Monday, April 6th

Sharon refuses to answer Dylan’s questions – and insists she had nothing to do with Austin’s murder. There’s been another killing – Courtney, he informs.

I warned you to stop digging, the note in Courtney’s hand reads. Kevin and the gang concludes that she found out who the killer was – and that the killer wanted them to find the body. They’re trying to pin it on us! Mariah panics. They’re trying to warn us, Kevin adds – as sirens and lights surround the cabin.

At the club, Nick and Adam go at it – why does the once carefree ‘Gabe’ suddenly have a grudge against the Newman’s? He doesn’t like the way Victor does business and won’t give Nick a pass for sleeping with his wife!

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Sage tells Chelsea that Gabe’s pretending to be a jilted husband. Ask him if I’m telling the truth – unless you don’t want the answer.

Deep down you know Gabe’s lying. You’re a smart woman – why can’t you see this? Chelsea continues to deny Gabe’s conning her – say what it is you’re dying to say! OK, Sage agrees – but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Back at the club, Nick wonders why Gabe’s acting like the injured party. And who are the flowers for? The Gabe Bingham Nick knew wouldn’t keep Sage trapped in marriage for money. Reminded that he sued his Dad for half a billion, Nick concludes that this isn’t the Gabe Bingham he knew.

Courtney’s dead? That can’t be? Dylan relays Avery’s call – she was killed at the cabin. He won’t let Sharon leave until she answers his questions (the police will have questions too) He hopes she has proof that she wasn’t at the cabin. Sharon has none – she was alone in the middle of nowhere.

When Paul, the cops and medics arrive, Noah reluctantly leaves Courtney’s side. Paul orders a coroner and CSI to the scene – then hears how the kids were summoned to the cabin. Paul reports that Courtney’s phone was found near the computer Kevin was trying to hack into. He wants answers – and is stunned to hear that Austin was murdered.

The kids take turns relaying their story (from being drugged by Fen – then finding Austin; who then disappeared) Paul’s pissed to hear they covered up a murder. Ben explains when he got involved. This is what happens when you take the law into your own hands! Paul barks. Noah wants to shift the focus to finding the bastard who did this.

Sharon explains that she remembered something that happened the night of the storm. The driver threw something out of his window. She went back but couldn’t find it. Dylan’s frustrated – this looks bad. Please say you believe me, Sharon pleads.

Just say it, Chelsea implores. OK – Gabriel is … They’re interrupted by the doorbell. Chelsea returns with a box of roses (must be from Billy) Sage suspects otherswise. Ask Gabe who he is, she pauses at the door – ask him if he knew your dead husband.

Are you the same little rich playboy? Gabe claims that people change. Summer’s call interrupts; Courtney’s dead; murdered. Nick will meet them at the station. This isn’t over, he tells Adam.

Paul tells the kids to follow him – no detours. Noah refuses to leave Courtney’s side. Paul relents; he can stay until she’s taken out – then an officer will bring him to the station. Noah’s left to weep over his bride.

Sharon needs Dylan on her side. He is – but there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence against her. Even if she finds this ‘mystery item’, how does she explain Rob’s message? Did a panic attack cause her to go off the road – or was she upset about something else?? Sharon slams out to be with her son.

In an interrogation room, Paul questions the kids one by one; Summer denies knowing about the affair until Austin was killed. She thought she may have killed him – but didn’t. Kevin’s next – the cover up was to protect Summer. He explains why he hacked into the computers – to find out why Austin was following Jack. Paul relays a virus wiped out everything on the computers. Kevin then tells Paul about Austin’s documentary. Abby and Ben tell Paul about the warning messages on her phone and at Vikki’s. Ben was sure Paul wouldn’t believe him.

Nick storms in desperate for answers. Getting none, he barges into Paul’s empty office. Sage appears – I’m here for you ~hug~

At the club’s bar, Chelsea confirms that Gabe sent the roses. He hopes he and Sage can have a good relationship, like her and Billy. I’m on to you – and your plan to get close to me (she lists the ‘red flags’) Adam claims Sage is spreading lies because she’s having an affair. Chelsea then asks Gabe if he knew her dead husband.

Adam owes Chelsea the truth – he does want a relationship with the woman he loves. Sage doesn’t want that to happen – it’s all about the money., he claims. Adam goes back to first meeting Chelsea – then seeing her with Connor. It’s when I knew. Knew what? It was you the whole time – the woman I’ve been searching for. Yes, she was ‘taken’, but not by Billy – you’re still in love with your husband. So, Gabe researched Adam Newman; to be the kind of man she could love beyond death. You never met him? Chelsea asks. Gabe sees Adam every time he looks into her eyes.

At the station, Sharon snaps at Nick, then Sage (when she offers condolensces) This is a family matter! Nick just wants to help get Noah through this – and find out who killed his fiance.

Paul now grills Kyle – who was going to the cabin to tell Summer that Austin was cheating. He didn’t like the guy – but didn’t kill him. When Paul wonders why Austin was following Jack, Kyle points him Sharon’s way – she had motive. Mariah’s next – to defend Sharon – and point him towards ‘the Mustache and his son’- they had a lot to lose if Sharon’s story came out.

Sharon hugs Noah – is there anything we can do? She and Nick won’t let Paul question Noah (then argue about who’s taking him home) Noah can speak for himself – what does Paul want to know?

Armed with a flashlight, Dylan searches the woods – flashing back to telling Sharon it’s a needle in a haystack that might not even exist.

His turn in the hot seat, Noah reminds Paul that his Dad was under a pile of rubble – and his Mom didn’t do it. Maybe it’s YOUR son. Huh? Yup. Dylan knew, and instead of going to you, he told us to leave it alone – he’d handle it.

In Paul’s office, Sharon tells Sage that she and Nick are taking Noah home (you’re using this opportunity to comfort him) I should go, Sage says. No, Nick appears to say he wants her there. Sharon’s not impressed.

As Ben reassures Abby, Paul comes out (with Noah) They can all go. Let the murderer continue to think the police don’t know anything (and that Courtney’s murder isn’t connected to Austins’) Keep quiet – or one of you could be next.

Back at the club, Chelsea scolds Gabe for not being honest. She’s furious – you made me question my feelings for Billy. No – the doubt was already there, he knows she could love him more than Billy (like she did Adam). He feels they’re both trapped in the wrong relationship. Stay away from me, Chelsea leaves in tears (running past Abby and Ben) Abby can’t relax with a killer on the loose. Ben vows to protect her.

Noah assures Summer that he’s OK ~hug~ After she leaves, Kevin and Mariah say a few kind, parting words ~hug~ Noah’s left to mope over ‘C. Sloane’ on the employee board. And as Sharon watches as Noah sobs in his Dad’s arms, Paul watches Sharon.

Dylan combs the ground and with a towel picks up what might be a crowbar. He gets a call from Paul – come to the station. I think you know what it’s about; Austin Travers’ murder.

Next: Noah implores; please tell me that you didn’t have anything to do with Courtney’s death. Sharon covers her mouth in shock … Paul’s not happy with Dylan – let me give you a piece of free advice, back off …. What Abbott secret am I hiding? Ashley asks. The one about you not truly BEING an Abbott, Jack reminds.

My Thoughts: Can the handling of this murder be any more botched? How incompetent Paul must feel. Why wasn’t CSI scrouring the murder scene for evidence? As devastated as Noah is, he shouldn’t be shedding and leaking his DNA all over the victim. And it makes no sense that the kids are so terrified that someone’s watching them – yet Paul thinks the murderer won’t notice them all infesting the station en mass? After such a traumatic day, is it wise to send the kids off driving their own cars? (giving them time to concoct more lies) Why isn’t Fen being summoned immediately – will he be let off the hook for drugging 6+ people? Will Paul tattle to Mike like he did when Kevin was caught hacking into the computers? Will we finally catch a glimpse of Mike and Lauren – and will this elongated Scooby Doo episode overshaddow their non existent cancer storyline? The GCPD has no automated back up of all it’s files and surveillance tapes? …. Sharon’s jealousy was nauseating – but worse, why and how does Sage manage to appear whenever Nick breaks a shoelace? Does she have a police scanner? If Nick wants your support, let him call you for it. Not being invited to the wedding should be a tip off that Sage has no place in the family (yet) … I’ll just predict right now that Ben and Abby will go upstairs to comfort one another. Vikki and the rest of Noah’s extended family will learn about Courtney’s death some day soon I suppose (maybe Sage can fill them in or they can read about it on GC Buzzs) … Of course Dylan was able to find the ‘needle in a haystack’ – despite no one finding it when the kids were looking for Austin. Hard to believe forensics weren’t able to tell that Austin was hit in the head with a crowbar vs a car accident. And what is Courtney’s cause of death?? She showed no signs of trauma – in fact she doesn’t look ‘cold as ice’ at all – it appears she’s taking a nap (without even messing up her hair) I have a feeling the fingerprints Paul refused to look at (when Nikki brought them to him) will prove to be a costly mistake. Also, does it matter that Nick was ‘under a pile of rubble’? I wouldn’t imagine alibi’s matter as much when you have millions. Why get your hands dirty when you can hire someone to do it for you (not that I think that’s the case)