Wednesday, April 22nd

Being with Ben was amazing – several times – but is it right? Apparently yes. Off comes the robe as Abby’s pulled back into his bed.

It’s your Mother! Ashley leaves yet another message – get to the lab ASAP. Yack shows up sporting suit and purple tie, to announce that Victor and Vikki will be dropping by again – we’re one big happy family now. You’re either with me or against me. If you don’t like it, quit. Victor appears (with Vikki) We don’t want to lose the talented Ashley (who glares at him)

Match Made In Heaven? (or somewhere else?) is the online headline Billy can’t quite believe – alien impostors have taken over Jack. It’s not about losing Jabot, it’s about my brother losing his soul, he tells Chelsea.

Kyle joins Phyllis at the club (she too looking at the photo of Jack and Victor) Has Dad gone over the edge? Phyllis tattles that Jack’s drinking – and calmly playing it off. That’s NOT Dad, Kyle worries.

Chelsea takes the tablet away – Billy’s cut off. OK – but he can’t turn his back on Jabot. And where’s Gabe (Jack’s protector/Victor’s enemy)? Did Chelsea reject him one too many times? *gulp*

Phyllis relays the encounter – it’s Jack; my husband, your Father, explaining it was a one time drink – to celebrate the merger. Does he have an end game? Kyle wonders. Phyllis was asked to trust Jack, so will do so. Now it’s your turn to trust your Father.

In the lab, Victor reassures Ashley that they’ll do whatever necessary to make her comfortable. The Newman’s behind her desk, Ashley doesn’t much like the new Newman-Abbott logo. Our Father would be horrified (Yack couldn’t care less) Ashley can put her issues with Vikki aside – to work together. Oh, but you won’t be working with Vikki – you’ll be working FOR her, Victor smirks (as does Vikki)

Dad would never let Victor have Jabot, Kyle’s sure. Phyllis asks him to trust his Dad – and her. The drink was a one time thing. Jack will be pissed off if the family doesn’t trust his vision.

Chelsea has no idea why Gabe took off (then easily steers Billy back to Jack going rogue) He’s off to circle the wagons. Love you. Love you too. Chelsea’s left to leave yet another message for Gabe – if you care about the company come home. We need you… I mean, the company needs you. Come home. Who was that? Gloria somehow appears inside the penthouse.

In bed, Abby and Ben discuss how much they disliked one another at first ~kiss~ But wait – Abby wants to talk about Vikki. It was a mutual parting, Ben claims. Abby pushing him off her again – we have to go to work. Oh look – both have messages.

Vikki will be Chief Operating Officer. Congratulations, Ashley manages – then is told she’ll be reporting to her, not Yack (who claims it’s a lateral move) Ashley gripes – she was supposed to be made co-CEO. This is just like when Victor moved Adam’s office to the men’s room. Not quite, Victor wants them to be efficient (which Vikki suggests will be better accomplished if Ashley stays in the lab – not a leadership role)

Chelsea puts her con skills to work – she was leaving a message for Billy. Gloria whines about Jeff spending all his time at the yacht club – and her dearly departed John’s company being sold to the devil by Jack. Merger? Ha! Jabot’s kaput – and we will be too. Gloria also reminds Chelsea that she has history with Vikki – be careful or you’ll be out on the streets.

Ashley won’t quit – no matter how insulted she is – she’ll fight for her Father’s legacy. Victor’s happy to hear it (then is lead off by Yack for a tour) Yack wishes he’d just let Ashley quit – she doesn’t like me. She thinks her brother’s nuts, Victor warns him – act like an adult (Yack boasts that Phyllis is a TIGER)

Back in the office, Vikki decides she’s take over Ashley’s office – you can move into the lab. Is that a problem. No – Ashley can make that work.

Your behavior’s a little coo coo, Victor warns – and insists Yack doesn’t have lunch alone with Phyllis. I call the shots here! Arriving, Abby and Ben are surprised by a friendly Jack and Victor heading off on their tour – AND their new boss following Ashley out of the office (Vikki does NOT look pleased)

Billy arrives at the club for more whining. How is Phyllis not climbing the walls? Dad must have a plan, she and Kyle insist. Billy WILL help his brother – by making sure Jack realizes partnering with Victor is a mistake – and YOU are going to help me.

This is so cool – all of us working together, Abby tries to sound cheery (as does Ben) Ashley forces a smile as she updates she’ll be reporting to Vikki. Ben congratulates Vikki on her new title. The new COO will be meeting with them all individually. HER office!? Abby’s annoyed. Taking a shot at the lovebirds, Ashley warns that this whole thing is messy and about to get worse. On cue, Vikki reappears to summon Ben to her office. OMG – she’s going to devour all of us, Abby gripes.

In her office, Vikki scolds Ben (who balks at being spoken to like a kid) We haven’t been broken up for ONE day, Vikki sees the way he and Abby look at one another. But now, we focus on business.

In the lab, Ashley scolds Abby for waltzing in with Ben (then is told that he and Vikki broke up) Ashley’s more worried about Jabot – she’s furious. Abby vows she’s loyal to her Mom and Jabot.

Back at the club, Phyllis is determined to stand by Jack. Kyle tells Billy the same thing. Billy points out that the merger’s legal and binding. If Jack ‘has a plan’, he’d love to hear it! Something is going on. You don’t know what you’re talking about, Kyle says (and is again called an idiot) Jack arrives to kiss Phyllis – while Victor chides Billy. Kyle then takes Yack aside – do you have a plan? There’s more to this merger than Victor knows, he smiles.

Gloria continues to worry Chelsea – for her own good. You had to scratch and claw to make your way (like me) Never rest or someone will swoop in to take it from you. Go fight – for everything that’s yours (Gloria will stay with Connor)

Is this a bad time? Abby enters the lions den to kiss Vikki’s ass – I love you – would never want to hurt you. Vikki noticed the glow on her and Ben, but just be on time for work – be invested – be your best – focus on work. Abby bobbles her head – yes, totally – we’ll have such a good time working together!

In the lab, Ashley needles Ben – did you break off with one sister to jump in bed with another? And had a shower with one of their Mom’s, Ben adds. Ashley won’t go there – she won’t be a problem unless he hurts Abby. Vikki’s going to make your life miserable. Perhaps you should resign. But no, Ashley isn’t uncomfortable – stay.

Exchanging a few polite words with Victor, Kyle leaves Billy to watches as Phyllis praises Yack on his bold tie colour ~kiss~ Declining Victor’s lunch invitation, Billy then watches the happy trio move to a table.

Granted permission to leave for lunch, Ashley doesn’t mind if Vikki brings in some art work. It’s YOUR office – do whatever you want.

Come to kiss the ring? Your new boss is in her new office – the one with MY name on the door (Ashley leaves in a snit) Chelsea heads in to remind Vikki what a hit her line is – but if her company is to be used against Billy, Chelsea will take her designs elsewhere. Are you finished? Vikki asks when able to fit a word in.

Ashley makes a call – she wants to know Jack’s plan. If you’re John Abbott’s son, you won’t do this ~click~

Did you practice that spiel on the drive over? Vikki knows the value of Chelsea’s company – she’d be stupid to drop the line. She won’t make this personal. After Chelsea leaves, Abby and Ben re-enter the lab. Maybe we should have waited, Abby knows Vikki’s pissed. But no regrets ~kiss~ Vikki watches.

As Phyllis leaves the boys to it, Victor scolds Yack – eyes on me! (not Phyllis’ ass) You’re behaving very un-Abbott-like. And when Yack reaches for his drink, Victor wags his finger – threatening to put him back in the miserable Peruvian prison he got him out of if he doesn’t behave. Ashley and Billy watch and frown.

Next: Hilary shows up at Devon’s suite – I’ve been thinking about the way we left things, and I won’t let it end like that … Collin warns Lily – Lauren is an alluring woman. Keep a close eye on your husband … Dylan shouts at Sharon – I realize why you panicked – why you believe Mike can’t win – because you’re guilty!!!!

My Thoughts: No Gloria – you weren’t born yesterday – nor this century. Why does she feel it’s OK to walk into Chelsea’s condo if the door’s unlocked? I’d forgotten that they even ‘work’ together. And again – why does the building have no security desk in the lobby? … Why haven’t Ashley and Billy been told that Jack’s drinking? Perhaps they could get the merger overturned … Oh nice – so as spoilers indicated, Victor found Yack in a Peruvian prison – and without any regard for the safety of the family he insists he does everything to protect – he’s unleashed another psycho/criminal on them. I won’t even ask how Victor knew where to find a Jack look-alike – or how disgusting Victor is for saying he knows Yack likes to play with Jack’s toys. So all that BS about helping Phyllis because she’s the Mother of his grandchild is just that; BS. She’s just one of Jack’s toys. I can’t say I’m surprised – but I AM surprised Phyllis is being so easily duped! She’s a totally different person too (no irony/pun; I’m referring to the character, not the actress) … What exactly is Kyle’s role at Jabot anyway… Vikki (AH) was fantastic today – I really wanted to slap that s*** eating grin right off her smug face. I hope she catches Ben and Abby having sex on her desk. But with Hex on the market, what exactly is left for Ben and Abby to do? .. Where IS Gabe? He’s the only … Back to Victor – I love how he says Ashley’s oozing sarcasm – while he’s oozing just as much. And why can’t Yack go for lunch with Phyllis alone? They live and sleep together- Victor can’t watch Yack 24/7 .. Ashley (ED) also did a good job today. If she thinks she’s annoyed now, wait until her fake brother starts hitting on her … How does Phyllis expect Jack’s family to trust his ‘vision’ if they can’t see it? … Why would Abby want to talk about Vikki while in bed with Ben?? … Vikki does have a lot of nerve telling Ashley (of all people) that she has so much experience in cosmetics. She did little more than name and use her lips for the Brash n Sassy logo. If she was that good, the line she created would still be in production … Connor’s nanny got into medical school? Who knew she even enrolled in pre-med (the 4 years that comes BEFORE med school)?! … Yes, Abby – the new company is the same as you; a Newman Abbott production (except it was Ashley doing the stealing).