Monday, April 13th

Avery’s practically in Joe’s hospital bed, clutching his hand – I’ll make this up to you. Watching – Dylan tries to put off Sharon’s call – but is alarmed that she only called to say good bye. At the side of the road Sharon weeps – and tries to start her car.

Sharon’s gone and so is her car. Great, a killer’s on the loose, Summer scowls. Noah defends his Mom – she didn’t attack Summer – it was an ‘accident’. She felt cornered. I’m the only friend she had in the world, Noah whines.

At GCM, Paul catches Dylan trying to reach Sharon. Aren’t you supposed to be supporting Avery?

I never meant to hurt you – Avery wishes she could do things over – she’d do so many things differently. When the monitor starts beeping, Avery panics; Joe! Joe!

Jack and Phyllis are impressed with St Bart’s – and that no one can stop them from marrying. Jack turns both cell phones off – no one will interrupt us ~hug~

Jack? Are you here?! Billy barges into the mansion. Ashley updates that he and Phyllis are off getting married. Billy’s just come from Chicago – where Jabot’s data files are stored. Yes, he knows how the servers were hacked – and by who!

At the club, Vikki ends a call with Ben. Joined by Victor, she wastes no time showing him footage their PI got from surveillance footage where NE’s files are stored. I’ll be damned, Victor chuckles as he watches Jack sneak into the room.

How’d he get the code? Victor wonders if someone stole it from Vikki’s phone – someone like oh I dunno ….Billy.

This doesn’t make any sense – why would Jack sabotage his own company? The footage is time stamped, Billy shows Ashley the video. Once again, Jack sneaks into a locked room – and out at 11:27. But why!? Ashley is stumped.

Jack zips up the bride’s dress – and insists she turn around. Wow! Now it’s off to the beach – whaddaya say? Let’s go get married, Phyllis follows him out. But wait – is that someone lurking outside the shuttered windows? Why yes, it is.

Noah and Summer continue to argue about Sharon’s story. Face it! The proof is right there in that plastic bag. Are you gonna call the police or will I???

Sharon cries in her car – I can’t stay here all night. She flags a passing car down – help. Thank you – you’re a life saver. Going somewhere Sharon? she looks terrified – and Kyle looks terrifying.

Avery nips at Dr Shelby’s heels as he tends to Joe. Help him! Is he having a heart attack!? I’m NOT leaving. Dr S barks at Avery – if you want him to survive this, get out my way and let me do my job!

In the hallway, Paul questions Dylan on why he’s so focused on Sharon – what are you protecting her from? He’s at GCM following up on Joe Clark’s ‘alleged’ accident. Alleged?? Dylan does his duh face. Avery comes out to sob/leap into Dylan’s arms – if he doesn’t make it? what have I done!!?? Paul’s attention is diverted when Noah calls – his Mom’s taken off. Some incriminating things came up. Seconds after the call ends, Kyle walks Sharon into her place – found her on Route 7. Are you trying to leave town? Noah has to ask. Yes. That’s what a guilty person would do, Summer sneers.

Jack and Phyllis run back into their suite (no tropical storm won’t delay their nuptials – here’s the Reverend at the door.

Unable to reach Jack or Phyllis, Ashley and Billy will keep this to themselves. But here’s Victor and Vikki – with their proof that Jack committed cyber theft – but you knew that didn’t you?

Yes – the Swedish Minister knows the wedding vows – like the back of his foot. Phyllis and ‘Yak’ then exchange vows and rings.

Dr Shelby tells Avery that Joe had a reaction to anesthesia – he’s OK now. Yes, you can see him. Giving Dylan a quick kiss, Avery returns to Joe’s bedside.

Smiling weakly, Joe remembers – we kissed. Avery relays the fall. It was all my fault. I told Paul that – it was an accident. Joe lost his footing- won’t let Avery take the fall (no pun intended)

Paul and Dylan arrive at Sharon’s. She only wanted to give the police time to catch the real killer. Kyle and Summer ain’t buyin’ it – she came back to bury the evidence. Here’s the murder weapon. Paul’s not happy to hear that Dylan had Avery test the tire iron. Sharon can only hope he believes her.

And how did Jack get through NE’s security? Vikki has that answer – Billy got the codes from her phone while visiting the kids. No, it wasn’t Ben – it’s OUR wedding date!

While Phyllis was in the bath, Jack’s been busy – champagne and food under domes. He doesn’t get her joke about the Swedish minister – and eyeballing what’s beneath the robe, it’s time for sex; aggressive sex.

Victor’s off – he’ll be handing the video proof over to the authorities – have a nice evening. At the door, Ashley knows Victor’s involved somehow. Is it MY face on that tape? Or Jack’s? Have a nice evening. Vikki stays long enough to tell Billy how hurt she that their talk about trust was a lie.

As Dr Shelby examines Joe, he looks concerned. They’ll do more tests after the swelling goes down. Now alone, Joe tells Avery he can’t feel his legs. Is it true? Am I paralyzed?

Sharon denies she’d ever kill someone – it’s no in her. Start talking or Paul will arrest her and Dylan right now!

Avery’s not qualified to answer – more tests need to be done. But yes, she asked if it was permanent. It’s possible. Joe WILL walk out of this hospital – you’ll see.

If My Mom was guilty, why lead us to the murder weapon if it has ….. Has what? My fingerprints, Sharon admits. Paul’s further annoyed to find Dylan had Avery test the tire iron. Anything else that inadmissible? Yes – Austin’s blood. Paul rants about chain of evidence. He’d like to arrest them all – but it’s Sharon he’s taking.

Ashley and Billy fret over Jack being up to his eyeballs in this. We’ll need to do damage control once this gets out. How did Jack get the code? Billy has no idea – but since Vikki suspects HIM, how well does he know HER?

At the club’s bar, Vikki wonders why Jack would risk everything to access NE’s files (when Jabot’s doing so well) He hates me – hates my company, Victor says. Vikki can’t help but think there’s more to the story.

In bed, the newlyweds toast one another – and to Sweden. Again, Jack looks briefly puzzled. In Jack’s arms, Phyllis feels strange – not like herself. It doesn’t feel real. Everything’s perfect.

Oh look – there’s the real Jack – gagged and tied to a bed. Hello Jack, Kelly sounds and looks completely delusional.

Next: Those are divorce papers. If you could just sign them we can both get on with our lives, Sage interrupts Adam as he’s at the club with Ashley and Billy … Do you think I would have removed the gag if anybody could hear you? Kelly tells Jack …. Phyllis chuckles – fairytale ending don’t happen for me like this. This isn’t a fairytale, Jack replies.

My Thoughts: Ugh. None today. I had everything typed out and my power went pftttt so I had to re-watch and retype it all. It was bad enough watching it once. Gahhhhhhhh.