Tuesday, April 14th

Phyllis isn’t happy to awaken alone in bed – it feels like waking up from the coma – like this is all a dream. Jack’s arranged breakfast – and with a kiss, his new wife ‘this is no dream’.

Bound but no longer gagged, Jack shouts; Help!!!! A chipper Kelly appears to say no one can hear him. The last thing Jack remembers is being in a hotel room with Phyllis – what do you want!!? YOU (even though Kelly’s hurt that Jack doesn’t seem thrilled she’s alive)

No comment dammit! ~click~ Vikki finds Nick fielding calls at Underground (still under renovation) With Sharon’s arrest, Nick can’t believe he never knew her at all. Vikki can relate – Billy. He was just using her. Why, she even thought they might …. Might what?

Seated at the club, a frustrated Billy and Ashley are still unable to reach Jack or Phyllis. ‘Gabe’ joins them (much to Billy’s annoyance) Sage then interrupts – with divorce papers. Sign em and we can both get on with our lives.

Vikki admits she and Billy have had a few ‘close moments’ – but escapes when Victor arrives (to express concern over how Nick’s handling Sharon’s arrest)

Thanks, but Nick doesn’t need his Dad’s advice. Victor hopes he won’t run to Sharon’s defense. Faith will be better off. But what to tell her? That she’s going to jail for life. Get your head out of the sand – see people for who they are -not who they pretend to be.

Aside, Adam grumbles about Sage embarrassing him in front of his colleagues. Sign the papers, she repeats (then leaves Adam with them and the pen) At their table, Billy worries Gabe will go after Chelsea if single. Ashley brings it back to Vikki. Ben’s not the roadblock you think he is. On cue, Vikki arrives at the club to gave at Billy.

Kelly loves Jack – and is sure she make him love her again. Jack can’t. Yes, you can – and you will, or. Or what? We don’t have to worry about that – and no, Phyllis won’t be worried – she’s being well taken care of. Jack struggles against his restraints.

fauxJack feeds Phyllis grapes in bed. He’s fulfilling her every desire. But there is one more thing Phyllis wants Jack to give her ~kiss~

The deluded Kelly blames Phyllis – if she hadn’t come back WE would have been married yesterday. You know about the wedding? Of course, Jack realizes – you jumped bail and faked your death. Victor had pictures from the morgue – what does he want!? Let me go. Kelly spikes a drink for the dehydrated Jack.

Victor thinks Nick and Faith should stay away from Sharon. He greets Sage politely on his way out. She has good news – she served Gabe divorce papers. He’ll realize he’s being kept from what he really wants. And what’s that? Real love.

Over Billy’s objections, Ashley decides to speak to Victor (with Gabe, not Billy) They leave him to approach Vikki. No, he’s not going to defend Jack; Billy has his own proof of his guilt.

Jack’s woozy – I have to go. Sleeeeep – dream of how you pursued me, Kelly coos as Jack drifts off – flashing back to meeting Kelly. You wanted me, only meeee, Kelly purrs. Flashback to Jack apologizing for hurting Kelly. I miss her – I miss you. Awww – I won’t leave you, Kelly thinks they can make it this time. Jack now remembers seeing Phyllis in her wedding dress. Till death do us part, he mutters to Kelly – and nods off.

This should be criminal, Jack agrees. No, Phyllis feels bad about leaving Summer. While Jack hits the shower, she’ll check her messages. What the….. Jack?! Billy and Ashley have sent tons of messages – emergency at Jabot. Jack turns her phone off – no interruptions. That’s not like you, Phyllis says.

Billy tells Vikki about the tape he has of Jack sabotaging Jabot’s servers. We can work together and trust one another. Vikki’s sorry she accused him of stealing NE’s codes. She won’t let Victor blur her vision. Good – because Billy needs Vikki NOT to tell her Dad about Jack.

At the mansion, Ashley tells Adam that she doesn’t want Abby caught in the middle. OK – Gabe DOES have an ulterior motive. He lost his inheritance and needs money. You sure it’s not to get closer to Chelsea??? Adam’s saved when Victor arrives. Ashley wants to know if his proof against Jack is concrete – and when will he end this feud with Jack? ‘Business not personal!?’ Adam blows up – it’s always personal with you. Who the hell are you? Victor challenges.

The Jack Phyllis knows wouldn’t ignore work. Jack’s a new man – he’s totally devoted to his wife. No calls from home – and certainly not from work. He then gives Phyllis the first of many gifts – a dress that’s not half as ‘beautiful’ as she is. Phyllis giggles – fairy tale endings don’t happen to me. It’s no fairytale = and Jack’s sure Ashley and Billy can handle Jabot.

Billy and Vikki debate whether she should keep this info from Victor – this feud will effect our kids. Please don’t tell him. Jack’s done no worse than what Victor’s done; stock manipulation, bribing retailers. Vikki agrees – neither’s a saint. Billy wants their families to have a relationship built on respect and love. Vikki likes that.

Adam scoffs – what? No one calls out TGVN? He then mentions Victor’s son – not Nick – your deceased son who teamed up with Jack. Gabe won’t let Victor destroy his friend Jack. Victor tells the impertinent young man that Jack doesn’t have a decent bone in his body – and Adam got what he deserved. Victor can now raise Adam’s son to be a man his Father never was. Ashley steps in the middle and asks Gabe to leave. Now alone, Ashley tells Victor that ‘Gabe’s’ right – you have it in for Jack. Can you at least wait until he’s back from his honeymoon to make your next move?

Sage updates Nick that Constance’s will is now in probate. She has no money, job and place to live. But no, she has no regrets – she’s happy. Nick too. He’s not worried about Sharon – but needs to get Underground up and running again. When Sage has an idea to promote the club at an upcoming street fair, Nick has a solution to both their problems.

Sage finally agrees to manage Nick’s nightclub – but – they shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Uh oh – Nick’s not happy.

OK, Vikki won’t tell Victor that Jack hacked Jabot’s computers – for now. Good – Billy wants this feud to die. We can make things better for us and our kids. Adam walks over to the bar – adorable. His problem? How Billy treats Chelsea. HE was with her during Connor’s eye crisis – because Billy wasn’t around.

You drugged my drink – just like you did at the club, Jack can help Kelly – untie me. Kelly’s made his favourite breakfast – the one she used to serve him in bed – remember? And she’ll feed it to Jack just as soon as he says ‘I love you’.

Couples can work together, Nick rhymes off Beyonce and Jay Z, Bill and Hilary. OK, but it’s strictly business when Sage is at the club. Nick easily talks her out of that one too (as they make out on the couch)

Phyllis appears in her new dress. Absolutely stunning, Jack dances her around to music in his head. Phyllis is enjoying the attention.

Ashley will call Victor when Jack returns – so he can confront him personally. Victor will give her 24 hours – then he goes to the authorities.

Jack loves Phyllis. Kelly slaps him – don’t you EVER say that name again!!! She marches out of the shack in a huff.

Billy can only imagine how Gabe was there for Chelsea when she got that call. If you were there, you’d KNOW, Adam snarls. Billy was out of town – you manipulated it – something Chelsea’s ex used to do. You’re just like that piece of…. Vikki screeches as they both start swinging.

Next: The best thing I can do is stay away from that case for as long as possible. Or stay by Joe’s bedside, Dylan adds …. Based on the accused’s history, the State requests bail be denied and the accused be remanded into custody. Sharon looks insane … At the club’s bar, Chelsea watches Vikki and Billy kissing.

My Thoughts: I’m not sure which is funnier – Nick likening him and Sage to Beyonce and Jay Z or Bill and Hilary … Oh poor Phyllis – can’t wake up in a bed alone. Is Jack supposed to just lay there until she’s ready every morning? … Kelly might as well be a different person too. I’ve never cared for the character – but are we expected to believe that a woman who survived losing her son, who ran the GCAC, is sent completely over the edge over Jack? She barely reacted when Billy dumped her. Now, she’s just as loony as Patty was. And are we expected to forget that Phyllis was also showing signs of instability? Side effects of the coma juice? A few months ago she was grinning at herself in the mirror like a psycho wearing a blond wig. And wouldn’t it be one more thing we can blame on Victor when it all comes out. When this does all fall apart, how will anyone forgive Victor? This can’t even remotely be connected to protecting his family. And there’d be a lot of charges…Whose ashes is Ben going to pick up? …If Victor’s gone to as much trouble as Ashley (correctly) thinks, why would she think he’d wait until Jack returns to pull his next move? Because he ‘respects’ her so much? … A Newman getting arrested for murder is ‘big news’? Nick says with a straight face. It happens all. the. time. And if it’s already in the papers, how does Nick plan to keep it from Faith? … Sage clearly has no idea who she’s dealing with. She should have gestured Adam aside – not served divorce papers in front of his bosses …. Why would Ashley be so blase about Ben having feelings for Abby?