Friday, May 1st

Meeting Victor at the club, Nick hopes it’s not about going back to Newman – his club’s re-opening tonight. That’d be nice, but Victor wants to know what Nick knows about Gabriel Bingham (who hovers in the background)

On the patio, Vikki joins ‘the man who broke the Internet yesterday’. Billy feels he and Chelsea were a mistake from the beginning – getting her out of my life was for the best.

Anita’s over to babysit Connor – and give relationship advice. But my relationship with Billy is over, Chelsea reminds. Who said anything about Billy?

At the lab, Abby and Ben wonder if Sharon’s a victim too (which means the killer’s still out there) Ben won’t let anything happen to Abby. They’re about to kiss when Ashley interrupts to scold them.

A call confirms the deli was closed – the photo’s fake. Paul won’t listen to us, Kevin tells the kids – it must come from someone he trusts.

Dylan barges into Paul’s office – repeating Mike’s evidence (that clears Sharon) Stop trying to do Mike’s job – and mine! Paul’s annoyed.

Latex on a tire iron? Paul can’t take this theory to Chris. He’ll ignore the insult and obvious question (why is Dylan so invested in this?) But Paul WILL ask – does Avery support this? Dylan’s helping a friend and will NOT regret helping a friend!

Back at Summer’s, Kevin can’t reach Mike. But it’s the police Noah, Kyle and Summer want called – and to find out who really killed Courtney and Austin.

Gabriel Bingham – that’s who you should be setting your sights on, Anita salivates. He’s hot for you – reel him in and claim your prize (he must be rich) No – sleeping with him is the biggest mistake of my life, Chelsea insists.

Adam wonders why Victor’s grilling his old boarding school buddy about him. Background information, Victor claims. But you already know our history, Adam reminds – you want to know what you’re in to. TGVN’s intimidated by me, Adam gloats. Victor chuckles – check your ego. Adam’s not afraid of Victor – and Victor just loves cocky guys) Watch it! he growls as he leaves Nick to warn Adam – you have no idea what you’re up against. I do – more than you know, Adam smirks.

Adam knows what Victor’s capable of. And he knows Nick dumped Sage (guess he wasn’t such a bad husband after all if she confided in him) She doesn’t have anyone else – or her own life, Nick also blames him for destroying Chelsea’s relationship with Billy. Nope – Billy did that all on his own.

On the patio, Billy manages to find humour in the situation. He outed Chelsea in public to show her how many people she hurt. Vikki doubts it’ll be that easy to move on. Yeah, Billy will miss Connor – he calls me Daddy. Without telling Billy that Ben’s moved out, Vikki talks about acceptance and not being bitter – there’s a lot of change these days.

Ben was just trying to make me feel better, Abby assures her Mom. Ashley’s worried things will get messy when this fling ends. Fling? This is the real thing, Abby assures (Ben forces a smile)

Sharon was at Austin’s building the night he was killed, Paul says – Chris is sure she can win this case. If you want to be Sharon’s friend, prepare her to make things easier. Tell her to confess to crimes she didn’t commit? Dylan objects has a better way to help to Sharon (then leaves after a call from Noah)

After Noah and Kevin leave, Kyle tells Summer he’s going golfing with Jack. Summer scowls – doesn’t seem like he’s too interested in the company anymore. Kyle’s frustrated – is she pissed he’s not giving her enough attention? You need to understand what went wrong with your marriage. (huh?)

Keep working on Hex – Ashley plans to talk to Jack about Vikki shelving it. Now alone, Abby apologizes for saying they had ‘the real thing’. No worries (Ben’s answer doesn’t reassure her) Vikki arrives – what’s the status of things? Abby hurries out. It’s personal, Ben explains. Ashley then comes out to remind that she warned Ben things would get worse with Vikki – and what did you say to Abby??

On the rooftop, Victor assures Chelsea that she’s better off without Billy – and working at Newman-Jabot. OK – but she wants full creative control of her line. Victor’s sure she’ll work well with Vikki, and Gabriel Bingham. That was a an indiscretion Chelsea regrets – she doesn’t know him that well. He risked his life to save your son. Yeah, well, Connor’s an easy kid to love. Yes, but no one loved him like his Father, Victor says. And no one ever will, Chelsea adds.

At the penthouse, Billy packs a bag as Anita follows him around (carrying Connor) She’s sorry it didn’t work out with Chelsea, but her heart belongs to Adam. Anita then goes upstairs, leaving Billy to tell Connor that he’s moving out. You’ll always have a special place in my life – looking into your eyes I see my beautiful little girl. You’ll always be right here – it was an honour to be your Daddy ~hug~

The wedding train-wreck was on Billy, not me, Adam knows he always had one foot out the door (waiting for Vikki) Chelsea deserves someone who loves her. Like you? Nick thinks ‘Gabe’ a selfish bastard – and next time his Dad asks, that’s exactly what he’ll tell him.

Kevin and Noah appeal to Dylan; the one person who can convince Paul to drop the case against Sharon. Have Paul call Ed (the cyber forensic expert) He can trace the origin of when the file was doctored (and testify on the stand – which Kevin can’t do) Plus Paul’s not too happy with Kevin right now. No, Dylan’s pushed Paul far enough. Noah persists – you said you’d do anything to help my Mom) Please – make Paul see the truth.

You think I’m such a needy little girl that I pushed Austin into finding a bed buddy in Abby? No, Kyle’s sorry. Summer doesn’t know what she wants from Kyle either – but he showers her with gifts, then leaves her to go golfing (!?) Abby arrives crying – I’m a bad person (basically, she’s never felt about anyone the way she does Ben) I don’t even know if we’re together now. There’s a lot of that going around, Kyle quips. Fed up with their whining, Summer leaves to catch up with Noah and Kevin – because SHE actually cares about finding out who killed her husband and best friend!

In the lab, Ben admits Abby caught him off-guard with her ‘declaration’. Ashley doesn’t want to see her hurt. Victor interrupts – he brings good news; Chelsea’s back. Even though I’ll be overseeing everything? Vikki seems surprised. Chelsea will have final say over everything. After Victor leaves them to it, Vikki insults Chelsea’s designs. Um, she was assured she’d be treated with respect. Respect? Vikki balks – Like the respect you showed Billy by sleeping with the next door neighbour?

Billy finds Adam in the penthouse (Anita’s taken Connor to the park) You’ll learn about the park when you have your own kids – instead of latching onto someone else’s. You blew that little boy’s world apart. He doesn’t have a Father – again. You really think you were his Father? Adam sneers – YOU were the one who latched on. Connor won’t even remember you in a few weeks. You just occupied space in his Mom’s bed – space that belonged to his REAL Father. Billy punches Adam.

Shut the hell up, Billy thinks Connor lucky he’ll never know his real Father. As for you (Adam’s still sitting on the floor), stay away from that boy (though he’s sure Chelsea will parade her latest conquest in front of him) Standing, Adam says that Chelsea came to him AFTER seeing Billy with his tongue down Vikki’s throat.

Vikki blasts Chelsea for cheating on Billy (who’s been raising Connor as his own) Look who’s talking – the woman who had her lips all over Billy. Yeah, I saw you – trying to seduce my fiancĂ©e. And don’t you mention Connor!!! Ashley interrupts – what’s going on? Ask the bitch who stole your office! Packing up to leave, Chelsea’s NOT quitting – she’s staying to make Vikki’s life a living hell.

Back at Summer’s, Abby assumes that Ben’s done with her. Kyle whines about his relationship with Summer – we used to have such a good time together. She’s grown up a lot – been hurt (Abby says it’ll take more than fancy gifts – get real) Try – Summer needs you. Abby’s just glad the killer’s been caught; Courtney was killed for finding out something the murderer didn’t want anyone to know.

Summer joins Noah and Kevin at CL’s. Shouldn’t we be trying to find the real killer? Hearing that she’s questioning Kyle’s priorities, Noah says maybe he’s not the guy you thought he was. When Nick arrives, he claims to have proof that Mom’s innocent.

Dylan’s back at the station – there’s been a development. Paul’s annoyed – you’ve been gone five minutes. Stay out of it! Dylan outlines Kevin’s theory – check the surveillance from outside Austin’s building. Check your computer. It’ll tell you everything you need to know. I can’t – that’s impossible, Paul says.

The computer system has been compromised – and Austin’s laptop has been stolen (the one Sharon tried to steal) Paul can’t look at the footage. Dylan knows Sharon’s innocent. There’s something on the computer that will incriminate the real killer. You owe it to Sharon, me and the victims to find it.

As Nick thinks Noah might be getting carried away, Noah puts Dylan on speaker – he told Paul; he’s onboard to a point. All are stunned to hear that the computers are offline and Austin’s missing. Paul’s willing to consider there’s another suspect ~click~ Someone realizes we’re on to him, Kevin guesses. Noah implores his Dad to agree that something’s going on.

When Ben shows up at Summer’s (looking for Abby) Kyle thinks he’s a bit too late. Do you just say the first stupid thing that pops into your stupid brain? Ben growls. Abby tells him to come in (and Kyle to leave) Ben realizes he didn’t handle things well in the lab. Yes, we can have something – something good.

Ashley sides with Vikki on this; Chelsea deserved it. She always thought Vikki a good match for Billy and is sorry things didn’t work out.

Hit me again, Adam challenges. Chelsea arrives – you hit him? What were you thinking? Billy says Chelsea’s the same trash she always was. If you loved me, you’d have trusted me and not thrown yourself at this guy. I was just another mark in a long con for you. Billy slams out, leaving Adam to say he’s sorry. Everything Billy said is true, Chelsea sighs.

Next: Yack gapes as Victor wags his finger; You arrogant jackass – you do not undo what I’ve worked so hard build up. Kyle stops by the table – Where do you get off talking to my Dad like that? … As Kelly kisses Jack, he stabs something into her neck.

My Thoughts: Underground’s opening tonight and no one else even mentions it? No media interest? Noah’s not going to attend his Dad’s grand re-opening? Is Mariah not glad to have a job to get back to? (how has she been paying her rent at Kev’s?) Is Sage still the club’s manager? Victor couldn’t even manage a congratulations – and Nikki, so freshly back on the AA wagon, I guess won’t be there. Vikki’s too busy sitting in Ashley’s office, doing ….what? …. Why would Victor need Nick’s information on Gabriel Bingham? Doesn’t he have a whole team of PI’s? He was able to find a Jack lookalike in a Peruvian prison but can’t Google Gabe Bingham? …. I hardly doubt Billy dumping Chelsea (in front of what – 8 guests?) ‘broke the Internet’ – there weren’t even any reporters at the club. No one cares!!! … Having showered in the lab with Ben, Ashley’s hardly the one to lecture him and Abby on public displays of affection … Ben was caught off-guard by Abby’s ‘declaration’? It was hardly a declaration of love! … Vikki turns her nose up at Chelsea’s designs (but has spent the last few months in track suits) Chelsea should have reminded Vikki that she’s too OLD to pull off the office ‘cutesy’ look. Her wardrobe is as boring as her hair style … If Billy was Chelsea (and Connor’s) one shot at a good life, why wasn’t Vikki willing to keep that for her and the kids THEY share? …. Why is Ben still wearing a lab coat? Is he actually working on anything (besides Abby? And why is the executive office accessible ONLY after walking through an odorous, chemical filled lab? … Why wouldn’t Vikki tell Billy that Ben’s moved out (and on with her sister) Hard to believe that wasn’t mentioned in the story that ‘broke the Internet…. It’s no surprise that the GCPD computers have yet AGAIN been tampered with – and now someone’s taken a laptop from the evidence room? Paul should be fired for incompetence. And why is Dylan announcing this breech of security – on SPEAKERPHONE – in a COFFEE SHOP!? I’m beginning to think Detective Harding hasn’t vanished after all … You and I could have something really really good, Ben tells Abby. Yes – sex (not sure why she’s looking all lovestruck – at the man who’s also had sex with her Mom and sister)