Thursday, April 30th

Looks like Yack’s just back from a game of golf. Yes, he got Phyllis’ messages – Billy’s getting married – can’t we just send a gift? Candle sticks are nice.

Anita and Ashley fuss over Chelsea at the club – as she prepares for her wedding. The Reverend is assured this is no shotgun wedding. Arriving, Billy pastes on a smile. Now we’re just waiting for the best man. Have you seen Gabe?? Chelsea pales.

Upstairs, in a suite. Adam and Sage decide to have some sex; some rough sex.

In his chair, Joe drops his barbell. Avery badgers him – pick em up or you’re gonna get one over the head!

Mariah drops by Sharon’s – she knows she’s innocent (and gets a hug) Mike returns with test results – along with fingerprints, they found latex – someone could have made molds of Sharon’s fingerprints. Mariah steps aside to make a call; there’s good news and bad news – the bad news is awful.

Also on the rooftop, Noah and Summer chat – nothing makes sense – life keeps going on. Billy and Chelsea are getting married today – ooops; Summer immediately apologizes to Noah. Kevin comes along with a forced smile – new evidence suggests Sharon’s being framed – the real killer could be watching us right now (so you guys better fake smile too)

As Abby and Kyle head for the bar, Chelsea doesn’t think Billy’s serious about Gabe as best men. It’s a new day – we can meet half way (if he makes it) Billy joins Abby and Kyle – ready for the main event?this is gonna be unforgettable.

The deed done, a sweaty Adam and Sage agree it was a mistake (made out of drinking and rejection) Now they can go back to pining over Chelsea and Nick. As Adam hits the shower, Sage gets a call from Billy (encouraging her and Gabe to come to the wedding) No on should miss the momentous occasion.

Phyllis tells Yack to be the bigger man; the family patriarch – let’s go find Billy. Yack agrees – the car’s still warm, let’s go throw some rice. Yes, dressed like this – it’s family.

Mariah, Kevin and Noah are now at Summer’s condo. Hopefully the killer still thinks that everyone still believes Sharon’s guilty – so careful not to say otherwise in public. Kyle needs to know (but tells Mariah he’s NOT her replacement boyfriend. Abby needs to know too, Noah texts her.

At the club, Kyle’s not convinced by Noah’s message. Yes, but he’s not the only one who thinks Sharon innocent, Abby thinks it best to be careful. No worries – Kyle will protect her.

Chelsea apologizes to Billy (and lists all the no shows) No, she’s not getting cold feet. No worries – and no waiting. Billy then gives Anita credit – for making Chelsea the woman she is ~hug~ Anita’s so happy for them both. Where’s that Reverend? Billy wanders off – not smiling.

A pep talk won’t fix this, Joe frowns. So what will? Curling up into a ball? Does THAT work for you!? You got screwed over – but you could have been killed. You can see, hear etc. Be grateful, Avery shouts – suck this up – I’m grateful you’re still on this earth – even if you’re driving me nuts. Joe reluctantly picks up a free-weight. You better not slow down, Avery goes into the hall with her phone.

Dylan excuses himself to call an army buddy who knows about forensics (and how someone could have got Sharon’s fingerprints) After a hug from Sharon, Mike’s off to deliver the report to Paul. Seems one of them left a phone. Hello? Sharon? Why are you answering Dylan’s phone? Avery’s not impressed.

No, Kevin’s not supposed to be at the station – but save the wrist-slap. He’s there to find out what Courtney saw that got her killed. Paul can save him the time – he knows exactly what she found.

Billy catches Sage as she tries to escape the club – Come have some bubbly – this wedding will be cathartic and entertaining, he promises. Oh alright, she agrees. You look sharp, Billy quips when Yack arrives (and yes, he’ll be best man) Ashley’s next – to scold Yack’s attire (and rant that Vikki axed Hex) Priorities Ashley – our brother is getting married, Yack leaves Ashley with her jaw on the ground.

Billy insists Chelsea hide out of site – to walk ‘down the aisle’. As the music’s cued, Adam appears at the bottom of the stairs – to share an awkward smile.

In Paul’s office, Kevin’s insulted that the Chief sought help from someone else. What did this person who wasn’t me find? It’s a still shot of Sharon sneaking into Austin and Summer’s building – the night of the storm she was looking for the victim (when she said she was with her daughter) She must have found him at the cabin a few hours later. Something’s not right, Kevin says. Paul knows Sharon’s the killer and won’t let her get away with it.

As Dylan comes into the room looking for his phone, Sharon hands him Avery (who snarls that he sounds too busy to hear about Joe’s progress – let’s talk later ~click!)

Chelsea spins around and walks up the little ‘aisle’. Adam watches as the Reverend welcomes all. Chelsea speaks first – she never expected this day, this moment – to find such happiness again – so filled with hope. A life with Billy is everything Chelsea’s hoped for.

Billy never saw this coming – but we saw each other’s dark side – no reason to hide. I knew you as a bartender who got me locked up in a foreign prison. We made it through – with honesty – we fell in love – became better people. And then I found out you set me up again – you lied to me – except this time, my prison would be in a marriage to you. Do I take this woman? Hell no.

Mike drops by Paul’s office – as a friend, he advises him into reopen the investigation into Courtney and Austin’s murder. You don’t have the killer – the public is in danger. This evidence, from an independent lab proves Sharon’s being set up. Huh – Paul has new evidence too – which proves Sharon knew exactly what she was doing and how beautifully she conned you.

Back at Summer’s, Kevin explains that the theory is that Sharon killed Austin to bury the interview she gave about Nick – then Courtney to bury the security camera footage. Of sneaking into a building Austin wasn’t killed in? Mariah, Noah and Summer are puzzled. Kevin says there’s something off about the screen cap he saw.

Billy! What is wrong with you? Ashley scolds. Chelsea tries to take Billy aside. As Adam watches, Billy tells all that Gabe and Chelsea had sex. Abby and Kyle sneak off – as Billy continues to humiliate Chelsea (pausing briefly to take a shot at Anita) Billy recaps – Chelsea trapped Dylan with a baby that wasn’t his – then me with a baby that was – the only person you married for true love was Adam Newman – the one guy you loved was a lying, murderous …. OK, that was fun, Adam walks over. Billy hopes he and this lying, con artist slut live happily ever after. As Yack stands to stop Adam from getting to Billy, Chelsea in tears.

Joe pauses his work-out to say I’m here, you’re here – there’s something worth fighting for. Stop talking and get moving, Avery orders.

Dylan updates that his army buddy doesn’t have any info on the fingerprints. Sharon’s sorry she answered Dylan’s call – Avery wasn’t happy about it. Perhaps you should to to Chicago to see her. No, Avery’s where she needs to be – and so’s Dylan.

Mike’s sure Chris won’t get a conviction on fingerprints that were clearly planted and a still shot of Sharon taken where the murder did NOT take place. Paul knows Sharon did it – maybe you just want to get home to Lauren. Nope. We’re separated – that’s not an issue. Paul doesn’t think this the time to be making knee-jerk decisions. You and Lauren should be together. Knowing someone loves you is the only way.

When Kyle arrives with Abby, Summer’s annoyed that he came ‘because of the evidence’. You wanted me to come for some other reason? Kyle scowls. They then update all on the wedding from hell. Kevin relays that Mike and Paul are having an evidence ‘face off’. Ben should be here? Summer’s disgusted to realize that Abby’s now upgraded from her nieces husband – to her sister’s boyfriend.

Phyllis, Yack and Ashley send Adam away. Refusing to be taken aside by Chelsea, Billy tosses the bouquet at Sage; so she doesn’t leave empty handed. Ashley, then Phyllis have harsh words for Chelsea. Anita tells her to dry her eyes. Go Mom! Chelsea’s left to weep alone. Let’s get you out of here, Adam reappears.

Abby tells Summer that Vikki and Ben broke up – and can we not beat up on me for like ten minutes? Mariah’s delighted by the bickering. A lightbulb suddenly goes off about Kevin’s head. In the surveillance photo, the deli downstairs was open – the 9 pm time stamp is false; the photo rigged. The killer managed to get that photo into the police computer system; he’s smart, connected, and more dangerous than we thought.

Phyllis disapproves of Yack’s lack of empathy for Billy. Oh alright, Yack feels for him – everyone should find their perfect match ~kiss~

Ashley joins Billy on the rooftop. It hurts, but he’ll be OK – better than finding out AFTER getting married. It’s done. Now Billy can move on.

This is your fault, Chelsea shouts at Adam. Billy hates me- and his family was here to see it. I love Billy – we finally had something good. Chelsea doesn’t deserve love. Yes, you do, Adam says. What do YOU know? You had a fake marriage – then chased after a woman in love with someone else. You have no idea what it’s like to have love ripped away from you!! Billy didn’t deserve this. I do. Stay away from me, Chelsea runs out.

Next: Are you quitting? Vikki gloats. No – I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction, and I’m going to make your life a living hell, Chelsea snarls (as Ashley and Ben watch) .. Nick joins Kevin and Noah (who says ‘we have the proof – Mom’s innocent) … Adam’s in the penthouse to scoff at Billy – and you actually think you’re that little boy’s Father? Billy punches him.

My Thoughts: Yeah – we get it – Avery’s trying to keep Joe motivated. But she sounds like a drill sergeant – even making Sarge seem lenient by comparison. Would it kill Ms Cupcake to pick up some weights and do a few reps herself? She’s threatening bodily harm to a guy she just put in a wheelchair. That fall could have killed you (doesn’t she mean ‘I could have killed you’?) …. Why was Chelsea so surprised that the club was able to accommodate her last minute wedding? There’s absolutely NO customers there (but couldn’t the bride have gotten ready in a separate room? A suite upstairs?) …. I can only hope there’ll be no pregnancies in the next few months (especially Sage or Chelsea) And we can only hope Ben hasn’t impregnated both Abby and Vikki (never mind Ashley) Sure it’d be a stretch, but I don’t put anything past these writers … Why does Abby have a problem celebrating people being in love? Isn’t SHE in love? … The killer’s even ‘more dangerous’ than the kids thought? Huh? Even more dangerous than someone who’d murder two people; one in a wedding dress? …Chelsea’s wedding dress? Judge for yourself.