Friday, April 10th

As Cane hovers in the doorway, Lauren races into Mike’s hospital room (where he’s hooked up to an IV) Mike’s not happy that the DR called her – and Lauren’s not happy Mike didn’t tell her he wasn’t feeling well.

This isn’t happening, Avery ends the kiss – Dylan….. Dylan wants to rescue someone – and Joe’s ready to be rescued by Avery. We owe it to ourselves ~kiss~ No! Avery gives Joe a shove – over the balcony. Lily appears to hear that Joe ‘fell’. OMG. They both look down at his motionless body atop a dumpster.

With sex out of the way, Summer now feels safe. You can tell me anything, Kyle cups her face (a smiling photo of Summer and Austin in the background)

Dylan relays the results; your prints – Austin’s blood are on the tire iron. Impossible, Sharon claims. Dylan wants answers. What do you want me to say? That I murdered Austin with that tire iron? Sharon’s near tears.

In Avery’s office, Sharon repeats seeing the driver throw something out the window – she was on Old Post Road. Why would she send Dylan off to find a murder weapon!? Maybe you thought you wiped your prints off? Or somebody’s setting you up? Dylan’s only asking questions the police will ask of Sharon.

As Cane leans in the doorway, Mike tells Lauren that he felt ‘funky’; radiation irritation. Where? Where do you think?! Mikes snaps – I’m FINE! Lauren goes to find the doctor. That leaves Cane to tell Mike he knows there was no client meeting tonight. Well, yes, but Mike didn’t want to end their evening. Is this about me and Lauren? Cane’s puzzled.

Racing down the staircase after Avery, Lily fires questions. Avery blathers – I hope he’s alive – I didn’t mean it. Call an ambulance! Running to Joe (laying peacefully in a dumpster) Avery weeps – What have I done? I’m so sorry.

Avery’s glued to Joe’s gurney – I’m right here. I’m coming with you. But Paul insists on getting her statement – NOW. Let’s go look at the suite upstairs.

Wearing Kyle’s shirt (he’s in his boxer briefs) Summer snuggles in. Kyle delivers a monologue – everything that’s happened has lead to this. So much of Kyle’s life has been doing what other people want. A knock at the door isn’t take out – it’s Noah. I can’t do this by myself (he has Courtney’s bag) Sorry to interrupt, he walks back out. Wait, Summer stops him.

In Joe’s suite, Paul takes notes; so, just the two of you – working together. Avery helped Joe because domestic abuse is important to him. It was a …. ‘labour of love’? Paul raises one eyebrow – and the other when hearing Dylan wasn’t there to see Avery receive her award. Why were you alone in your ex husband’s room? How much did you drink? We weren’t drunk – Joe came on to me, Avery admits. It was unexpected. He got carried away. I shoved him. He tripped – he fell. I didn’t know I pushed him that hard. On the balcony, Paul’s finding the whole story weird.

Sharon knows how this looks – but someone put her fingerprints on that tire iron! Dylan finds her timing convenient (again, just saying what the cops will) It would be seen as a smart move to get the Chief’s son on your side. If this is all a manipulation, and you don’t believe me, call the police, Sharon challenges.

At GCM, Avery peers into Joe’s room – flashing back to him first showing up at her door – arguing – then the apologies etc. Dr Shelby tells Avery that Joe’s being prepped for back surgery. He might not be able to walk?! Avery yelps. Right now we’re just trying to keep him alive. Avery then calls Dylan – Joe fell off he balcony. I pushed him. Dylan’s on his way ~click~ Sharon assumes the call was about her. Nope- Avery needs me. He locks the tire iron away – no one else knows it’s here. Hold it together. Go home and wait. Dylan will be there asap – don’t do anything. As Dylan leads her out, Sharon’s brain is at work.

Cane’s disappointed Mike doesn’t know him better – assuming he wouldn’t want to work with Lauren if she’s too bosessed with Mike’s health. She loves you. Mike loves her too – the cancer won’t run our lives. Cane reminds that Mike stopped his deportation so he could be there during Lily’s battle. Mike doesn’t want Lauren’s life effected by this disease. Lauren arrives to say he’s being released. Told ya so, Mike smiles.

Sharon’s back in Avery’s office – taking a letter opener to the locked drawer. A gloved hand with a cloth suddenly covers her mouth.

Kyle dresses as Noah comes in to say he wanted Summer’s help going through Courtney’s things. But while your BFF is on a slab in the morgue, you’re hooking up. That’s not fair, Summer pales. Noah then lashes out at Kyle – using this to get Summer in bed is low. Have at it – enjoy, he slams out. Kyle’s left to reassure Summer – we have nothing to apologize for ~hug~

Mike released, Lauren and Cane banter – and then bump into Avery; who tells them about Joe’s accident. Lily’s with the police. Cane exits to be with her (which leaves Mike to scold Avery – don’t say a word to anyone – why were you in Joe’s suite? He’s your ex – who’s pursued you relentlessly) When Dylan arrives, Mike tattles that Avery gave a statement to the police. You two need to get on the same page, he warns – then goes to find Lauren.

Noah comes home to find Sharon asleep on the sofa. How did I get here? I was downtown, she awakens in a fog. Noah thinks she’s been drinking. Sharon sees the tire iron on the table – no! No!

Dylan fires questions – and hearing Joe kissed Avery, knows the ‘snake’ was using this charity thing. How can you say that now?! Avery whimpers – he might die. I did this. Joe didn’t deserve this. I need him to be OK. Dylan tells her to get a lawyer. Dr Shelby comes out. Will Joe be alright!? Avery pounces.

Kyle leaves Summer a note – today was beautiful and ours. He picks up and frowns at the framed photo of a smiling Summer and Austin.

Sharon has no idea how she got home – or how the tire iron got here. I would never hurt you or the woman you loved. Noah knows – he just lashed out at Summer too. Sharon needs to know that Noah believes her. I didn’t do it. I saw a car that night – the driver threw something; the murder weapon. They’re trying to frame me. My finger prints are all over it! Summer barges through the door – looking pissed.

It was you! Summer comes in. No! Sharon swears she saw the real killer throw that out his window. Call Dylan – he’ll tell you I’m being set up. No, Summer’s calling the police. Sharon jumps on Summer. Noah pulls her off – we’ll get to the bottom of this, right Mom. Mom? Mom? Sharon’s gone – the door is wide open.

Lauren leads Mike out – he approves of Cane going to work at Fenmore’s. And Jill? Mike’s sure she’ll be thrilled. It’s a win win. Lauren thinks it’ll be good – for both of us.

At the club, Cane tells Lily how he heard about Joe’s accident. He then floats the idea about working with Lauren at Fenmore’s. Lily thinks it a great idea (for their marriage too) but doesn’t look convinced.

At Joe’s bedside, Avery apologizes as she holds his hand – I’ll find a way to make it up to you. Watching through the window, Dylan gets a call – it’s not a good time, he tells Sharon. She’s just calling to say good bye ~click~ Parked at the side of the road, she weeps.

Next: Avery yells – I am not leaving him! If you want him to survive this, get out of the way and let me do my job! Dr Shelby shouts back …. The Minister’s already there, ready to do the honours – whaddaya say? Jack asks. Let’s go get married, Phyllis smiles…. Ashley asks – Did you find out how our server got hacked? Not only how, but by who, Billy replies.

My Thoughts: Wouldn’t this be an ironic twist – l’il Miss Innocence killing Joe. Of course it was an accident – a much less heinous accident than a drunken Neil running Chris over – or Adam running over Delia – perhaps more on par with Sharon ‘pushing’ Phyllis down a flight of stairs. The difference is that Avery stuck around, like Neil/Nikki did – Sharon and Adam; they ran from their ‘accidents’) …. Once again, it’s hard to feel sorry for Sharon. No, she didn’t kill Austin or Courtney – but she’s a compulsive liar who’ll steal anything that might incriminate her – she DID break into Avery’s office to steal – and she DID assault Summer. When will she learn not to grab people’s cell phones from them? It’d be different if Summer was trying to call the cops on Sharon’s land line – but she wasn’t. Sharon’s about as unsympathetic as whomever did murder Austin and Courtney. Perhaps she should call security and see if they caught her return on surveillance tape – or go to GCM to test for any drugs in her body…. If Victor’s the one framing Sharon – messing with her mind again, he should be killed off once and for all. If not, those who enable (forgive and tolerate) him are just as guilty. With Vikki and Nikki at the top of that list, will there be anyone left in GC we can root for? … While I’m glad to see the Baldwin’s onscreen, I’m not thrilled that Mike’s pushing Lauren into Cane’s arms (without any regard for Lily and the twins) It’s incredibly selfish … Oh? In Avery’s flashback she shouts at Joe ‘is that why you came back to GC?’ The problem with that is why would Joe come ‘back’ to a city he never lived in? He didn’t even meet Cane in GC, it was while he was on business in Chicago or NY. Blatant slip up considering how many times Dylan’s huffed ‘n puffed – that Joe’s not from GC (though neither is HE) … Joe and Avery were just admiring the view from his suite – which is odd considering his balcony overlooks the dumpsters .. Noah must have absolutely no peripheral vision. He didn’t notice his Mom running out the door 5 feet away from him? Shouldn’t he be calling the guard house to have them block Sharon? (if for no other reason than she’s in no shape to drive) … Why does Lily think Cane working for Fenmore’s will be good for the marriage? Why does the Ashby marriage need so much help? At least Lily can get a discount on her clothes.