Wednesday, April 29th

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Sharon serves Mike herbal tea (no caffeine) While resting at GCM, Mike made a few calls – made a calculated risk – one that might make the difference between winning or losing.

At CL’s, Vikki updates that Faith was fine going to school and enjoyed the sleepover – she doesn’t know her Dad might lose custody. Why would Nick lose custody? Dylan appears.

Really? Ashley’s not pleased to find Abby and Ben kissing in the lab – let’s be professional. Abby reminds Miss Inappropriate Use Of The Shower that we all have our moments.

Adam wonders why Victor’s trying to schmooze him- for the second day in a row. Billy and Chelsea arrive at the club too – hoping to hold their wedding there. Oh look – our favourite neighbour and snidely. But yes, never mind them, Billy wants to make the wedding a day Chelsea will never forget.

Back at CL’s, Nick tells Sage and Vikki that the therapist created all this drama. It’s so irresponsible of her. No half as irresponsible as not telling Sharon, Dylan objects – she deserves to know. Nick’s meeting with the social worker later and doesn’t need Dylan telling him what to do about HIS kid. You’re wrong and you know it, Dylan repeats (then presumably heads off to tattle to Sharon) Nick’s left to worry (and petted by Sage – as Vikki watches with interest)

Is Adam supposed to forget what Victor did to his Dad? Well, since Adam has no ties to the Newman’s or Abbott’s, he could be a mediator. He also thinks he can get through to Chelsea – you’re close to her. Not close enough, Adam pouts. As Chelsea and Billy arrive – to say they’re getting marries this afternoon. Victor wishes them well (Adam squirms)

Ashley asks that Abby and Ben tone down the PDA – be discreet. Abby apologizes for her comment. Ashley received an email from Vikki last night – Kiki Louden, a beauty columnist gave it a scathing review (which has gone viral) Vikki will be coming after us about this. It’s decided that Ben will slightly adjust the formula – then sell the new and improved Hex.

Calculated risk? Should Sharon be worried? No – Mike explains that the tire iron is being retested. What’s he hoping to find? More evidence that will get it dismissed. Mike’s over-prepared. Sharon gives him a hug. Dylan barges in to say Nick punched a reporter – Faith got upset – the therapist has CPS investigating Nick. Sharon’s alarmed – she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her little girl.

As Nick joins the social worker on the patio, Vikki thanks Sage for being there for Nick (but wants her to back off for Faith’s sake) I know you’ll make the right decision.

On the patio, Nick tells the social worker exactly what happened with the reporter. It wasn’t appropriate for him to punch the guy. Nick assures that Faith is not scared of him. With her Mom under arrest, Faith is under a lot of stress. The situation may be ‘volatile’ but I’m not, Nick reassures. The social worker then gets a call from Mike – Sharon wants to meet with her re: Faith. It’s urgent. Hearing the address, Nick insists he’s not a threat to his daughter. The worker needs to interview a few more people – she’ll be in touch.

Billy and I decided to make the wedding a family affair – this afternoon at the club. Victor takes Chelsea aside to discuss her fashion line. That leaves Billy to ask Adam to stand up for him.

Arriving at the lab to hear that Ben’s adjusted the Hex formula, Vikki announces that she’s pulling it. Because of one bad review? Retails have emailed Vikki – they want out. Jabot is OUT of the love potion business. Ashley knows it IS personal – Vikki wants her name on a perfume to prove she’s alpha DOG. Vikki suggests Ashley accept her new role. Or what? You show me the door? Ashley sneers.

At the bar, Victor kisses Chelsea’s ass – we can work together without undermining your artistic vision. The sky’s the limit for you at Newman-Abbott. OK, she’ll think about it.

Across the room, Billy does NOT want to rub it in Gabe’s face – he wants to start over and be real friends. Adam’s not interested in being best man – ask your nutty brother. Billy tells him to think about it – it’ll be an event you don’t want to miss.

At Sharon’s, the social worker is told about the media harassment – it’s a stressful time (oh, and yesterday was the anniversary of Cassie’s death) Nick wouldn’t have lashed out that way otherwise, Sharon defends him. Nick is not a violent man. He’ll be more mindful to control his temper, Sharon’s sure. Faith needs her Father now more than ever – please don’t take her away from Nick.

On the rooftop, Sage leaves Nick a message – the meeting re Underground went well but she’s eager to hear how things went with the social worker.

Nick marches into Sharon’s, all pissed off that she interrupted his meeting with the social worker. Dylan and Mike chime in – Sharon went to bat for him. And it worked. Nick apologizes. Sharon hopes they’ll both move forward remembering what’s most important (Faith)

Back at the club, Victor assures Adam that he’ll get Chelsea back under the Newman umbrella. He noticed his look when Billy and Chelsea arrived. OK – Adam will work for the new company. Victor leaves (sure they’ll have ‘fun’ working together) Adam continues to drink.

Back in the office, Vikki’s fine with Ashley leaving, if that’s what she wants. Ashley knows the plan is to marginalize her to the point that she quits. But Ashley vows to carry on her Father’s legacy no matter what’s thrown at her. Vikki admires the fire in her belly. Billy and Chelsea arrive to invite everyone to their wedding this afternoon – even Vikki (which is a surprise to Chelsea)

Vikki doesn’t think it a good idea – Billy does – it’d mean a lot to him if she was there. Victor arrives to agree with Vikki’s wise decision (she has more important things to do today)

Mike’s going out to get a file and some take out. That leaves Sharon to thank Dylan for defending and supporting her. No one will railroad you on my watch – they sit close.

On the rooftop, Sage congratulates Nick with a hug – you must be so happy. Faith always comes first – and after this misunderstanding, Nick has to watch himself. Not hang out with the lady with no pants, Sage is fine with taking a step back. But, unable to give her a time frame, Nick breaks things off – I’m sorry.

Arriving at the club, Nick pores over photos on his phone – him and Sage, then a smiling Faith. He sighs and exits.

Dylan leaves an ‘I miss you’ message for Avery (as Sharon hovers)

On the patio, Mike gets a call – test on the tire iron are in. What’d you find?

Back in the office, Ashley rants to Victor about Vikki ditching Hex for personal reasons (including Ben being with Abby) Victor supports his daughter. No, Ashley hasn’t talked to Yack – maybe she can corner him at Billy’s wedding.

In the lab, Ben, Abby and Vikki find things too close for comfort. Vikki’s fine with Billy and Chelsea getting married – I’m happy for them, she lies.

In the hallway, Chelsea’s glad Vikki said no (and she’s nervous enough already) What could possibly happen to ruin our plans? Billy gives her a hug.

Adam joins Sage on the rooftop – there’s a big party downstairs – Billy and Chelsea are getting married. Sage isn’t with Nick anymore – can you NOT be a bastard for the next 5 minutes? Everyone loved Gabriel – he was a good person. You could never live up to him. Adam plants a kiss on her. Sage first shoves him off, then dives back in.

Next: I’m gonna find out what Courtney found that got her killed, Kevin types away. I know exactly what Courtney found, Paul announces …Avery shouts at Joe – You’re going to be grateful and suck this up – because I’m grateful you’re still on the earth. … Billy welcomes his guests at the club – So glad you could make it – it is gonna be unforgettable, he tells Abby and Kyle

My Thoughts: Oh – so it’s OK to use a the anniversary of a child’s death as an excuse for assaulting someone? Odd that there wasn’t Any mention of Cassie; no flowers or grave-site visits – nothing. And this is HARDLY the first time Nick’s had a violent outburst (and just like this time, it’s only by luck that a child hasn’t seen him lash out) …. There’s something very weird about the way Sage said the word ‘happy’ (on the rooftop with Nick) Great – so Adam GOT regret sex – and is now gonna give some to Sage? Please no babies – please no babies – please no babies … Nice to finally see Nick and Sharon putting their own issues aside to do what’s bet for Faith …. I wouldn’t exactly say there’s a ‘big party’ downstairs; Billy and Chelsea hardly have a ton of friends… After all the research and marketing dollars that have gone into Hex – can’t the board members call shenanigans? It just makes no sense – especially after one bad review. You don’t see Comcast folding up shop. Can’t Victor just bribe this cosmetics guru into saying nice things? Hex can’t be THAT bad – just last week it was ‘flying off the shelves’.