Monday, April 27th

At the penthouse, Billy notes that a jumpy Chelsea is jumpy. Did something happen? Chelsea flashes back to making love with Adam – uh no. And now she’s off to Jabot. They’re damn lucky to have you, Billy sends her off with a kiss. Seconds later, Adam rings the doorbell – and no, he’s not looking for Chelsea.

Nick bumps into Sage at CL’s – he’s just been served – a reporter’s suing him for civil battery (and Sharon’s to blame)

Dylan folds his blankies as Sharon serves coffee. She’s glad Mike arranged for him to step in as her babysitter. That’s fine – Dylan appreciates the distraction. Sharon understands that Nick lit into her because he’s worried about the kids. But when Dylan says he understands why Avery’s with Joe, Sharon wonders why they both keep making excuses for the people who break their hearts.

Vikki’s name is now on the office door, Ashley pushes open. She bickers with her new bosses about whom the target demographic is for Hex – and won’t consider herself ‘outvoted’ until Yack arrives. He won’t be here, Victor crows.

Back at the house, Phyllis and Yack are back from a spin in the new Ferrari. He’s not going into the office. Why not? Why aren’t you keeping an eye on Victor? Phyllis wonders.

Nick tells Sage how the reporter set him off. You were defending Faith, she understands. As he goes for a refill, Chelsea arrives to ask Sage where Gabe is – just wondering if he’s OK. Did something happen that makes you think he’s not OK? Sage has to ask.

No, nothing happened, Adam tells Billy that he just needed to get away for a while – but came back when he heard about the Newman/Abbott merger. Billy updates that Jack wasn’t blackmailed by Victor – he willingly partnered with him. So, we all work for Victor now? No, I’m fired, Billy explains – and not by Victor. The Mustache won’t return Jack’s loyalty, Billy’s sure – Victor only plays well with Newman’s – there’s no room for Bingham’s in his sandbox either.

Why isn’t Jack here? Ashley barks. Because he trusts me and Vikki, Victor mumbles. Vikki’s planning to tie Hex in with Chelsea’s new line – can Ashley get a progress report? Would you like coffee too? Ashley will NOT let Vikki treat her like your assistant. After Ashley leaves, Vikki and Victor agree that marriage has really changed Jack. He’s been a different man since coming back from his honeymoon, Victor quips.

Back at the mansion, Phyllis is merely curious – why is Yack surrendering to Victor? That’s not you. Yack needs to give him some space at Jabot – he trusts Victor. And surely Phyllis can’t want the old, boring Jack back. He wants to make his wife happy – the honeymoon is NEVER over ~hug~

Dylan admits that Avery does always have an excuse to spend time with Joe. She blames herself for his accident. Sharon understands – Avery will have a different perspective when she comes back to town. Dylan opens up – there’s no tangible ties between him and Avery; no marriage or kids. He then confides that they lost a baby. I never got to be a Dad 🙁

You’re gonna let Victor take over the family business? Just like that? ‘Gabe’ never thought Billy a quitter. OK – let’s put our cards on the the table. Yes, Gabe did say Chelsea would regret marrying Billy. When you carry her over the threshold, remember Adam did it first – HE bought this house for her. The family you’re going to share; Adam and Chelsea made that family. Adam’s here in this apartment, Gabe leaves Billy to grind his teeth.

Chelsea claims that she and Gabe had a misunderstanding. Can Sage call to make sure he’s OK? No, he wouldn’t take my call – but he’ll be OK, Sage will let Chelsea know if she hears from him. When Nick returns, he says he needs to pick Faith up at the therapists office. He had to tell her that the police have a lot of evidence, and she ‘freaked out’. Nick then gets a call from the DR – what?! Faith is with the police?!

Dylan confides in Sharon – he and Chelsea were going to start a family. Avery thought losing the baby as punishment for the affair. We couldn’t get past the loss, the guilt. Avery went back to Joe – Dylan went back to Afghanistan. He loves kids. You’re easy to talk to, he told Sharon about Aura (the girl in Afghanistan) before Avery. She was lucky to have you – as is Faith. If Sharon goes to prison, she’ll need friends like you. But Nick will make sure Faith’s OK.

Nick (and Sage) arrive at GCM. Why is this officer here!? The DR explains that Faith told them about an attack on a man yesterday. Nick explains why he ‘lost it’. She’s afraid you’ll get angry again – CPS will look into the matter. In the meantime, it’s best Faith stay with someone else. You’re NOT taking my kid away from me! Nick vows.

Ashley brings the report to Vikki – would you like me to read it for you too? Chelsea arrives with her latest designs. Ashley approves, but it’s not in line with Vikki’s creative concept. Victor sides with Vikki; he likes her vision. That would make you a fool, Adam interrupts.

At the mansion, Phyllis and Billy are butting heads over Yack. Phyllis relays the test she and Nikki conducted (which put their minds at rest) It’s over – Jack and Victor are partners. Yack appears – that’s why you were fired – and if you keep stirring things up with my wife, you’ll no longer be welcome in this house.

In the office, Adam announces that he’s the Director of Marketing for the fashion department – you don’t want to lose Chelsea’s line. Review the employee file, Victor mumbles out of the side of his mouth. Don’t bother reviewing mine – I quit! Chelsea apologizes to Ashley, but she won’t get caught in the middle. I don’t need the grief or the money. Wonderful work, Adam mutters at Victor – then catches up with Chelsea. He’s had a lot on his mind – needed a break. She hopes he worked everything out – and appreciates Adam not telling Billy. Adam won’t – but you can’t forget what happened – I hope you don’t want to.

Yack didn’t mean what he said, Phyllis nudges him. Yes, Yack loves his brother – but I know what I’m doing. Trust me. Come back to work. Billy knows something’s going on, and vows to find out what it is. Go ahead – have a midlife crisis – but using Jabot as a personal plaything is hurting people who love you – this isn’t you, Billy knows.

On the phone with Avery, Dylan asks when she’ll be back. His ‘I love you’ is cut off. Hovering, Sharon offers to make him food – Faith tells jokes to lift spirits. Both are soon laughing, but when that ends, things suddenly get awkward (which sends Sharon rushing off to the kitchen for some food).

What the hell were you thinking – calling the authorities!? Faith was just scared, Nick insists he was trying to protect her. But she’s scared of YOU, the DR had an obligation, and Nick’s outburst proves she made the right decision. Now find another family member to care for Faith while his anger issues are being investigated. Sage is left to calm Nick down – and ask who should look after Faith.

Victor won’t let Vikki second guess herself about Chelsea – you made a sound business decision. As she excuses herself to take a call, Ashley wonders how Victor will feel if Chelsea blocks him from seeing Connor; his only link to Adam.

Billy now gone, Yack’s not worried about what ‘Gabe’ said – he’s Teflon. Adam then arrives – are you out of your mind?! What the hell’s the matter with you? Who do you think you are – talking to my husband like this? Phyllis chimes in. Victor’s change, Yack insists. Are you high? Adam balks. It’s a done deal, and if Adam doesn’t like it he can follow Billy – out the door.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea rants to Billy – Gabe stood up for her (to Victor) Yeah, he stopped by here, Billy says. Both unemployed, they wonder what to do – how about we get married? Billy suggests – tonight.

Dylan chokes back his pickle and peanut butter sandwich. Sharon gushes – you always know the right thing to say. You and Avery will get through this rough patch, she assures with a ~hug~

Vikki joins Nick and Sage at GCM – she’ll tell Faith that she’s having a sleepover with her cousins. Vikki appreciates Sage being there for her brother (then leaves Nick to say he’s glad she’s there too) Whatever you need, Sage replies. Nick needs his daughter home.

Billy has many reasons they should elope. Chelsea surprises him by agreeing – why put it off? ~kiss~ Let’s get married. Chelsea runs up to get ready.

Victor will always be close to his grandson – but won’t forgive Adam (for what he did to Ashley and Delia) Ashley finds it ironic – the final straw with Adam was when he teamed up with Jack. Now YOU’VE teamed up with Jack. I wonder how Adam would feel about that.

After Phyllis leaves the boys, Adam wants to know the plan. I told you – now get out of my house, Yack orders. Adam won’t stop til Victor’s brought to his knees. But you’re not even an Abbott, Yack reminds. No – but you know damn well I’m not a Bingham either (which is news to Yack)

Next: Your delivery arrived, Kelly calls Victor. I hope it’s sufficient for you to control the situation, he says…. Billy’s in the shack – stunned. What the hell!? Who would do this to you? Kelly did, with Victor’s help, Jack replies – Get me free, Jack says as Billy unties him … Mr Bingham is not what he appears to be, Yack updates Victor.

My Thoughts: Can the reporter sue Nick in civil court without having him arrested and charged for assault? Since there’s no witnesses, a police report would be perfect (and perhaps the only) evidence. Otherwise, the Judge will know he’s only after money .. When Dylan says that Avery blames herself for Joe’s accident, Sharon claims she can understand. Huh? She sure wasn’t torn up with guilt – or blamed herself for Phyllis’ ‘accident’. I don’t believe she pushed Phyllis, or intended to hurt her – but she also never showed an iota of remorse; while Avery is wracked with guilt (though that clearly has to do more with her attraction for Joe) … Sharon only wishes Nick gave her ‘a tongue lashing last night’) … Nick assaulted a man – ‘to protect Faith’. Gosh – who does that sound like? And it’s backfired; the reason Faith’s now being taken from you. CPS wouldn’t hand Faith over to Vikki without checking out both her and her home (and let’s not forget that Vikki lost custody of Reed) … Why is Dylan sleeping on the sofa? There’s two empty bedroom upstairs; Faith’s and Mariah’s. Are we expected to believe that Mike was sleeping on Sharon’s couch too? … Did Connor leave all those toys strewn about the penthouse?… And what’s Ashley talking about? She doesn’t know how often (or infrequently) Victor visits Connor – and since she just pointed out that he cut ties with Adam, why would he care about Connor being the last link to him? … Why doesn’t Dylan know when Avery’s coming home? Knowing she was only staying a week (leaving her sick partner busy babysitting Sharon) she should already have her return flight booked. It’ll probably be too late by then; Sharon and Dylan will have already slept together.