Wednesday, May 6th

One more, one more. You did it! Avery’s ecstatic when Joe manages to drag himself the length of the parallel bars. But not so happy when he tells her it’s time for her to go home.

Sharon!? Dylan comes home to find Mike packed. He’s officially off guard duty. Sharon’s behind bars – probably until she goes on trial for murder.

At the station, Chris and Paul butt heads over Sharon – she may be convinced of her own innocence. Chris marches into the interrogation room – no Paul, no Dylan – now why should I believe you? she asks Sharon.

At the club, Lily admires Neil’s new CFO look. Re: office politics, Hilary’s not an issue. He’s more concerned about this partnerships between Jack and Victor; a train-wreck waiting to happen.

You finally open those gorgeous blue eyes and your first word is Victor? Phyllis jokes. Kyle’s fine – and relax. Yack’s not to worry about Victor (who watches through the window)

Ashley and Billy arrive to ask Victor how Kyle and Yack are. Kyle’s fine – he’s hoping for the best with Yack. Really? Ashley’s skeptical – if Yack doesn’t recover, the company is all Victor’s.

In the rehab room, Avery won’t let Dylan dictate when she leaves. No – it’s up to Joe – and he says it’s time. Neither guilt nor ‘charity case’ is keeping Avery here!! Then what is??? Dylan! she barks. His top priority is Sharon. And her concern is Joe. Yeah, well, he doesn’t want her here.

Dylan blames Mike – Sharon’s not thinking straight. She waltzed into the bar ready to reclaim her life. It was stupid, but Mike understands it. Dylan apologizes to Mike – and has NO intention of waiting until morning to help Sharon.

Chris and Sharon debate. One thing I’m not is a killer. This will be Chris’ first trial since she lost the baby. Sharon’s sorry – she’d never be responsible for causing a parent to lose a child (by murdering the beautiful young lady her son was about to marry) Sharon also makes a good case disputing the too-convenient evidence – she’s not that stupid.

Perfect timing – the ink’s not even dry on the merger, Ashley sneers. Victor saved Jack’s ass – they forged a friendship. She and Billy follow Victor inside. You had us all worried, Victor’s surprised to hear he’s the first one Yack asked for. Yack looks stressed – then distressed (as the monitors beep) We need a doctor!

Dylan’s having a hissy fit at the station – Sharon’s locked up and the killer’s out there! She was wrong, he admits. Wrong? She practically begged to be arrested! Paul sure hopes Dylan was this ‘impassioned’ when asking Avery to come home. Dylan’s then alarmed to hear that Sharon’s being questioned (by Chris) without an attorney. Yes, Paul told Chris about the holes in the case, but she’s still taking it to trial. Coming out, Chris refuses to discuss the case with Dylan (who’s then allowed to see Sharon – and vows that somehow, he’ll get her out of here)

Back in Chicago, Joe insists Avery go home – he needs to do this on his own. Dylan doesn’t want me to come home, Avery admits. Of course he does – he loves you and you love him (or you wouldn’t be hurting) Avery IS hurt – two guys have abandoned her in one night. Go home to Dylan, Joe wheels himself out. Good bye Avery.

Cane’s joined Neil and Lily for dinner. Neil saw Devon with Hilary, but he says they aren’t seeing each other. He WANTS to believe it. Gotta go, Neil leaves Lily to conclude that he hasn’t forgiven or forgotten (and that’s a good thing) With Jill and Collin watching the kids, Lily suggests Cane put his work aside – they’ll spend the night at the club.

In the club’s foyer, Lauren bumps into Mike. With Sharon in jail, he can come home. Nope, he can’t do that. You can’t? Or won’t? As they wrestle over the suitcase, Cane comes along (with Lily) – it IS his business – calm down (he tells Mike)

Phyllis confides in Victor (who’s sure Yack will get through this) Aside, Billy tells Ash that Victor would love to bury Jack (and comfort his widow too) No, Ashley knows Victor loves Nikki. Victor only loves Victor – never forget that, Billy warns. When a grave-faced Dr Shelby comes out, all wonder what he’s not saying.

The only way to prevent more seizures and protect Yack’s heart was to induce a coma. It’s not permanent. He should regain consciousness once he’s out of danger. Should? Is there a chance he won’t recover? Victor wonders.

Phyllis blubbers at Yack’s bedside. Honey – if you can hear me – we have a lot to live for. Think about our amazing honeymoon – the bed we never wanted to leave. Your silly bright ties and golf pants ….. *sniffle* I love the man you were – the man you are today.. come back to me.

Lauren assures Cane that there’s no problem, just an agreement they’re going home to discuss. No, Lauren’s going home (Mike takes his bag upstairs) As Lauren sniffles, Lily understands that Cane wants to console her. Work comes first – this is work right? she leaves.

Avery’s pouts over a typed (but not sent) text to Dylan; sorry we quarreled. Miss you. Coming home.

In the interrogation room, Dylan knows Paul’s doubting the evidence. Sharon’s not sure she got through to Chris. Dylan’s not giving up. He confides that Avery won’t leave Joe, and that she accused him of putting Sharon first. Basically, he and Avery are not in a good place. Refusing to leave without Sharon, Dylan goes looking for Chris. His phone left behind, Sharon reads Avery’s incoming text – and says with a smile ‘now it’s my turn to help you’.

Avery’s shocked by ‘Dylan’s’ reply (as sent by Sharon) You made your choice. I made mine. Finish what you started and so will I.

As Sharon replaces Dylan’s phone, he bursts in – why didn’t you tell me? Huh? That you did it! You got through to Chris! The William’s come in to announce the charges are being dropped. Thrilled, Sharon hugs everyone (then is left to give Dylan an extra hug – which turns into a kiss)

In Paul’s office, Chris says the roughest job is still ahead – tracking down the killer before someone else gets hurt.

Back at GCM, Ashley leads Phyllis out for a break. Billy stays to crack jokes about being fired and vow to protect Dad’s legacy (which can’t be left th that megalomaniac. We need you. I need you.

In Victor’s office, Neil’s updated on Jack’s accident/condition. Of course, Victor can count him him. Good, because a number of things need addressing. Jack never signed all the merger documents. If he dies, the merger never too place.

Victor hands over the page that worries him-signatures are needed. Ashley and Billy could reclaim Jabot (ending Jack’s vision) Are you saying someone should forge Jack’s signature? Victor didn’t say that – he just heard Neil say that.

Cane rejoins Lily as she mopes over a glass of wine. He put Lauren in a taxi. She’s a friend and business associate. Lily realizes she’s probably overreacting – and she she IS trying. But no, she no longer wants to get a suite for the night. Let’s go home (she clip clops off – leaving Cane to sigh)

Mr Smith opens the door to his suite and lets Felicity in. Something wrong? This whole thing is wrong, Mike starts removing his clothes. We can take things slow, Felicity can tell he’s new to this. Mike didn’t know what to expect, but wouldn’t change a thing. Assured he can have whatever he desires, Mike pauses – then unzips Felicity’s dress. He knows exactly what he wants.

Returning to the rehab work out room, Joe wonders why Avery’s still there. She confides her text to Dylan – and ‘his’ reply. He didn’t mean it, Joe’s sure. Avery won’t be staying here – since Joe doesn’t want her either. I lied, don’t go, Joe says.

Dylan and Sharon end their kiss – there’s paperwork to be done. No, Dylan doesn’t need to stay. Yeah, I should go home, he’s in a hurry. It was just a moment, they agree – a kiss between friends – adults. Sharon can’t lose her friend. Dylan promises she won’t – I’ll be back.

Billy at her side, Ashley hates to bring this up – but we need to be practical – about the company if Jack doesn’t recover. Phyllis is pissed – this is about control. No – Jack would be the first one to remind us that Victor’s thinking about business right now.

You’re either with me or not, Victor promises Neil that his will stay clean. He just needs Neil to back him up when the validity of the agreement is challenged. Neil doesn’t want to go to prison. Victor’s the one who gave him a chance – at redemption. The Abbott’s turned their backs when you were blind – so did your wife and son. Neil should hour his conscious. If you find this expert forger, how will you sell it? Neil asks. Leave it to me, Victor replies.

Dressed and seated on the bed, Mike spills his guts. What I desire – if only Felicity could give that to him. Mike wants to live. Everyone dies – but he’d like to live life without medication. He’d like to take his wife to bed – make love to her – to wake up to the smell of her hair, curve of her hip. But the reality is – he wants his wife to have everything she desires – everything he can no longer … I must be the worst client ever, Mike realizes. Felicity gives his a quick peck and nods off on his shoulder.

Next: Wouldn’t it be sweet satisfaction for you to take the helm as CEO of Jabot with Jack out of the way, Phyllis snarls. How dare you, Ashley fires back… I’m beginning to wonder if the damn thing was ever signed. You might know something about it, Billy tells Vikki … What the hell happened last night? Lauren asks. I paid a hooker to have sex with me, Mike responds.

My Thoughts: Poor Avery – ‘abandoned’ by two men (and she has the nerve to call Sharon needy) … Poor Sharon – a prisoner in her own home…. Great Joe! Now if you can install railings every place you intend to ‘walk’ (I mean drag yourself) you (and everyone else) won’t even notice that you’re paralyzed…. How’s Kyle? Ashley rushes into GCM to ask VICTOR (?!). Um, why not call his cell? Or Summer’s? … Why would Victor and Jack have a new logo made up – and announce their partnership, without all the paperwork being finalized? Jabot and Newman both have legal departments – yet neither were involved? …OK, so cancer has touched many of our lives – everyone reacts differently – but I can’t express how disappointed I am with how Mike and Lauren’s journey has been cheapened, and reduced to just another cheating storyline. I guess I should be happy that I’m not having my heart ripped out, but somehow, I’m just left dissatisfied. There’s no room for romance, or cheering for one’s favourite couple or character. Boooo (<--- yes, that's me booing)