily and Joe decide to honour Avery – she fights for the underdog. We’ll call it the Better Days Award.

Aside, Neil apologizes to Lily – she implores him to fight the charges – that bitch Hilary can’t ruin you.

Hilary tells Devon to shut up – he doesn’t get to be the poor, jilted lover – save the jealousy. Devon just wants to save someone from Hilary – but maybe he deserves you.

Abby and Noah are greeted at the park. Mariah’s disappointed when Abby and Summer have a civil chat (no hair pulling) And where’s the bride? Noah gets a text from Courtney – meet me at the cabin.

Back at CL’s, Hilary gets a call from Winston – dinner, tomorrow night.

At the club, Devon tells Neil he wants to take the stand. To save my ass? Tear me down? No, Devon’s rightfully taking the blame. Neil won’t budge – you stole this blind man’s wife and laughed behind his back. Then you don’t know me, Devon says. You’re my Father. I love you.

Lily apologizes to Joe – the foundation’s a good cause, they agree.

Avery’s home to needle Dylan about Sharon’s urgent matter. No more about – the real issue is Sharon. You spent the night at her house – to guard her – from what? Dylan can’t tell Avery – because then she couldn’t … Represent her? What has Sharon gotten herself into now?

Noah announces that Courtney can’t make it. Crime never sleeps – and doesn’t wait for weddings. It’s fine – Summer can ‘whip this up again’. Maybe the park IS cursed. Courtney and I ARE getting married. Nick’s left to tell the JOP. Noah tells the gang – Courtney wants me to meet her at the cabin – something’s up.

Next: If you were honest with yourself, you’d take a good hard look at Sharon and get the hell away from her!! Avery shouts at Dylan … Nick confronts Adam; You’re a real piece of work. You come down on me for hooking up with Sage, while going after another woman … You have no idea who the real Gabriel Bingham is, Sage snarls at Chelsea.

My Thoughts: Oh how very generous of Lily to ‘agree’ to host the Better Days fundraiser. Isn’t that what the club’s for? Won’t it make a profit from food and drinks? I guess Kelly’s job wasn’t that important if she’s not being replaced … Why the hell would Joe want to honour Victor – honour him for what? Scumbag of the year? And how self serving to honour Avery; her work for the innocence foundation has nothing to do with helping abused women … How does Ben have the time to babysit/protect Abby? Is his job at Jabot done now that the stinky ‘love potion’ is on the shelves? Has Jack made Ashley co-CEO yet? … *Yawn* so it’s not hard to guess that Courtney has been killed off – but what did she see on the cameras before she died? … How insensitive of Noah and Courtney to have Summer decorate the park – and why was Summer being nice to the Aunt who had an affair with her husband? It makes no sense … Hurry up and put an end to Dylan and Avery; they’re both boring hipocrites with zero chemistry. .. Is Hilary going to save the day for Neil? By manipulating yet another man?