Thursday, April 23rd

Mike and Dylan are having a heated debate about whether Mike can win Sharon’s case. He thinks the State will fold it’s case – there’s no motive (and Dylan and Avery obliterated the chain of evidence on the tire iron) Never mind finding the real killer, Mike’s only focus is the case – right now, all the evidence points to Sharon, On cue, she comes in – is Mike saying she’s a lost cause????

Avery ends a call – she’s not taking any new clients. Joe protests – and since he’s being moved to the nursing home in Chicago, can she pack up his apartment? It’s a start-of-the-art rehab facility, Avery corrects – but is very alarmed (aren’t you coming back to GC?!)

The Ashbys miss (and kiss) one another. After Lauren’s big shipment comes in, they look forward to spending some much needed time together – it’s been forever. Jill strolls in with Collin – so Lauren’s working you to the bone huh?

Hilary joins Devon on the CL’s patio – you can’t avoid me forever. Watch me, Devon grunts. But I said ‘I love you’, she reminds – do you love me?

What does it matter? It does to Hilary – it means everything. She can’t lose the best thing that ever happened to her. But Devon can’t forget everything she’s said/done. Hilary was trying to fix things between him and Neil. You couldn’t figure out another way? And is Devon supposed to forget she just slept with the lawyer?

Retail hours are brutal, Jill knows. Lily’s just glad Cane doesn’t come home frustrated (like before) Collin takes credit for suggesting the change – it’s been good for Cane. Jill wonders if this job’s enough for Cane (who says at least this job feels like a REAL partnership – he couldn’t be happier) All squirm.

Is it already over for me? I don’t have a prayer? Sharon worries – if MIKE doesn’t think she can win… I always play to win, Mike insists (then ignores calls from his DR to try reassure Sharon) She snaps at both him and Dylan (easy for them to say – she’s the one facing prison for life for double murder!) Her knock unheard, Lauren enters (and gets snapped at too) Deciding they all need a break, Mike’s taking Lauren out for lunch. That leaves Sharon to tell Dylan to GET OUT too – she can’t take any more of his false hope!!

Joe’s not sure if he’s coming back to GC; it’s better he store his stuff and end his lease – less stuff to worry about. Avery implores him to wait – you’ll be more motivated. Her efforts appreciated, she offers to help Joe get settled in Chicago.

Hilary blames herself for destroying Neil and Devon’s relationship – she caused them all so much pain, then saw an opportunity to make amends – and it paid off. If she had to seduce Winston to set Neil free, so be it. Hilary has no regrets. Isn’t there a chance we can find a way back to each other? Devon’s near tears.

Arriving at the club, Lauren’s sorry she interrupted Mike at Sharon’s – it must be a tense environment. No reason to worry, Mike’s brusque. Joining the gang, Jill comments on Mike escaping his needy client. Lauren announces that Cane’s needed at a dinner meeting later. That OK? Does that work? Lily speaks for a stammering Cane – that’s fine. As Lauren says she’ll take the meeting alone, Mike chimes in to say it’s a big interview with a magazine – Cane should be there. When Lily repeats it’s fine, Lauren thanks her. Collin and Jill frown.

Avery thinks it would help to have someone advocate for Joe and run errands – plus, it’s her fault he’s in this predicament. Oh, and Dr Shelby said that one person can make a difference. Yes, Joe agrees – but how will Dylan?

I told you to leave! Sharon’s not happy to find Dylan on her sofa. Listing all the evidence (and people) against her, Sharon snarls; if you think I’m getting out of this, YOU’RE the fool! Dylan stands, pissed – he’s been working his ass off to help Sharon, but maybe she’s panicking because she IS guilty! You ARE the killer! Sharon looks stunned.

Excuse me!? You know me! I’ve done some crazy things, but I wouldn’t kill someone, Sharon insists. Plus, Mike’s an excellent attorney – he won’t lose. Why is Dylan smiling? Because THIS is the Sharon he wants to see – fighting, not wallowing in negativity! Sharon’s reeling – I thought I just lost my only friend! THIS is the Sharon the jury needs to see, Dylan crows.

Devon explains that he and Neil believed her act – and now there’s hope for Father and son, but not if he gets involved with Hilary again. Yes, it’s best she leaves. Devon’s left to mope as she hurries out.

Seated for lunch, Lauren calls Mike out – he hasn’t made an effort since moving into Sharon’s; hiding from her and the oncologist. Dr Jain left a message at the house – why did you miss your last appointment? You look like hell. Are you still taking hormone treatment? Yes, Mike insists – then gets pissed off. This is a big case! A woman’s life hangs in the balance. This disease won’t stop Mike from working and he will NOT be questioned like a child!! Excuse me for caring, Lauren’s in tears as Cane saunters over to say the shipment’s here. Lauren gets up – we’ll do it NOW – we all know work comes first! Mike’s left to absorb the Atkinson’s stare.

In GCM’s hallway, Avery calls Dylan to update that Joe’s being transferred to a clinic in Chicago – she’d like to go help him get settled in. It was MY idea. This accident has changed him, his spirit is broken. It’s just for a week. Dylan agrees – you need to help the guy. Avery thanks him for understanding – it’s just a few days. I love you. I love you too. She then returns to Joe’s room – Dylan’s OK with my going.

Sharon can tell Dylan’s not really OK with it. Yeah, but it’s gonna happen anyway, and Avery accepted me being here for you, so … So you lied to her. Go to Avery – tell her how you really feel, Sharon advises.

Jill’s now perched across from Mike – what’s going on? Nothing? Nothing that’s your business, Mike clarifies. Oh, allow ME to clarify – you’re my family; now why are you pushing Lauren away?? Mike needs to focus on Sharon’s defense. But why is her the appointed babysitter? Lauren’s stuck with you through thick and thin? Why are you burying yourself in work and pushing her to as well????

At the bar, Collin needles Lily – you’re more upset than you’re letting on. Cane keeping Devon’s secret shook the marriage – you don’t want anyone getting in the way. It’s easy for a husband to get distracted. Oh Collin’s not questioning Cane – Lauren’s another matter.

At the boutique office, Lauren breaks into tears, then apologizes. Cane puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder – and smiles.

Avery’s surprised to find Sharon alone – to her own devices. I don’t need heavy guard, Sharon knows Avery believes her guilty, though reminds that she once represented her. Yes, but she knows Sharon a lot better now.

Dylan drops by Joe’s room – to get a few things straight.

Hilary knocks on Devon’s door – she’s been thinking about the way they left things and won’t let it end like that.

Mike just needs space – Lauren’s too focused on his illness to see that. Jill’s sure the questions are stifling – but Lauren must think they’re drifting apart. Mike’s glad Lauren has work to focus on – and her new friendship with Cane. What Jill doesn’t get is why Mike can explain this all to her – but not Lauren. Mike knows he owes Lauren an apology. Giving Jill a quick kiss, he runs upstairs.

Lily laughs at the idea of Cane and Lauren. She cheated before, Collin reminds. She might start looking for a shoulder to cry on. Lauren’s alluring. You might want to keep a close eye on your husband.

Lauren apologizes – obviously she and Mike aren’t in the best place right now. Cane soon has her laughing. Mike appears to watch for a moment, then leaves.

Joe imagines Dylan’s there to put him on notice. Dylan will never trust Joe. He understands that (and lists all he’s done to try win Avery back – look where it got me) Joe now knows that Avery will never be his.

What does that mean? Sharon demands to know. When Avery admits she wouldn’t defend Sharon (when she was accused of killing Skye) if she knew her better. Sharon calls the celebrated champion of the innocent a hypocrite. So what? Avery doesn’t care what Sharon thinks of her (though two men she cares about do) No, Avery doesn’t think Sharon capable of murder – but she didn’t think her capable of falsifying records or arson either. You’re so smug – Sharon blabs that Dylan’s not OK with her going with Joe. Mabe you’ve been lying – it’s Joe you want, not Dylan!

When Collin relays his little heads up to Lily, Jill wishes he hadn’t done that. Cane’s happy with Lily. Yes, but is Lauren happy? Hmmm – Mike DID imply that Lauren would be happier in Cane’s company than his. You don’t think he’s pushing her into Cane’s arms, Collin wonders. No…. that’d be… crazy, Jill looks worried.

Lily shows up at the boutique office – she’d like to take Cane to dinner after all. Yes, that’s OK, Lauren agrees. As Cane and his boss praise one another, Lily looks suspicious.

Hilary knows they can’t ‘go back’ but can’t we try to be friends? You’re the love of my life. I want you near me – however I can have you.

Avery’s only coming with me out of guilt and pity, Joe says – what she has with Dylan is real. Joe doesn’t want to cause trouble – he’ll tell Avery not to go – just say the word. Avery makes her own decisions, Dylan says.

Arguing still, Avery lashes out at Sharon; you always need a man to lean on – pushing Nick away, now latching onto his brother (Adam and even Victor) You bitch! Sharon takes a step forward. Go ahead – violate your parole, assault me! Avery shouts. Ladies! Mike returns – then alarms them by passing out in a chair.

Next: You do as I tell and you better behave when we go to dinner, you got that? Victor lectures Yack like he’s 5 … Neil snarls at Gwen – you did a damn good job, pretending to date my son while he was cheating with my wife… Sharon shouts at Nick – If I’m to blame for what our children are going through right now, then so the hell are you!

My Thoughts: You’re in retail now, the hours are brutal, Jill tells Cane (like he’s been hired to fold T-shirts at the GAP on Black Friday. He’s an executive not a sales clerk) … Great that Avery gets Dylan’s permission to go away for a week – but what about asking her ailing and busy as hell law partner? …. So Hilary cared enough for Neil enough to sleep with someone – and she cared enough about them both to leave them to repair their relationship – what’s changed? Oh right – Devon’s the love billionaire of her life ….. As if the writers don’t hate Sharon enough – now wardrobe? Her sweater-over-blouse was extremely unflattering. I don’t think anyone over a B-cup can pull it off. Either the shirt underneath was too bulky or the sweater over it wasn’t bulky enough (and the light colour did little to hide that fact) Her hair looked nice though (but she was a raving bitch)… Why doesn’t the brilliant Mike’s defense case include the fact that Sharon’s physically incapable of moving Austin’s dead body around (she needed Nikki’s help last time she carted around a dead body) Plus, she would have had to sneak past 8 kids. And was it Fen’s drug that knocked them all out? Or did Sharon drug her own son? … If Sharon’s allowed to be left alone, why doesn’t she have a monitor on her ankle? Did she ever get her car over to Rob at the body shop? … Joe wants to end his lease? Maybe Avery the lawyer can explain that a lease is a binding contract – and unless Joe gets someone to take it over, he’s probably stuck with paying it. So, he might as well leave his stuff there. Hey – since he’s so concerned about giving abused women ‘better days’, perhaps he can donate it to a family in need? I wonder if he cashed Jack’s ‘generous donation’ before Yack took over ….. Dylan’s the last person who should be coaching Sharon on what a jury wants to see. He’s had an outburst every time he’s been in a courtroom. And he saw first hand what happened last time Sharon was ‘feisty’ in front of a Judge – she lost custody of Faith (again) But – Sharon’s also the last person to advise on truthful relationships… Mike will just ‘find another suspect and point the finger at them’? If there was another suspect, wouldn’t Paul know about it first? … This whole cancer line story is being handled so poorly, I can barely watch. Yeah, Mike looks like hell, but did Lauren really need to point that out? And if Mike succeeds in pushing Lauren into Cane’s arms, will he be happy with himself? Lily’s done nothing to deserve this – and neither have the twins. Couldn’t Mike find a single man to pimp his wife out to? The pair of them are becoming disgusting. I wanted the Baldwin’s to tug at my heart strings – not turn my stomach!