Friday, April 3rd

Nick’s surprised to find Sage at Underground – with a ‘gift’ she’s assembling. He again apologizes for being a jerk the other day and updates that the wedding’s postponed. Both Nick and Sage now believe in happy endings.

Still at the park, the kids (and Ben) discuss Courtney’s text to Noah. Everyone’s phone then goes off. ‘Come to the cabin – tell no one’, is the message.

When Noah updates that Courtney had to drop by the station, Kevin guesses she accessed the computer system. Maybe she knows who the killer is…

Is Sharon in trouble with the law? Avery demands answers – and is frustrated that Dylan won’t give her any.

Vikki apologizes for stopping by early (she and Billy are taking the kids to the park) This is news to Chelsea – and as Vikki and Billy exit with the kids, Adam strolls in to comment on the happy family – I don’t know how you do it.

Avery warns Dylan away from Sharon – look what she did to Nick’s life! Dylan, of course, counters with Joe – who was willing to close down the warehouse district to get you into bed. He knows what Sharon’s going through. Avery tells him take a good hard look at Sharon and get the hell away from her. As she’s called away to work, ‘trust’ is the issue. Dylan’s left to frown.

Chelsea thinks it wonderful that Billy and Vikki are united for the kids – she’d never want him to put her before the kids. Your fiancé’s off having a fun day with his ex – Adam’s not sure he could handle it as well. Chelsea doesn’t let her mind go there – she makes things work like he does with Sage. ‘Gabe’ then drops the bomb that she’s sleeping with Nick.

Back at Underground, Sage tells Nick that Gabe didn’t go for the idea of divorce – and she owes him. What happens now? Nick asks. Off come the clothes as they start kissing.

The gang is now at the cabin; which is empty. Ben won’t let Noah leave to find Courtney – he might get hurt. Wait – not everyone got a text. Ben didn’t AND he was interviewed by Austin. He’s still a suspect. Everyone in this room is, Ben thinks that’s why they were all called here.

Johnny off playing, Vikki and Billy sit on a park bench to chat about Chelsea; she knows this is part of the package. Without a wedding date, we’re in a better place now. Vikki and Stitch are in a good place. No, she didn’t tell him they nearly kissed. Why not? Billy wonders.

Fen and Sharon are suspects too – they aren’t here. Mariah defends her Mom against Summer. What if the message wasn’t from Courtney? Noah thinks it time to call the police. At the station, a gloved hand plugs a stick into a computer – and all the screens go red.

Sharon!? Dylan lets himself in. The place empty, he starts snooping – and listens when ‘Rob from the body shop’ returns her call for an estimate; what were you doing driving that nice car up in the woods anyway??

Sage reminds Nick that Sharon could use this against him in court. She’s seeing Faith a lot more – which gives Nick time to work on their ‘relationship’. Her marriage to Gabe IS in name only. Then what’s holding her back? Sage doesn’t like living a lie. Then don’t, Nick gives her a kiss.

Chelsea’s outraged – and so sorry for ‘Gabe’. ‘Surviving’ is no way to live – embrace every minute. Love? Adam didn’t have the best role models – he rarely saw affection. Romance was for other people. There’s someone out there for you, Chelsea gives him a hug.

Avery finds the station in a panic – the computers have a virus. Reports, surveillance footage – all gone!

Sharon’s startled to find Dylan in her home. He was worried when she showed up at Avery’s. Yes, she asked questions but Dylan didn’t tell her much. How was the wedding? He assumes that’s where she ran off to. Sharon looks blank.

Billy again asks Vikki why she didn’t tell Ben about the near-kiss. Vikki explains that he’s staying at the club – next door to Abby. Yes, she’s OK with it – the pressure is off. She wasn’t able to comfort him over Kelly. Billy thinks she’s trying too hard to make the relationship work.

Chelsea felt the same after Adam died (then describes that level of ‘star seeing’ love) He was insufferable – sweet, sexy – I couldn’t keep my hands off him, she chuckles. Once you experience that, why would you settle for less? Adam leaves Chelsea to mope.

All bicker over whether to go to the cops. We need to work together, Kevin says. Noah makes a call – he needs to find his fiancée. Avery picks up Courtney’s phone – out of the trash. This is Noah – where are you? The squad room. Avery hears a scream ~click~ Noah – what’s wrong?! Noah and the rest find Courtney crumpled in the wardrobe.

Carrying her to the floor, Noah tries to revive Courtney. Taking over, Ben informs that she’s been dead for a while. Noah sobs; no, no. Don’t go. Mariah makes the call; this is a police emergency.

At the club, Adam orders flowers – the card ‘why would you settle for anything less’? No name. Nick appears to call him a piece of work – coming down on HIM for hooking up with Sage, while he’s chasing another woman. It’s all about the inheritance. But it’s over – you don’t control Sage anymore.

When Sage comes in whistling, Chelsea confronts her for sleeping with Gabe’s best friend from boarding school. Are you just looking for your next meal ticket? Gabe loves you. As Chelsea goes on and on, Sage says – you have NO idea who the real Gabe Bingham is!

Sharon’s not trying to keep anything from Dylan – Courtney couldn’t make it to the wedding. Noah was disappointed – but it’ll happen soon. As Sharon checks her messages, Dylan gets a call from Avery – and as he’s about to hang up, Avery barks; Noah’s fiancée was just found dead! Dylan looks at Sharon.

Vikki tries to convince Billy that she and Ben are just going through a rough patch. Him staying at the club is only about protecting Abby. She wants someone she can trust guarding her sister. OK – everybody wins, Billy shrugs.

Wake up – you’ve been conned, Sage tells Chelsea that it’s all been a calculated performance – to get Chelsea to fall in love with ‘Gabe’. The first chance meeting? There was nothing chance about it. Was it coincidence that we moved in across from you? Gabe bribed the contractor – didn’t run out of gas. He’s been working you – just like he did today.

Nick never knew Gabe as a selfish ass. Adam scoffs – this from a guy who cheats on his wife after his kid dies. Then leaves the new wife for the original wife. You and your Father think you can get away with everything without paying. I’m gonna make sure you DO pay.

At the cabin, Ben covers Courtney up. But wait, Kevin sees something in her hand. He unfolds a piece of paper; I warned you. Stop digging.

Still on the phone, Dylan asks – and how do you know? Avery was at the station when the call came in. Thanks, Dylan says – talk to you later ~click~ Did something happen? Sharon asks. Where were you earlier? Dylan asks.

Next: Why don’t you just say what it is you’re dying to say. Fine I will say it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, Sage shouts at Chelsea….. Who are you? You’re not the Gabe Bingham I used to know, Nick scowls at Adam …. They wanted us to find her, Ben concludes. OMG – they’re trying to pin this on us! Mariah realizes.

My Thoughts: Noah didn’t notice that Courtney was ‘ice cold’ when he had his mouth on hers? … Fen’s a suspect? I’m sure his presence at school can easily be confirmed… And what time is Ben and Abby’s flight? He was in a big hurry before the wedding came up. Have they called to reschedule the flight? … Kinda weird that Billy didn’t plan to take Connor to the park too. It’s also a bit weird that Chelsea didn’t even say ‘hello’ to her firstborn son; the one they all agreed she’d be involved in raising. Guess Vikki was foolish to worry that Chelsea would take Johnny away from her. And Billy didn’t even say good bye to Chelsea – he was all about Vikki and the kids … Sage must realize that once ‘Gabe’s secret comes out, hers will too (not that she ever stood a chance at a happily-ever-after with Nick – even if she was the decent, honest person she pretends to be) … Adam may not have seen a lot of affection between his parents – but Hope was a good role model .. You’d think that after the message on the mirror, and being so scared she had to have Dylan sleep over, Sharon would have thought twice about putting a spare key under a fake rock (the first place anyone looks; even Phyllis fresh out of a coma) Yet she hopes no one saw Dylan (?) … So, all the GCPD’s computers go down and their resident hacker/IT specialist is suspended. I guess Paul’s gonna have to eat crow and rehire Kevin … OK – so I’m just gonna say that there’s way too much emphasis being placed on ‘mystery’ – the show needs more balance. I’m annoyed by the lack of romance – but disgusted that the Baldwin’s cancer storyline is taking a back seat to this constant ‘whodunit’. Truly, I’m disappointed.