Tuesday, May 5th

Pick up! Pick up! Come ON!! I need help – police – this is a matter of life and death! Jack shouts into the phone (as Kelly remains unconscious)

Holding his shoulder, Kyle’s making a pest of himself in Yack’s room. The medics ignore his questions to order tests; a toxicology screen and a CT scan of Yack’s neck and head area-stat. Step out so we can take care of your Dad. Kyle obeys (Yack remains unconscious)

You’ve got this Joe! Avery coaches. But no – Joe can’t – he tried (but can’t pull himself out of his wheelchair) Later, Joe wheels out. Hearing a noise, Avery spins around – I knew you weren’t a quitter. Oh – it’s Dylan (whom she assumed was babysitting Sharon)

As Noah approaches his Mom, Phyllis/Victor, Abby/Ben, Nick/Sage and Mariah/Kevin all disapprove (to varying degrees) of Sharon being at Underground. Hand on her hip, she just wants a drink. You’re out on bail and under house arrest, Noah and Mariah remind. Not for long – Sharon’s there to let everyone know she’s innocent – AND forgives them. You need to go home right now, Nick appears.

Dylan explains why he’s in Chicago – he missed Avery – their phone conversations have been strained. He went by her hotel, and learned she’s already checked out. Yes, a spot opened up at the clinic – Avery took it to be closer to ….. To Joe. How else is Dylan supposed to take it?

Home? Sharon just got here. How can you risk what this’ll do to Faith? Nick asks. And when Sharon claims her situation has changed, Kevin reminds that she’s not officially off the hook. Confident, Sharon shrugs it off – she’s here to celebrate; new beginnings, forgiveness. Nick hopes it all goes Sharon’s way – but right now, there’s nothing to celebrate. Noah and Mariah are ignored too – Sharon wants Chardonnay dammit.

Across the room, Ben, Abby and Phyllis comment – and see that Victor’s on his phone (calling the cops) Nick scolds him. No, Victor couldn’t leave Sharon alone – she’s breaking the law. Nick warns Noah to get his Mother out – the cops are coming.

Jack shouts into a phone – I’m near a beach, in a shack. I don’t know where I am. Come fast – my son’s been in an accident! Kelly lunges, but is shoved aside. It’s over – the police are coming to get me! Jack gloats.

At GCM, Kyle’s glad when Summer comes. He explains that he was driving. He jerked the wheel to avoid another car, but we were going so fast – we crashed into a tree. My Dad’s real hurt – and it’s all my fault.

Avery has no idea how long she’s staying – Joe’s having a setback. I’m his rehab partner. What happened to just settling him in?! Joe’s getting all the attention he wants, Dylan whines. Avery doesn’t understand why he’s so insecure and jealous. It’s ridiculous! Trust me. Dylan doesn’t trust Joe; he’s making you think this is your job. Sharon’s doing the exact same thing to you! Avery yells.

Noah and Mariah can’t convince Sharon to leave the club. Mike then calls Noah – your Mother snuck out. I need to find her. Too late. A police officer arrives to place Sharon under arrest for violating her bail agreement. This is ludicrous! she wails. Tell her to stop talking, Mike relays via Noah. I can speak for myself, Sharon won’t take anyone’s advice. Don’t touch me – I’m innocent! Sharon backs away. She’s relieved when Paul ‘takes over’ – until he leads her out reading her her rights. Meanwhile, Phyllis gets a call – ICU? I’ll be right there.

Back at GCU, Summer tries to calm Kyle down – it was an accident – not your fault. I was driving – I got distracted, Kyle mentions a weird call. What weird call?

You’ll be sorry, Kelly watches smugly as the police who arrive aim their guns at Jack; don’t move!!!

Phyllis races into GCM – but is told (by the DR) that Yack’s unconscious – he’s being taken to radiology shortly. Phyllis then turns to Kyle for answers.

Jack tattles on Kelly – SHE’S the criminal – she kidnapped me – hasn’t given me food or water for days. Passport? Jack has none – SHE took it. Call my family – my work – call Jabot – ask for Billy or Ashley. Call them. When the cops want to take Jack to the station, Kelly tells them not to arrest him.

Nick wonders why Victor would want Faith’s Mother behind bars. Not my fault – Victor’s left to chat with the ‘capable’ Sage. Your ex, Gabe, seems capable too. He’s an enigma to me. Nick reappears – he’s a jerk. Why is Victor so interested in him? Victor likes to know about his employees. He then steps aside to take a call – you serious? Jack had an accident, Victor exits (giving Nick no further details)

Mike’s in Paul’s office – yes, it was a bad idea – but let me take her home – forget it happened. Sharon broke house arrest – went to a club – was seen by witnesses, Paul argues.She didn’t help her case – she’s out of control and everyone now knows it. She’s not a killer and you don’t have a case, Mike argues. Revoke her house arrest, but tell her you believe she might be the victim of a set up.

In an interrogation room, Noah and Mariah scold Sharon (who’ll really go crazy if locked up) I gotta get out of here.

Guard!? I can’t stand this room – never mind a cell. She’ll climb out a window- like she did the last time. Faith needs her Mother, Noah calms Sharon down – hang in there a while longer. Trust in Mike. Mariah agrees – running will make everything worse. Sharon then realizes she forgot to take her meds (so takes one now and apologizes) Now she wants to make a call (to Dylan) Paul asks Noah and Mariah to leave – he needs to talk to Sharon alone.

Avery’s pissed when Dylan ignores Sharon’s call. As for taking care of Joe, she’d do the same for Dylan. Yes, but I’m your FUTURE – Joe’s your PAST (or so I thought) On cue, Joe wheels over. Dylan’s taking off. So, how’d that go? Joe asks rhetorically.

Kelly takes the police out (as Jack shouts – don’t listen to her, she’s lying!!!)

The DR explains that Yack’s brain is injured in the same spot damaged by the collapse. There’s no saying when he’ll wake up. As the DR gets back to work, Victor arrives to comfort Phyllis – nothing will keep Jack from his new bride. Victor squirms some more when eavesdropping – as Kyle tells Summer that Yack recognized the voice but couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Abby and Ben decide they’re now officially a couple. Once Sharon’s charges are officially dropped, how will the real killer react?

Nick hasn’t heard from Noah. He hopes Paul releases her (so he doesn’t have to explain to Faith) What the hell is Sharon thinking? Why pull a stunt like this? For you, Sage says.

At the station, Kevin won’t let Mike blame himself for Sharon sneaking out. He;s then stunned to hear he and Lauren have separated. Kevin doesn’t believe it’s mutual – Lauren wouldn’t ‘need a break’.

Sharon understands there’s consequences to her actions – but the facts of her case are the same. You still believe I’m being framed? The case against you is flawed, Paul admits (but will deny it elsewhere) Sharon’s done questionable things but didn’t kill Austin and Courtney. I know you know that.

If Joe was trying to manipulate Avery, he’d have figured out a way to do it without being paralyzed from the waist down. Go home – reassure Dylan. Avery will, eventually, but now we have work to do. Joe will show Avery how much he appreciates her support (but pulling himself out of his wheelchair)

Phyllis is at Yack’s bedside. She’s been through hell and back to be with him – she won’t lose him to a car wreck.

Victor suggests Summer and Kyle take a walk – only Phyllis is allowed to see him. He’s left to accost a nurse – the police left this for Kyle (his personal belongings) Victor will make sure he gets it. Inside the bag is a phone)

Kelly thanks the officers – when doing intensive therapy like this, it’s important to stay isolated. Dr, will you be OK here with this crazy man? Yes, Kelly assures- but needs their assistance before they go. Jack looks terrified.

Supported by parallel bars, Joe drags himself towards his cheerleader before almost collapsing. I’m so proud of you! Avery gives him a hug (as Dylan watches)

Nick’s really upset at Sharon. But no, he’s not going to the station to support her – not my job anymore, he tells Sage.

Sharon is her own worst enemy, Mariah gripes to Kevin and Noah (then warns Kevin he better run – she’s just like her Mother) Kevin ain’t going anywhere ~hug~ (both have odd expressions)

Mike at her side, Sharon spells it all out for Paul (who says she won’t just be in jail for one night – it’ll be until her trial) As Mike protests, Sharon’s now OK with being put behind bars – but asks Paul to FIND THIS KILLER.

Phyllis does the ole ‘wake up and open your eyes baby (at Yack’s bedside)

Goodnight officers – thanks for your help. Kelly then gets a call from Victor – ordering her to get rid of the phone Jack someone ‘got hold of’. I will, Kelly agrees.

You’re back! Phyllis is relieved when Yack opens his eyes. ‘Victor’ is his only word.

Don’t worry about Jack. Things are under control, Kelly assures Victor (as she eyes Jack – in a straight jacket and glaring with open hostility)

Next: Dylan blasts Paul at the station – I come back – Sharon’s locked up – and the real killer’s still out there!… Come on, let’s go home, Lauren reaches for Mike’s luggage. Stop it! You have to let me go! Mike snaps (gripping his suitcase) … You never get to sign all the documents you know, Victor tells Neil – who frowns and asks ‘are you saying someone should forge Jack’s signature’?

My Thoughts: Odd that Underground completely collapsed – yet the sign that’s ALWAYS looked ready to fall apart, remained intact ….. And just when I thought GCPD were the most incompetent force EVER. The St Martin (or wherever) cops really take the rumcake. Nevermind the loud, smelly guy handcuffed to a bed – in a shed – screaming that he’s been kidnapped. Let’s not verify his ID (or his DR’s ID) – or his story. Let’s just help him into this straight jacket. Why wouldn’t Jack mention the name of the hotel he and Phyllis checked into? …. Are we expected to believe that Yack came out of Peruvian prison with no prison tats? Let’s hope the toxicology report includes some sort of red flag (though him waking up to say Victor is a bit odd) … Of course Victor runs into a ditsy nurse who could be Ester’s long lost sister – and relieves her of Kyle’s personal effects (even though Victor’s not related to Kyle) .. Nice that Avery is Joe’s rehab partner – but shouldn’t there be someone with some training calling the shots? Like Sarge? Maybe Joe’s now remembering what a nagging shrew of a wife Avery was (not to mention a cheater)… Poor Jack – he’s going to come back to find his car insurance rate has quadrupled. I’m not sure they’ll buy the whole ‘it was my doppelganger who smashed that Ferrari’… Given how the media’s been all over the Newman/Abbott’s, it’s surprising no ambulance chaser/reporter is following Yack writing off a 400K Ferrari. And why aren’t the police investigating? Asking the driver of the other car what happened? (or does Paul only care if his wife and fetus are the victims) …. Why is Phyllis the only one allowed to see Yack? Kyle’s his son after all… Has Traci and /or Ashley been notified? They’ll be thrilled to hear that Victor was the first one notified. … What on earth does Victor see in Sage that makes him think she’s ‘capable’? Capable of what? Pouring drinks behind a bar? Because he has zero respect for Nick or Noah bartending. A half hour into Re-opening night and Nick PROBABLY has another case of vodka in the back? …. Mike tells Paul that Sharon ‘went to a party’? She wanted to ‘see her kids? (yeah, seeing her grown kids while risking not being able to see the youngest one; who needs her most). Cool that Miss ‘I wouldn’t hurt anyone’ remembers escaping through a bathroom window (conveniently ignoring that she knocked a guard unconscious to do it) .. Who cares that Victor Newman himself ‘called it in’ – does Paul prioritize crime based on who calls it in; as opposed to the crime itself? IE Victor tattling on a jaywalker takes precedence over say Gwen being assaulted? Yes, Sharon’s ‘breaking the law’ – but Victor’s a huge hypocrite – he’s not a law abiding citizen just looking out for everyone’s safety … Knowing what a scatterbrain she is, why wouldn’t Sharon set a reminder on her phone, or get an app to chime when it’s time to take her pills? And how do her meds mix with Chardonnay? Assuming she drove to the club, was she planning to get behind the wheel after drinking? Nice that Sharon has ‘forgiven’ everyone though.