Wednesday, April 8th

Having slept on Summer’s sofa, Phyllis refuses to go off and get married. Be happy – starting today, Summer insists. I have plenty of people to count on. Knock knock. Like this guy. She hugs Nick.

Jack’s summoned Kyle to the mansion to ask about his plans for the future. You could do great things at Jabot. What’s the rush? Kyle wonders. Our family, our company is being threatened.

At the ranch, Leslie chats to Nikki. How did Neil react when he realized you were taking him to an AA meeting? (he was angry) When Neil lashed out, how did you react? Not another word, Victor shuts ‘sweetheart’ up.

Yes, the penthouse is ready to move back into – these tarps and the ladder? Just props – Gabe delayed us moving back in. Why? Anita wonders. He has feelings for me, Chelsea confesses. And he’s gotten under your skin, Anita can see.

Mr Tipton finds Sage and Adam fighting at the club – when will you two admit this marriage is a scam?! No worries. Adam claims they’re moving back into the condo today. No! Sage is moving to her own place and filing for divorce! After a private word with hubby, Sage adds that the marriage is a sham – this man doesn’t deserve the inheritence! After Tipton goes to draw up termination papers, Adam grabs Sage’s arm – not so fast…

Nick updates Summer; the press is hounding Noah and the family. Summer’s afraid to turn her phone on – and talks about how beautiful Courtney looks. She’s very grateful for Kyle’s support.

Phyllis comes home to tell Kyle and Jack that Sumer has one request – don’t cancel our wedding plans. Kyle’s eager to escape to Summer’s but Jack talks about rallying the family against Victor. When Kyle couldn’t care less, Jack asks him to step up – by representing the family tonight at a charity benefit. Fine – wouldn’t want to embarass the Great Jack Abbott, Kyle mutters as he storms out.

On the patio, Devon insists on going to the prosecutor to make sure he knows the truth. Neil doesn’t want his help – Chris’ team is gunnin’ for him and nothing will change their minds. Devon joins Hilary inside – he wants her to come meet the ADA – to explain that THEY caused Neil to drink. Not caring about protecting Neil or her divorce settlement, Hilary’s sure Neil’s hotshot lawyer will get him off.

Back at the ranch, Nikki wants to help Neil (and wishes Victor wouldn’t meddle) Victor knows Leslie’s trying to make Nikki look bad. After Leslie leaves, Victor warns a defiant Nikki – that woman is not your friend.

Nick’s never been more proud of Supergirl (who knows she’ll get through this with the support of her family and friends, especially Kyle) ~hug~ On cue, Kyle arrives. After a few polite words, Nick leaves Kyle to gripe about his Dad ordering him to attend a boring charity thing. Summer offers to go with him.

Jack mopes about his talk with Kyle. He needs to keep him on the right path. Phyllis knows you can’t make your kids choices. As for Billy’s mistakes – he’s turned his life around, she points out. Suspecting he’s got a battle ahead, Jack hopes Billy doesn’t slip back into bad habits.

At the penthouse, Chelsea insists she loves Billy – she’s not interested in anyone else. Anita read this Gabe guy inherited a lot of money. He’s married – and he lied to me, Chelsea again expresses her love for Billy. In fact, she now wants to get married right away.

The Binghams’ are bickering – Adam NEEDS Gabe’s money! Work for it – you didn’t deserve it! Sage snarls back. Go to hell! he barks and orders a big Scotch. You’ll be just fine, Sage continues – free of your ball and chain – to pursue Chelsea – unless you’ve lost her too.

Victor’s looking out for Nikki’s best interests. We should be grateful to Neil – now they’re attacking him instead of me, Nikki says. He’s a good, honest man – but don’t trust his attorney, Vicotr warns. But Leslie needs to know the truth. No! Lawyers just want to get paid and win the case, Victor snaps.

Hilary eavesdrops on the patio – as Devon tells Winston how evil Neil’s wife is. He’s been living in his own personal hell – please take these extenuating circumstances into account. He doesn’t deserve to go to prison. Winston is looking for justice for the parents of the dead baby, and will be looking for the maximim sentence. Defeated, Devon leaves – and Hilary calls Winston – about their date tonight…. she wants to move it to her suite.

At the club, Nick warns Sage that he had it out with Gabe – he might take it out on you. I’ve moved out, she updates – ended this farce of a marriage. Nick’s happy – what made you go for it? You, Sage smiles.

Anita answers the door – YOU’RE Gabe!? What were you thinking? Making a play for my daughter? She’s in love with another man. Yes – she’s in love with Adam Newman and Billy’s hung up on his ex. Yes, ‘Gabe’ WOULD be a better match for Chelsea. He can offer everything Adam did – and would do everything to win her back. Chelsea returns – what are you doing here? I told you to stay away from me.

Nikki can look out for Neil AND handle Leslie. VICTOR should be the one telling the truth. He doesn’t want to fight anymore. Nikki either – we need to attend that fundraiser. No tension with the Abbott’s. Victor promises to be on his best behaviour ~hug~

Jack must be ready for Vicor – and once he’s vanquished; some fun with Phyllis. Once this crisisis over, he and his bride will travel. Billy and Ashley can cover – but he wants Kyle to take over Jabot one day. Phyllis preaches – give him time to adjust. Jack wants the company to mean as much to Kyle as it does to him.

Summer wants to attend the fundraiser; her Aunt’s receiving an award. OK, Kyle will pick her up later.

After Anita leaves, Chelsea doesn’t need to hear anymore. You told me everything I needed to know. I didn’t tell you everything, Adma claims.

At the clubs’s bar, Sage relays Tipton’s visit – it all happened so fast. Now she’s got a suite upstairs. Nick’s proud of her. Sage is too. Gabe is her past. There’s no more obstacles – Sage can live the life she wants to. Is she ready to move on? Yes – she’s never been so sure of anything.

Adam tells Chelsea that the farce of a wedding – the inheritance – it’s over. And where’s Billy? Chelsea wishes he was here – especially today. What’s wrong? You don’t get to be part of my life anymore, Chelsea weeps.

Hilary massages Winston – let’s take your mind off all that. She loosens his tie, unbuttons his shirt.

At the club, Nikki lectures Neil (who’s still drinking) I’m trying to help you – working with YOUR lawyer – trying to keep Victor out of it. Do you like the man you see in the mirror? It’s a pathetic self destrcutive guy – you gonna drink into oblivion until you go to prison? Be the man you once were. Nikki clip clops away – leaving Neil to think.

At the relvolving door, Devon updates Neil that Winston’s coming at him full force – how about money to set up a new life? No – Neil won’t run. He’ll fight – like a man.

In bed (with Hilary) Winston gets a call from Leslie – is there an offer on the table she can give her client? Nope – his client wants Neil to do time – it would have to be something extraordinary to accept a plea.

At the apartment, Kyle’s dazzled by Summer all dressed up; elegant, daring – beautiful – you.

Jack ends a call – the pilot will drop him and Phyllis off at the Islands right after tonight’s benefit ~kiss~

Victor’s also on the phone – the Abbott’s are closing ranks – they do that when under threat. Victor will blow the hierchy to smithereens – then you and I will be at the top.

Sage and Nick are in her suite – clothes off – they kiss their way to the bed. Now in a tangle of sheets, they roll around.

Gabe understands why Chelsea’s mad at him- but whatever’s going on – you don’t have to do this alone. Chelsea confides – she was on the phone with Connor’s doctor – he had bad news…..

Next: Am I a suspect? Sharon asks Paul … Jack asks Nikki – what is your husband up to this time? … Joe’s at the podium; it’s my great honour to present the first ever Better Days Award; Bailey Avery Clark (all applaud as she steps up)

My Thoughts: How was the couch? Summer asks her Mom. The condo has only one bedroom? Not even an office or den for a guest? …. Silly Jack – Kyle doesn’t have aptitude – he has attitude; big difference …. Leslie should have known Victor would be overseeing her interviewing Nikki – and should have arranged to meet her elsewhere – like at her law office (if she has one) …Mr Tipton’s not convinced that Sage and Gabe are married because they’re fighting? Guess he doesn’t know much about marriage GC-style … I have a feeling Kyle’s not the dutiful Abbott son Jack’s hoping for … This charity benefit honouring Avery sure was thrown together quickly – and all without the club’s event planner Kelly…. Jack shouldn’t be bringing up Billy’s old habits – when he too has addiction in his recent history.