Friday, April 24th

In his suite, Hilary doesn’t blame Devon for not trusting her – but the lie was pushing him away. We were in love. How could I fake all of that?

Outside Jabot’s lab, Gwen doesn’t understand why Neil’s not happy to bump into her. Neil’s glad to finally put a face to the name – of the woman who pretended to be dating Devon while he was cheating with my wife.

Jack’s on the phone in Ashley’s former office – ordering a convertible Ferrari; red in honour of his sexy wife. Victor comes in to hang the phone up – Jack wouldn’t buy that. Neil enters to find the pair; I see it but I don’t believe it.

Nikki’s dropped by the mansion to gripe about the merger (and what it’s cost the Abbott’s) What is Jack planning? Are she and Phyllis are being lied to? Phyllis has considered that. How do we find out? By putting it to the test.

At CL’s, Noah tells his Dad that Courtney’s family doesn’t want him at the funeral – because of Mom. When Faith joins them, Nick has something to tell her. A reporter marches over – Mr Newman, care to comment on your ex wife’s upcoming murder trial? Is he talking about Mommy!? Faith asks.

Sharon and Avery fuss over Mike; who’ll go to the hospital, but don’t worry Lauren about this.

Dylan wouldn’t wish what happened to Joe on anyone; wants him to recover – but also doesn’t want Avery’s kindness taken advantage of. Guilt won’t make her stay with you.

As Nick leads the reporter away, Noah tells Faith that the man made a mistake – then joins them on the patio. They’re about to head inside, when the reporter makes the mistake of asking Nick if he’s worried ‘the kid’ will be bipolar too. Sent to the ground with a solid right hook, the reporter runs off saying ‘I’m reporting this!’ Approving of his Dad’s actions, Noah returns to Faith; who wants to see Mommy. It’ll be OK, he hugs her.

Going to see Joe? Dylan asks. Eventually, but Avery brought Mike to GCM – he collapsed (and will be pissed off when he finds out she called Lauren) Is he really OK with her going to Chicago? He understands, but will miss Avery. Tonight will be a ‘just us’ evening – let’s shut out the rest of the world ~kiss~

Hilary reminds Devon of how things were when they were together – tell me you remember. As she gets to the door, Devon finally speaks – I fell for you. Hilary still wants to have a life with Devon. He touches her face ~kiss~ But she pulls away – I don’t want to ruin it by going too fast – this is too important. It has to be right this time, Devon responds.

In Vikki’s office, Victor’s asking Neil to join the company (since he’s held executive positions at both NE and Jabot – and isn’t related to him or Yack) Neil notes that Yack’s basically agreeing with whatever Victor says – and why doesn’t he remember when he implemented a ‘casual work environment’???

Of course Yack remembers, Victor chortles (though it’s clear he does NOT) You sure you’re OK? Neil asks. Yack’s saved by a call – excuse me, he rushes out. As Nikki gives her a thumbs up, ‘Sugar’ tells Yack that they’re having Victor and Nikki over for dinner tonight. After he hangs up, Neil comes out to grill Yack about the merger (then accepts the positions as CFO and shakes his hand) Gwen reappears to tell Neil there’s some things he should know.

Back in the office, Victor’s also received a call (from Nikki) It’s too soon. Yack disagrees. Victor calls the shots. Yack insists – he can bring his skills to the table – it’ll be fine. You’re a convict I got out of a Peruvian jail – do as I tell you – behave when we go to dinner – you got that? Victor growls.

Faith runs into Sharon’s arms – as Noah explains that a guy upset her at CL’s. Daddy punched that man – yes, Faith saw that. Daddy overreacted, Noah adds he’s a reporter. You did the right thing bringing her here, Sharon thinks it time Faith was told. Some people who are close to me think I did something very bad.

Avery called you, Mike assumes correctly when Lauren rushes into his hospital room; not happy – and NOT ‘overreacting’. You’ve been overworking while hiding out at Sharon’s, she accuses. Yes, Mike HAS been hiding – because he’s suffocating! He needs space. What kind of space? Mike stuns Lauren – I want a separation.

Phyllis and Nikki are determined to find out whether the merger is just about back-stabbing (and if so, convince them to co-exist) Hello Honey’s – we’re home, Yack arrives with Victor. Pleased to hear that Neil’s been hired, the ladies serve up Test #1; Yack fails to defend Billy when he’s compared to Vikki as a worker.

At the club, Neil apologizes to Gwen (who admits she was a cover at first; Hilary asked her) She thought Devon was gay. Leave it to Hilary – Neil now blames her for manipulating Devon; he never saw it coming. Is that forgiveness Gwen hears? On cue, Devon and Hilary come downstairs. *awkward*

Avery won’t let Joe talk her out of going to Chicago – see you in the morning. She runs back out to Dylan (who tells her there’s been a change of plans)

The person who really hurt Austin and Courtney is making me look like I did something wrong – Sharon tells Faith she did some things when she was sick. But she’d never hurt Austin and Courtney. Do you believe Mommy? Yes, Noah does. So do I, Faith gives her a hug. And in comes Nick.

We have to tell everyone Mommy didn’t do the bad thing, Faith tells Nick (then leaves with Noah) Sharon thanks Nick for punching the reporter. Oh, he didn’t do it for her – those kids are going through hell. So am I, Sharon reminds that she’s the one being framed (then brings up his Sandy secret) If she’s to blame for what the kids are going through – so is Nick!!

Avery mops the floor at CL’s (seems a water pipe burst) So much for their night together. Things are weird – because they haven’t spent much time together. Here we stand – mops in hand. Avery’s only going for one week – just a week.

A separation. is what Mike wants. Lauren’s in tears – no, she won’t let him give up. But it’s not all about what SHE decides! The admitting DR had a lot of fancy words, but what it came down to is Mike’s tired. Not because of work – but working to hold the marriage together. He’s got nothing left. It’s exhausting. He can’t meet her expectations. Lauren won’t exhaust Mike further – good night. Good bye, Mike says (and is left alone to pout).

Phyllis and Nikki mention Victor bringing Patty back to town to destroy Yack’s life. Yack fails to react again. Onward and upwards, the men agree. Phyllis has another test – she’s put orchids on the table – Yack can explain the significance – don’t pretend you don’t remember, she chides him. There’s something I need to tell you right now, Yack admits. The ladies turn to Victor for reaction.

As soon as Avery gets back, they’ll focus on getting back to normal – you’re the love of my life. And you’re mine, Dylan says. Their kiss is interrupted by a call. What!? Avery hangs up – there’s been a change in Joe’s transport – we’re leaving tonight.

Yack has lead Phyllis to believe something about him that’s not true. Dinner will get cold, Victor interrupts. It’s about the secret agenda – when he and Victor shared a hospital room, they talked – both are grooming children to take over their life’s work – what motivates us now is love. Victor nods.

As Hilary runs back upstairs, Devon joins Gwen and Neil (whom he wants to speak with) I know you just saw me with Hilary – it’s not what you think. Well things haven’t been what Neil’s thought for a while (he thought he had a loyal wife and son) Devon knows forgiveness is a long way off and doesn’t want to take a step back. Then don’t (Neil makes a point of saying he’ll be working very closely with Gwen and Hilary)

You paralyzed a girl and walked away! Sharon blames Nick for driving her to tell Austin – and then blackmailing him (to spend time with Faith) I know what you’re capable of, Nick barks. Hey, don’t talk to her that way! Dylan appears.

Devon’s glad things are going well for Neil (who’s sorry he jumped to conclusions about him and Hilary) Devon’s left to worry.

Joe’s sorry – hopes the change of plans didn’t cause an inconvenience. It’s fine, Avery forces a smile. So, ready to do this? Joe asks.

Why is Dylan so invested in Sharon? Because he knows what it’s like to act out when you’re sick. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Nick leaves. You OK? Dylan asks. Sharon’s scared that nothing will be OK again ~hug~

Our dislike and distrust of Victor bonded us, Yack tells Phyllis – but he doesn’t want that anymore – working with Victor is what’s best for everyone. Phyllis can go along with that. And can Nikki? Yes – it’s a wonderful start. The ladies are dismissed so that Victor can praise Yack – but then look concerned again when he goes off to finish ordering his Ferrari.

Next: Billy opens his door – If you’re looking for Chelsea… No, actually, I wanted to talk to you, Adam says… Looks like Nick and the social worker are at GCM. I think it best if Faith stays with someone else, she says. You’re not taking my kid away from me, Nick vows…. I quit. I’m sorry Ashley, but I’m not going to get caught in the middle of this battle, Chelsea escapes the Newmans and Abbotts.

My Thoughts: Of course Sharon would compare her anguish to that of her kids – she too is ‘going through hell’ after all. And of course she’d compare mistakes she made in her late 30’s to a mistake Nick made when he was a drunken teenager. It’s only by luck she didn’t ‘hurt anyone’ when she torched the ranch. And why does she say ‘the person who hurt Austin and Courtney’? They aren’t hurt, they’re DEAD … That reporter was a jerk – but Nick’s an idiot for sucker punching him. He could get his ass sued and lose custody! I imagine he bribed the guy to keep quiet … Dylan doesn’t have employees to mop up water at CL’s? …. It’s not that Devon doesn’t want to trust you Hilary – it’s that he CAN’T. It has to be right this time, he says (then lies to his Father – again) .. I hope Neil doesn’t plan to go after yet another girl way too young for him (who’s already been with his son)… Nikki and Phyllis are so easily duped – no light bulbs went off when THEY brought up Victor paying Patty to be a doppleganger – to mess with Jack?? But why stop there? Victor should have been reminded that he indirectly caused Colleen’s death (and almost Summer’s) How disrespectful to her memory (and Traci’s) to have this chat at the Abbott mansion. I wish ghost John would show up and Yack say ‘who the hell are you?’ … How could you ‘fake all that’ Hilary? Oh, I dunno – the same way you faked it with Neil? And Winston? .. Ugh – Mike’s so dislikeable Lauren should just give him what he wants. He’s being so selfish I can’t even feel sorry for him.