Thursday, April 9th

At home, a nervous Sharon calls Dylan – someone’s outside! Dylan will be right there. Updating Avery, he’ll meet her at the club for the benefit. Avery’s seen this before – Sharon’s a bottomless pit of need. Tests on the tire iron could come back any minute. Can’t Sharon call someone else? Avery wants to walk into that event with Dylan. Is there a problem? Joe appears at the office.

Pimping her Brash n Sassy display, Vikki tells the Ashby’s that NE is thrilled to be a sponsor. Lily mentions Jabot’s Hex – such a sultry name. Vikki’s reaction makes Cane think Victor’s feeling threatened. On cue, Victor appears – nonsense, he’s glad the Abbott’s have a win for once; the last one in a long, long while.

Ashley leaves for the benefit. Phyllis and Jack are eager to get it over with – so they can jet off and get married. Jack gets a call; hello? Hello?

Fussing with the stroller, Chelsea needs to get to the doctor – It’s about Connor’s eyes. I can manage. It has nothing to do with you. Yes, it does, Adam disagrees.

Adam pressures Chelsea for answers – conjunctivitis could lead to a corneal infection. Connor’s body might be rejecting the tissue. My best friend’s daughter gave us this beautiful gift ….. I’m driving you to the hospital, Adam takes charge.

At the club, Vikki and her folks toast to Victor being the master of the universe. Brash n Sassy is supporting a good cause. Nikki makes snide remarks. After what Nikki’s father did to her and Casey, the charity means a lot to Victor. (important to Victor because Nikki’s Father was abusive) He then wags his finger about Leslie railroading her to defend Neil. But a compliment gets Nikki smiling again.

Summer and Kyle are pleased there’s no press at the club. She needed to get her mind off Courtney and Austin’s death. Let’s just have a fun night. Summer hugs her grandparents. And when Vikki brings up the case, Kyle whisks Summer off for a drink. We can’t talk – or ‘we’re next’.

At the law office, Dylan says he’ll be a little late – I’ll be there when Avery needs me. Joe balks – how about when she WANTS you (or is it all about being ‘needed’?) After Dylan leaves, Avery rejects Joe’s offer to escort her.

Whoa – hold on! A cowering Paul asks Sharon to put the poker down. You always walk around with a weapon? Told that Noah’s home; grieving, Paul has a lot of questions – Courtney was one of his own. The killer will pay. Paul won’t be rushed out. In fact, he’d like coffee.

Phyllis and Ashley are proud of Summer for coming out tonight. Kyle cuts Jack off – we’re not discussing the investigation tonight. Victor then squares off with Ashley and Jack. He’s then left to ask Nikki what her husband’s up to this time. None of us will know until it’s too late to do anything about it, Nikki sniffs.

When Mike and Lauren arrive, Cane goes to fetch her a drink – and later, has a business proposal. You look pale, Lauren fusses. Mike’s fine – he can make small talk until Avery gets her reward. But after sending Lauren off to find Cane, he looks ill.

Paul asks about Sharon being with Dylan on Valentine’s Day – and the day Courtney was killed. Sharon knows he suspects her – but the interview had nothing to do with Austin and Courtney. Yes, she wanted to erase the interview. Nick can be spiteful – that doesn’t mean I killed anyone. Whoa – what’s going on? Dylan enters.

Avery’s a superhero amongst us. She works wonders; finding hope where there was once only darkness. The first ever Better Days award goes to Bailey Avery Clark. All applaud as she joins Joe at the podium.

At GCM, the doctor wants to take Connor in – alone. But he usually sits in my lap, Chelsea bleats. Adam threatens to call the Chief of Staff and every board member. Thank you, Chelsea bleats as she follows the doctor and Connor in for examination.

Avery talks to the crowd about abused women; and a young boy who didn’t grow up to be a statistic – he knows all children are good enough. I’m honoured to know that man – and be part of this foundation. All applaud – as Avery beams at Joe.

Dylan confirms that Sharon was with him at the time both murders were committed. Paul hints that he’s not buyin’ it – and leaves Sharon to panic. We weren’t together at the actual TIME Austin was murdered. Dylan calms her down – we bought time to find out who the killer is.

Kyle’s ducking out now. But Jack wants him to shake hands and schmooze – it’s his responsibility. No, Kyle’s responsibility is to get Summer home safely. Have a great night. Jack’s left to get another crank phone call.

Ashley accosts Victor – you think if you make nice with Jack some of Jabot’s good luck will rub off on you? Victor credits Ashley with Jabot’s success; has Jack made you CEO yet? No, because he wants Kyle in that spot. Jabot is an Abbott business – and you’re not really an Abbott are you?

Ashely’s an Abbott in every way that matters? Are you going to expose me? Or try luring me over to NE? Jack appears to remind – this is a charity event. Victor again offers to buy Jabot. Rejected, Victor leaves saying Jack always makes bad business decisions.

After the examination,Chelsea thanks Gabe for bossing the doctor – it’s like he was channeling Adam. And how did he know about the transplant? It’s freaky you know so much about my life – but Chelsea will choose to be grateful. The doctor comes out to update that all’s good. He’s gonna be OK, Chelsea hugs Adam.

Cane finds Lauren at the bar, he’d like to join her team at Fenmore’s – being second to Jill at CI is frustrating – and he imagines Lauren’s open to new ideas and strategies. Mike’s all for Cane coming onboard. He and Lauren toast to new horizons. Joe interrupts – seen Avery? I’ve got great news.

Avery gets a call – the lab results are in. She immediately calls Dylan – never mind the benefit – the results are being delivered to the law office. Check my desk. Hanging up, Dylan tells Sharon – this is what we’ve been waiting for.

Joining Avery at the bottom of the stairs – he’s got amazing news. The Bingham attorney just called – Gabe’s getting a divorce – the whole estate goes to Better Days. Avery gives him a hug – that’s incredible. Let’s go up and have a drink.

Mike watches Cane and Lauren talking business. He has to leave to see a new client. Can Cane take Lauren home? Of course.

Jack tells Phyllis that Kyle took Summer home. He wishes he were more attentive to business. Who cares? – we’re off to a tropical island to get married. Jack’s annoyed with a crank call; hello?? – that’s three today.

Victor sends Nikki and Vikki to summon the driver – her forgot something at the bar.

On the balcony, Joe and Avery admire the view. To Constance. To the first recipient of the Better Days Foundation, they clink glasses. And then Joe kisses her. And Avery responds.

Back at the penthouse, Connor’s asleep. Chelsea thanks Adam. You really do care about him – I know that’s real. They seem about to kiss when Billy calls. Chelsea updates – Connor will be OK. Adam slips out.

Ashley and Phyllis joke about Jack’s ‘pocket call’s – or is it Victor? Go get married, Ashley will hold down the fort. When Jack gets back, they’ll talk about her CEO job.

Victor’s on the phone – have you been calling Jack Abbott? Stop it. Or I’ll end it before it starts.

At home, Summer shows Kyle photos of Courtney. I’m sorry. They don’t seem like brother and sister now ~kiss~

Dylan’s brought Sharon to Avery’s office. What do the results say? she’s anxious. Austin’s blood – and your finger prints. Uh oh.

Avery backs away – this isn’t happening. Joe says Dylan wants to rescue someone – and you’re rescuing me. We owe it to ourselves to make it work ~kiss~ I can’t do this, Avery finally gives him a shove – OVER the balcony. Joe!!! Joe!!!! she looks down in horror.

Next: If you don’t believe me, go ahead and call the police right now, Sharon tells Dylan … I’m glad you’re here. I just couldn’t do this by myself, Noah walks in. He doesn’t notice that Summer’s wearing a man’s dress shirt – but he does notice Kyle’s there in his underwear … Avery runs down the stairs – please let him be alive. Call an ambulance – get help, she barks at Lily.

My Thoughts; Coincidence that Victor tightened his grip on Nikki as Avery spoke of women trained by abuse and threats? I think not. Victor may not physically abuse Nikki, but he’s been emotionally abusing her for decades. I don’t think there’s many fans left still clinging to the Newman’s as a ‘supercouple’. In fact, it’s hard to see Victor as anything but a full blown villain; there are no endearing/redeeming qualities left. Going after Jack, meddling in Phyllis’ care, gaslighting Sharon – no rational person can relate this to Victor protecting his family. If nothing else, conspiring in a confessional is blatant bad-guy behavior …. Oh really? Lily’s kicking you out is she Joe? Odd, because the other guests are all still milling about. Why was there no media present at this awards ceremony? How does Avery even qualify for this award? I don’t recall her ever representing an abused woman. If anything, she’s represented abusive men (Gus wasn’t guilty of murder – but he was no prize either) … All this drama over pink eye? I hope Chelsea thinks to warn Vikki to keep an eye (so to speak) on Katie and Johnny. Where IS Billy anyway? I’m sure if he knew Gabe was stepping in, he’d drop everything to drive Chelsea….. Is Cane really pitching himself for a job that’s not even open? Has Jill officially stepped down from the ‘family’ company she forced her way in to? Is MIke really trying to push his wife into an affair with Cane? His vow to do ‘anything’ to make Lauren happy means to hell with everyone else – like Lily and her kids? How selfish… The Baldwin’s aren’t being destroyed by cancer – they’re being destroyed by asinine writing … Avery pushing Joe over the balcony was comical. She might as well run to his bedside – it’s not like Dylan gives a rats ass anyway. There’s no reason Sharon couldn’t have called the guards who’re PAID to patrol the Newman property – she needs to leave Dylan alone. I don’t mind them as a couple – but, for once, can she NOT be a damsel in distress? … Why does Victor have to send the ladies off to physically summon the driver? Can’t he just call or text the chauffeur.