Tuesday, April 7th

Paul asks Dylan to come to the station. Dylan has something to finish up first (in the woods). Paul knows he’s in on the cover up – don’t make things worse for yourself or Sharon ~click~ Dylan wonders what to do with the bandanna clad tire iron.

Noah’s welcome to stay at Sharon’s, or his Dads – as long as he wants. Nick goes to check on Faith (home with a sitter) He’ll be back soon. Alone with his Mom, Noah hates to do this – please tell me you didn’t have anything to do with Courtney’s death. Sharon covers her mouth in horror.

At his place, Jack’s gathered Phyllis, Ashley and Billy for a meeting re: Victor. Whether or not he hacked into Jabot’s computer system, he’s up to something much, much bigger.

Abby watches Victor and Vikki giggling in the dining room. You can’t tell anyone, Ben reminds – our lives depend on this. He hugs Vikki and says they’ve postponed picking up Kelly’s ashes. Why? She and Victor are curious.

Dylan hides the wrapped tire iron beside a book case as Avery comes in to ask if he was with Sharon this whole time. And does she need a lawyer? Dylan wonders if she’d really help Sharon. Hiring Avery with a dollar retainer he pulls out the bundle. What is it? Possibly a murder weapon, he confesses.

Back at the mansion, the Abbott powwow continues. Maybe Victor was searching for a family secret (not a business one) Billy’s off to investigate the ‘hack’. Phyllis excuses herself to take Summer’s call. That leaves Jack to remind Ashley of one Abbott secret she’s hiding; the fact that she’s not truly an Abbott.

Told that Courtney’s dead, Victor calls Noah – and Abby leaves Vikki to thank Ben for being her sister’s body guard.

Still pissed, Paul’s summoned Kevin to his office – he can’t call in outside help because he’s trying to keep a lid on a double murder. ‘Work your magic’ – find out what Courtney uncovered that got her killed.

You haven’t been yourself – everyone thinks you’re guilty, Noah says. Sharon discounts Kyle and Summer (they have an ax to grind) Yeah, well, Kevin and the Chief of Police heard her interview. Noah’s defended his Mom – but she DID burn the ranch down – and lied about Summer’s paternity. Do NOT say you were sick! Noah lashes out. Nick appears – that’s enough.

Nick knows Noah’s in pain, but don’t take it out on Mom. You’re just as bad as she is, Noah snarls – the Newman’s cover up crimes – like Nick ruining a girl’s life in high school.

Dylan tells Avery bits and pieces – the tire iron could be the murder weapon. OR Sharon made it up because she has no alibi for either murder. Dylan asks Avery to use her connections (get it tested without contacting the authorities) What if Paul finds out? Please help me, Dylan implores. Avery wants ALL the facts – why does someone think Sharon could commit murder – twice!?

Why is Jack bringing up Ashley’s paternity? I AM an Abbott! Jack agrees – you’re an Abbott in almost every way – except the one way Victor can exploit. It’s a PR nightmare. Or – he could try to cause infighting. Abby would be rocked by this – so shaken she might change sides. Victor’s known for years – he has too much respect for me – and our daughter. He’d hurt me like that to get our company? Jack warns Ashley not to put anything past Victor – all bets are off.

Did it work out with the fingerprints as we discussed? Good. Victor’s at the club, on his phone. Elsewhere, in an office, there sits a desk. On it, the steel balls of Newton’s Cradle does it’s rhythmic plunk – plunk – plunk. And there’s the envelope, the fingerprints – and ten little rubber molds arranged in orders.

At the station, Billy hounds Kevin for help with Jabot’s hacking. No can do – Kevin continues to type – he’s being watched – and already got suspended once this week. The files he’s trying to retrieve pertain to public safety – what could be more important? Taking down Victor Newman, Billy has his attention now.

Back at the club, Vikki finds it weird not having Ben around – but wants him to keep watch over Abby; it’s top priority. We’ll find time to be together when we can.

Nick deeply regrets what happened back then. He had no idea Victor covered it up. Noah doesn’t have time for his Dad’s past mistakes – his fiancĂ©’s been killed. And you think your Mother has something to do with it? Nick’s puzzled. Noah then confesses that Austin was murdered too. The interview Mom gave him gives her motive.

Dylan updated that Sharon told Austin about a secret from Nick’s past; which she used to get more time with Faith. She’s blackmailing him!? Avery balks. It’s wrong – but Sharon’s not a murderer, Dylan just needs Avery to test the tire iron. Knock knock – oh look; it’s Paul.

Flashback to a distraught Ashley telling Victor that her ‘natural’ Father is some ‘golden boy’ at the country club. Real-time, Ashley’s saddened by Jack’s comments. With a hug, he comforts her – she IS family. When Phyllis tells them that Courtney’s dead, Ashley runs off to see Abby. Phyllis is going to go spend the night with Summer. Our wedding? We’ve gotta call it off.

Avery doesn’t think it’s a good idea that Paul speak to Dylan. You’re already lawyered up? Paul’s disappointed that Dylan didn’t come to him. He has advice for Dylan – back off (let the cops handle it) Dylan vows that Sharon’s innocent – she has an alibi for both murders – ME.

Nick defends Sharon – but frowns at her as both console a weeping Noah.

In Abby’s suite, Ashley asks repeatedly – why were you talking to the police? Because she found the body, Ben appears to say (with Vikki)

Dylan was with Sharon at the time of Austin’s death – Courtney’s too. The Chief will be looking into this further. He has a difficult press conference to do. That leaves Avery to scold Dylan – you’re lying to the police; obstructing justice – is Sharon worth all this? Reminded of ‘innocent until proven guilty’, Avery goes to test the tire iron.

Noah asleep upstairs, Nick expresses his displeasure over Sharon spilling her guts to Austin. This is the last thing Noah needs. If Sharon pushes her kids out of her life, Nick won’t help her get them back! (she’s left alone to think about it)

Stitch has been my rock, Abby tells Ashley (then runs out) Vikki tells Ben to stay – she’ll go after Abby. That leaves Ashley to comment on the looks between Ben and Abby – you care about her. Yeah, I do, he admits.

Kevin’s tempted to take down Victor, but the station’s hacking comes first. Jabot was hacked – and Victor claims NE was too, Billy adds. It always leads back to Victor, Kevin frowns.

At the club, Victor accosts Paul – he hopes this investigation doesn’t become a circus, or payback to the Newman family for what happened to Chris.

Vikki returns to tell Ashley that Abby wants to see her (in Ben’s room next door) When she offers to spend some time with Ben, he reluctantly agrees.

Billy can’t imagine why Victor would hack into the PD’s computers. Kevin can. After Kev agrees to look into Jabot’s hacking, Billy goes to follow up on a lead of his own. Be careful, Kevin warns him.

Jack will postpone the wedding for Summer’s sake – but not because of whatever Victor’s up to. Billy and Ashley can hold down the fort. And besides, if Jack’s out of town, Victor won’t act – he won’t fire the first shot without his target in sight, Jack’s sure.

Paul resents the implication that the case is being mishandled. He’ll see to it that Courtney’s killer is caught. He’s off to do a press conference now – and doesn’t need threats or demands – especially from ‘possible suspects’. As Paul marches off, Nick arrives. Victor relays the odd conversation – it’s as if Paul thinks I have motive.

Sharon’s not happy when Dylan shows up – until he announces that he found the tire iron and that Avery’s having it tested. Sharon’s sure she’ll be cleared. Dylan worries she’s in danger – the killer saw her that night. Someone hovers outside, peering in the window.

Next: It’s my life. My decisions. What’s the big rush? Kyle wonders. Our company is being threatened, Jack replies … I’m ending this farce of a marriage, Sage announces. What made you finally go for it? Nick asks. You …..You told me everything I needed to know, Chelsea’s pissed. I didn’t tell you anything, Adam says.

My Thoughts: Of course Avery would pounce on Sharon ‘blackmailing’ Nick – yet not show any interest in what Nick had done… Paul as Police Chief is one big joke. Imagine how pissed off he’s going to be when he learns that Dylan and Avery have both handled the ‘murder weapon’. Why would Sharon jump to the conclusion that it’s the murder weapon? Courtney didn’t die from blunt force trauma from a tire iron – there wasn’t a spot of blood on her. And she hasn’t read Austin’s autopsy report (besides, it states the cause of was death accidental)… Dylan and Paul are both fools – how can Dylan possibly say he was with Sharon at the time of Austin and Courtney’s deaths? The time of Courtney’s death hasn’t even been established yet. She’d been dead for ‘quite a while’ and was ‘ice cold’ when the kids found her. And Dylan was left standing in Sharon’s living room when she suddenly had to go do something. Any number of security guards (and camera footage) can confirm when he came – and when he left. He wasn’t with Sharon long enough to be her alibi …. Even if Paul does find the killer, his (or her) lawyer can have the tire iron thrown out; the chain of custody is a joke. How many people will have handled it by the time it’s entered into evidence? Dylan might not be aware of this – but Avery should… How disgusting that Ben’s being shared by a mother, daughter and her half sister. No wonder he’s too busy to reconnect with his estranged son.. Is Vikki hiding something? It makes no sense that she’s all but forcing Ben into Abby’s arms… I like that the show’s reintroducing Ashley’s paternity – but not used in a silly way to discredit Ashley’s connection to Jabot (and the company itself) Who cares? And why would this crush Abby? She already knows she’s the creation of stolen sperm … Ashley really thinks the Abbott family’s dirty laundry’s been blowing in the wind? She doesn’t even know about the hooker that died right there in Jack’s living room. .. HOW can she possibly think Victor respects her? He just bugged her office, stole her love potion formula and lied to her face about it … I don’t think Sharon’s guilty of murder, but it’s pretty obvious that she’s off her meds and desperately in need of therapy (and a hair cut)