Monday, May 4th

At the club, Kyle’s raving about Yack’s Ferrari. Summer says hello but won’t join them (at the table or later at Underground) After she escapes, Kyle brags about the elaborate evening Summer rejected. Once Kyle leaves, Phyllis thinks he tried too hard. Yack sees nothing wrong with that – and is glad to have a woman who loves him for who he is.

In the shack, a parched Jack must apologize before Kelly will dribble some much needed water down his throat. And now she wants a ‘thank you Kelly’.

Sharon nags Mike to take a break and drink his tea – maybe take Lauren to the Underground re-opening (though someone else will have to watch her – since Dylan’s with Avery in Chicago) We’re separated, Mike reminds (and it’s not because he’s staying there) Noah arrives – with news about the case.

Unimpressed with Nick’s tour, Faith notes that Underground looks the exact same as it did before. Mariah and Kevin assure it won’t collapse again (thanks to a cone of invincibility) Nick thinks everything is how as it should be (he has Faith and his club back) It WAS – arms folded, Faith glares at Sage.

Phyllis isn’t sure she wants to go back to the place they almost died in. It wasn’t that bad, Yack chortles. Have you forgotten what it was like? Trapped under that rubble!? Phyllis is aghast (as Victor hovers behind her)

Paul’s close to dropping the charges, Noah updates. Yes, because of the latex – but also what Courtney found; the photo of Sharon entering Austin’s building (with the altered time stamp) This is NOT a done deal, Mike warns (when Sharon gets too excited)

Faith obediently apologizes to Sage – but won’t stay for a chocolate milkshake (or be won over by compliments) Why are you here? Sage works here now – like Mariah, Nick explains. Is that ALL? Faith sulks. *awkward*

At CL’s, Abby’s embarrassed that she blurted out her feelings in the lab (and bets her Mom made a big deal of it after she left) I’m a slut, plain and simple – you’re an honest, honorable guy…blah, blah, blah. I’m none of those things, Ben shuts her up.

Mmm yummy. Kelly coaxes Jack to say ‘please’, then rewards him with a grape (which he spits out) That’s it – Kelly will leave him alone and with no food and no water. Jack’s sorry – he didn’t mean it. What will I do with you? Kelly chides.

Victor joins Yack and Phyllis – to smooth things over by saying everyone handles trauma differently. Yack’s sorry if he was insensitive to Phyllis’ feelings (who leaves to get ready) Taking her vacant seat, Victor orders the arrogant jackass to do what he’s told. Where do you get off talking to my Dad like that? Kyle reappears.

Victor and I were working through the kinks of our working relationship, Yack claims. Victor knows Kyle’s too intelligent for that – I’ve treated your Father with disrespect.

Jack will do anything – please don’t go. Kelly understands – we have to work through these bumps in the road. It’ll make us stronger, but we have to resolve this. How? The old fashioned way. Kelly cackles – write a letter. I need to believe you love me, just me.

You didn’t cheat on your wife – and your son means everything to you – you’re true blue. Yes, but Ben was living a lie. Then got drunk and hooked up with Vikki – then there was Ashley – then Abby 5 minutes after Vikki. You’re right – you’re a man-whore, Abby giggles.

Finishing her milkshake, Faith asks Nick – If SHE works for you, will you only see her here? After Mariah takes Faith out to her ride, Nick compliments Sage (who understands Faith’s concern) Nick’s sorry he’s hurt Sage. Kevin looks up from his laptop – heard the latest news about Sharon?

Mike’s cautiously optimistic. But Sharon’s even more excited to hear the police computers were again compromised and Austin’s laptop stolen. Noah’s reliable and anonymous source? Kevin (who Mike goes to call) Noah’s sorry he doubted his Mom (who’s just happy that he believes her now) Does Nick know all this?

Kevin updates Nick (and Sage) the GCPD hard drive and laptop are missing – Paul’s thinking of dropping the charges against Sharon and re-opening both murders. Mariah’s pissed – you Newman’s are so focused on Sharon being guilty that you forget the killer’s still out there.

On the rooftop, Summer confides that Kyle was so supportive – but now she’s seeing another side of him. Listing all he arranged for the date, Summer doesn’t know him anymore. Phyllis has felt the same way about Jack – he’s carefree, spontaneous – doesn’t care about work. Kyle doesn’t care about anything, Summer whines. Phyllis thinks it’s a case of the reality not living up to the fantasy. Hang in there. You’ll have your happily ever after – just like Phyllis has with Jack.

Kelly reads Jack’s love letter, as he hides the pen. I’m yours forever. Jack gushes – he meant every word. I love you too, Kelly kisses him (then jumps back after Jack stabs her in the neck with the pen)

You lied! Kelly screeches in pain. Jack IS in love – with Phyllis. You just screwed us both, Kelly yelps – I’m the only one who knows where we are. Kill me – you kill us both.

Victor’s used to being in charge – but Jack deserves respect, he tells Kyle (who thinks Billy and Ashley have a right to be concerned). Victor apologizes. Yack readily accepts and easily distracts Kyle by mentioning Summer. There’s other women out there, Yack suggests he go to Underground. Here’s the keys to the Ferrari (he’ll ride shotgun) Let’s go.

Back at CL’s, Abby jokes; a slut and a man-whore are perfect for one another. Ben wants to go public with their relationship; tonight at Underground. OK – but wear protective gear, Abby jokes.

Phyllis gets a text – Yack (and Kyle) will see her at Underground. She tries to bribe Summer into going (with a new dress) Take some risks or you’ll never get what you want.

Jack needs the keys to the handcuffs – so he can help her. As she passes out, Jack struggles to reach her purse (on the bed)

Finally good things are happening; the charges will be dropped (Sharon’s sure)- Nick’s re-opening the club (she’d really like to be there) After Noah leaves, Mike comes down from leaving Paul a message. Exhausted, he nods off on the sofa – which puts a grin on Sharon’s face.

Nick’s thrilled – for Noah and Faith. Sage thinks it best they stay away from each other. I shouldn’t be here. Nick’s sorry – Faith’s been through so much. Let’s not make any decisions now – will Sage wait? She’s not going anywhere.

Jack dumps Kelly’s purse out onto the bed. No key – but he finds a phone.

Kyle and his ‘almost perfect’ Dad are zooming around in the Ferrari when a call comes in on Kyle’s phone from an unknown number. Yack answers it – Hello? Jack’s stunned – who is this? Who is THIS? Yack’s equally puzzled.

At Underground, Noah’s the first customer. When Abby arrives with Ben, Mariah immediately stars commenting on her slutty behavior. No fighting tonight, Nick referees. Victor appears to repeat the order.

Mike awakens from his nap – Sharon? Sharon!?

Mariah and Abby sent indifferent directions, Phyllis arrives to chat with Nick – she’s surprised she beat Yack in his Ferrari. What is SHE doing here?! All look as Sharon smiles and poses.

Where’s my son? Jack can hear Kyle saying ‘Who is it Dad’? Is that Kyle!? This is Jack Abbott – who the hell is this!? Distracted by asking who’s on the phone, Kyle veers – and Yack grabs the wheel hoping to avert a head on collision. Kyle! Kyle!? Jack yells into the phone (hearing screeching tires and a crash)

Next: Avery doesn’t seem happy when Dylan arrives at the Chicago hospital – What are you doing here? I thought you were in GC babysitting Sharon … You have the right to remain silent, an officer steps up to arrest Sharon. No! Don’t you touch me! Sharon shouts (as all watch) … My son’s been in some kind of an accident! Jack bellows into the phone. Kelly leaps to take it from him.

My Thoughts: I can’t believe Sharon had the audacity to show up at the Underground re-opening. Why, why, why? Hardly anyone knows that the charges against her are supposedly on the verge of being dropped. Violating the conditions of her bail is also a charge. Why risk losing Faith just to go to Nick’s dive bar?? And how disrespectful to Mike. But I guess that’s what happens when you assign a man battling cancer to babysit someone known for making bad decisions (with total disregard for how they might effect others)….. If Yack broke the speed of sound in his Ferrari, he was obviously speeding (there’s no Autobahn in GC) This crash could certainly cause some problems for Victor’s plan (and add yet another victim to his tally; whether Kyle’s an innocent victim remains to be seen) What if Yack isn’t the same blood type as Jack? What if Kyle needs an organ donated and Yack’s not a match? … How would Faith know whether Kevin has an Iguana or not – she’s never been to his apartment…. Given a young bartender, Derek, died in the collapse, it’s quite tasteless for Nick to rebuild and not even mention him. And Phyllis doesn’t want to go back because THEY almost died there? They’re all so self absorbed. Derek should at least have a shooter named after him … What are the chances of the same building collapsing on you twice? I’d say about the same as Victor finding a guy who looks and sounds exactly like Jack… ‘It wasn’t that bad’ Yack says (of being trapped under rubble) Did Victor not tell him that Jack’s heart actually stopped beating … Someone needs to take Mariah down a peg. Sure, everything she said is true – but she’s calling Abby a slut in front of her Father and Brother (IN her Brother’s bar) When your only connection is Sharon, it might be a good idea to tone it down. Line of the day goes to Kevin; Oh great – dinner and a show (he drinks his beer) …. Ben mentions what a devoted Father he is – yet, still hasn’t gone to visit Max! He must mean he’s devoted to Skype chats. And ‘honest’, ‘honourable’? He slept with your sister and Mother Abby! This Prince Charming has shagged the stepsister the wicked stepmother …. Kyle’s phone isn’t paired with Yack’s Bluetooth enabled Ferrari? No voice recognition?