Tuesday, April 28th

At the club, Summer hugs her Grandpa. Yes, she’s relieved her husband’s killer has been caught (but it’s hard on Noah and Faith) Victor’s proud of the way Summer’s handled herself. I’ve had a lot of she says (Kyle joins them on cue -and leads Summer upstairs – for a surprise)

That leaves Victor to take a call from Kelly – his delivery’s arrived. Victor hopes it’s sufficient. Jack’s stronger than you give him credit for – but this should do the trick (Kelly looks at the envelope in her hand)

Jack’s dream that Billy’s untying him is interrupted by Kelly – I’m baaack. Billy? Nope – he’s not here. But he will be! (Jack’s sure his brother’s searching for him) Wrong again – you’re dead, Kelly crows.

Adam won’t stop until he brings Victor to his knees. No, he’s not an Abbott – but he’s not a Bingham either. Huh? Yack’s most interested when Adam mentions his plan to bring Victor down (It’s what’s kept me going)

As Anita arrives to babysit, Chelsea’s frantically searching for a missing shoe. We’re getting married, she announces (at Billy’s side) – tonight.

This may be hell – but Jack ain’t dead yet. The rest of the world thinks so – Kelly chirps about him and Phyllis going for a midnight sale on their honeymoon. The boat capsized – you were lost at sea. No, Phyllis won’t tell everyone – her body was recovered. Jack’s pissed – you said Phyllis was fine. Yeah, well, Kelly lied.

Assuring Anita that they aren’t eloping because he can’t afford a wedding, Billy goes to pack. Anita grills Chelsea about Gabe. Chelsea can’t wait to become Billy’s wife. There’s worse things than becoming an Abbott, Anita concedes.

It feels (to Adam) like Yack’s pretending to be someone he’s not. There IS no plan, Yack now feels he can work with Victor. He’ll take everything you hold dear – everything, Adam warns – and leaves Yack to call Victor (who’s in no mood for bad news)

Kyle’s rented the ‘whole rooftop deck’, flown in a musician from NY and bubbly from France (which Summer can’t drink because she’s not of age) OK, next year – he spent too much money to let it go to waste. Who says you can’t buy happiness? he smiles. Summer’s smile is forced.

Billy carries Chelsea over the threshold to their hotel room (even though they won’t be seeing the JOP for another hour) What do with that time? Make out of course.

Dropping by the penthouse, ‘Gabe’ is told that Chelsea’s over Adam and Billy’s over Vikki. They love each other and are making it legal right now, Anita updates. Adam worries Anita about money – Billy convinced her to quit – and Jack and Victor will sue Chelsea – tell me where she is!

Victor’s been summoned to Yack’s. What does he know about Gabe Bingham? He’s arrogant and expendable. Don’t get rid of him just yet, Yack informs that the real Jack knows something you don’t – Gabe Bingham is not who he appears to be.

Back on the rooftop, Kyle’s not sure what to make of the merger – but Jabot stock went up. Why is Summer so quiet now? Is it the food? Because Kyle will have the chef make whatever Summer wants. When she mentions the cost of the evening, Kyle puts a box on the table – he can’t wait to see her face when she opens it (right now her face is clouded over)

Victor tells Yack that he feels no responsibility for the ‘weak’ Bingham SR’s supposed heart attack after the hostile takeover of his company. Yack relays that Jack’s interest in Gabe is that he wants to avenge his Father. The curious part; Gabe said ‘I’m not a real Bingham and you know it Jack’ It’s not speculation – Yack’s instincts tell him this guy is not who he says he is. Then who the hell is he? Victor scowls.

In bed, Chelsea mentions all the obstacles they’ve overcome; Adam and Vikki. But it’s just us from now on, Billy promises to be open and honest – because he respects Chelsea (who promises the same) Billy’s one lucky and happy guy.

Jack’s sure Kelly’s lying – knows she’d have told him before now (if Phyllis was indeed dead) Kelly did all this to help Jack remember – so they can have their beautiful life back. Jack won’t believe it – he won’t stop fighting to get back to Phyllis until he dies! Well, she’s dead and Kelly can prove it.

Summer asks if Kyle misses playing hockey – it was his passion. No, Kyle gets to keep his teeth and make more money than most pros do. He has different goals now – like to get Summer to open this box (again, he can’t wait to see her reaction) The stones between the diamonds match your eyes, he says. It must have cost a fortune, Summer gasps at the necklace. It only matters that you like it, Kyle thinks Summer deserves to be treated like this. I can’t, she jumps up as he comes around to put it on her. Once you see how it looks on you, you’ll fall in love, Kyle’s sure – he knows Summer so well. No, you really don’t know me at all, she corrects.

She can’t be dead. Yes, she can be – Kelly reads a report (Mrs Phyllis Abbott was recovered – the search for Mr Abbott continues, though hope is dimming). Jack laughs – he saw a photo of Kelly’s dead body on a slab (and here you are) He doesn’t believe it. OK – Kelly grabs another printed ‘newspaper’ article. Jack looks at the photo and tells Kelly to stop reading – leave me alone – please! Kelly’s glad to see Jack’s reached the final stage of grief; acceptance – and now nothing stands in the way of OUR love.

Jack Abbott is of no concern to you, Victor tells Yack (who says it is if he shows up to find me in his shoes) Victor yet again reminds Yack that he sprang him from prison – I pay you – if you can’t perform the job, you’re of no use to me. What do you want me to do boss? Yack’s told to stay away from Gabe. Victor keeps his enemies close – and some enemies VERY close.

What are you doing here!? Chelsea’s stunned when Adam shows up – Billy’s waiting for me downstairs! Look me in the eyes – tell me I don’t mean anything to you, Adam implores – you don’t have to settle. Chelsea doesn’t want to hear it – you shouldn’t have come here – you need to pretend nothing happened – it was just sex. Please go. As a dejected Adam leaves, Billy hovers in the hallway (reeling from all he’s just overheard)

Phyllis is gone and we can be together, Kelly vows she’s telling the truth. Jack will mourn Phyllis for the rest of his life. You’ll move on, Kelly insists. Jack’s thoughts are with Phyllis’ family. Fine, don’t let me out of here – go ahead and kill me. I will NEVER love or be with you!!!!!

Not the response Kyle was going for. Summer appreciates the TV chef, the NY musician – but if he knew her, he’d know she didn’t need any of this. It’s how she pushed Austin away. Kyle won’t let Summer blame herself – he lied and cheated. He was going to destroy your family. Yes, we’ve both changed – but Summer’s not sure she likes the person Kyle’s grown into.

Victor finds Adam moping at the club’s bar – buy you a drink? Getting a hostile reaction, Victor apologizes for the situation ‘Gabe’ walked in on earlier with Chelsea. He made a mistake with Chelsea – ask her to come back. Adam doesn’t want to talk to Victor, or about Chelsea. Maybe another drink, Victor suggests. Adam will test that theory.

Chelsea’s sorry she’s taking so long, but is glad Billy came up to get her. But the damage is done, he says. Huh? I’ve seen the wedding dress. Relieved, Chelsea brushes suspicion aside – ready to get married? Actually, Billy’s not.

Kelly knows Jack doesn’t really want to die – not when he can have everything he’s ever wanted – with HER. Remember you chose me? I don’t even know who you are! Jack shouts – this isn’t love! I’m in charge of this relationship now Mr Man, Kelly does NOT like the way he’s behaving. Maybe I’ll leave you here to starve, she leaves Jack to struggle.

Kyle just wanted to make this a special night. Summer knows they’re both from money – but didn’t think we were all about the money. Kyle didn’t see the night going this way. Summer’s glad it did – now she sees things more clearly. Declining Kyle’s offer of a drive home, she’ll take a cab. He should find somewhere else to spend the night. I just want to be alone, please (she gives him the boxed necklace – lots of other girls would be impressed by this) With one last shake of his head, Kyle leaves Summer to sadly shake hers.

Downstairs, Yack runs into Kyle (who whines that his date backfired) Have a drink with your old man (don’t worry, I’ll have soda) Deciding he needs a distraction from his bad date, Yack gives Kyle the keys to his 400K Ferrari (then leaves after seeing Victor and Adam at the bar)

Chelsea’s making a mistake, Adam mopes – and he DID ask her to come back – but she’s impulsive. You know her well, Victor looks puzzled/suspicious – as Adam continues to drink.

Billy thinks Anita’s right – they should wed before family and friends, and before God. Let’s do it right – the way it’s supposed to be. Of course, I love you, Chelsea agrees. Good – Billy will take her home and give her exactly what she deserves ~hug~ He ain’t smilin’.

Next: Nick snaps – Dylan, this is MY kid and I’ll deal with it the way I want. I don’t need your … You were wrong not telling Sharon and you know it, Dylan interrupts … You should stop being so defensive and accept your new role – working for me, Vikki says. Or what? Ashley replies – you’ll show me the door?

My Thoughts: I knew Kyle was a bit creepy – but this fixation on money has come right out of the blue. And so has Summer as the humble little rich girl. And now that relationship’s been nipped in the bud, I’m wondering who else Summer and Kyle can be paired with (they’re related to almost everyone in their age bracket) So, Kyle’s been staying at Summer’s all this time? And this is the first time he’s let on that he’s all about the money?… How disappointing that Billy rescuing Jack was just a dream. He’d have to be an idiot to believe Kelly – and that Phyllis is dead. Anyone with a Photoshop for Dummies book could have printed off those articles … Right – fashion designer Chelsea has only ONE pair of shoes perfect for her wedding. How could she not suspect that Billy saw Adam leaving? It’s usually not noticeable, but Bill and Chelsea’s smacking lips were pretty loud…. Once Victor’s scheme is exposed, I don’t see any way it can end other than him being shunned by everyone he’s lied to and manipulated (never mind criminal charges; starting with kidnapping Jack) Yack will, of course, meet an untimely death (there’s only room for one Jack Abbott in town)