Thursday, May 7th

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Devon wants to stop hiding – let’s have lunch at the club today. But Lily or Neil might see us, Hilary reminds that Devon’s just started to mend fences. Neil will respect us being honest with him – we can’t let history repeat itself. Everything will be OK (but Devon also looks worried after Hilary leaves to do errands)

Lily approaches Cane and Lauren’s table to say there’s a cop upstairs (she saw an escort leaving someone’s room) On cue, Mike’s lead over in handcuffs (charged with solicitation) The woman was picked up outside. There must be some mistake, Lauren’s sure – she’ll meet Mike at the station.

Nikki’s stunned to hear that while Jack’s life hangs in the balance, Ashley and Billy are trying to scuttle the merger. She’s not surprised it’s taken an ugly turn – but what’s she to do? Sign the this contract to validate the merger. Why am I a witness? Nikki’s puzzled. Because Jack and I thought you objective. And she’s no idiot either – I wasn’t there when it was signed – why bring it to me now?

If Jack was awake, he’d be glad you weren’t here (to see him have a seizure) Abby comforts Kyle (who still won’t be able to forgive himself if his Dad doesn’t wake up)

Ashley badgers Phyllis – if there’s no contract, there’s no merger. The Abbott’s have no say – Jabot is being folded into Newman. This is NOT what Jack would want. Phyllis suspects that Ashley hopes Jack doesn’t wake up – so she can take the helm as Jabot’s CEO (an accusation Ashley doesn’t deny)

Ashley won’t be accused of caring more about business than her brother’s life. Abby and Kyle appear – what’s going on? Ashley wants to reverse the merger, Phyllis tattles. Ashley’s trying to protect the family legacy. If something happens to Jack, Victor will eliminate the Abbott’s from Jabot. She wants to see the contract (if there is one) Has anyone seen the contract? Nope – but no one’s suspicious. Ashley leaves them to stew – and goes in to sit at Yack’s bedside. I’m going to do some things you won’t agree with – I don’t understand – this is our Father’s company. Victor’s going to kill it. I love you.

Back in Vikki’s office, Vikki’s never seen the contract – but is sure it exists. You’d love to get Jabot and your job back, Vikki knows – why stir things up? Things have never been better. For you – brand new title – NE expanding – working with your boyfriend. No, we’re over, Vikki informs.

Lily knew the Baldwin’s were having problems, but not at this level. Cane has no idea why Mike would turn to a prostitute – like he wants to help Lauren. Cane wished he could help her.

In an interrogation room, Lauren wants to know what the hell happened last night. I paid a hooker to have sex with me, Mike states.

What part doesn’t Lauren understand? Any of it. It wasn’t about just sex – Mike’s been under pressure – tired of fighting – tired of expectations. So you turned to someone with no expectations? Yes, Felicity. THAT’s her name. Lauren says the cancer is OUR problem. I still love you – but you’d rather have sex with some stranger than come home to me, Lauren cries.

Lily doubts there’s anything anyone can do for Lauren and Mike at this point. Cane’s going to tr. Love you (and off he goes – leaving Lily in distress) Devon comes over – what’s wrong? My husband cares more about Lauren’s marriage than ours.

Phyllis is glad to hear Ashley’s gone. Abby says her Mom’s really worried about Jack. Phyllis thinks her more worried about herself. Even Kyle can’t defend Ashley. Abby’s not comfortable with it – but it’s like Uncle Jack signed off on the company and doesn’t care. Vikki’s not a dream boss. She killed their successful perfume. There’s two sides to this.

Billy’s stunned – why didn’t Vikki tell him? She assumed he’d heard by now – since Ben’s moved on with Abby. She’s fine – it was for the best. Of course she’s OK being single again. Billy asks Vikki to help – ask Victor if Jack actually signed the contract. Why would she do that? Because she has integrity – and knows he could be right. You know what your Father’s capable of.

Victor planned for Nikki to be there when the contract was signed, but Jack dropped by and said ‘let’s get it done’. He didn’t care that there was no witness. Neil adds that Jack’s been doing things on his own schedule. Nikki isn’t sure – it doesn’t seem right. Neil and Victor pressure her – this is what Jack wants; to bury the feud. Just sign it sweetheart. As she does so, Neil and Victor share a look.

As Neil and Nikki chit chat, Hilary comes in looking for Victor. *awkward* Neil takes the paperwork (their hands touch briefly) After Hilary leaves, Nikki’s amazed Neil didn’t choke Hilary. The Devon/Hilary affair crushed Neil – but yes, he’s sober since Nikki gave him a harsh lecture. How often does he want to drink? Her minute of every day is all.

Cane’s appointed himself as Lauren’s support system. No – it’s beyond friendship and work partners. And Lauren has a history of turning to other men. Cane wouldn’t cheat, Devon’s sure. Lily’s expressed her concern and Cane’s STILL not setting boundaries. Not everyone cheats, Devon tells Lily to believe in Cane. Getting a call, Devon hurries off. Lauren takes his seat to update Lily that she bailed Mike out (but now has no idea where he is) Where’s Cane? Lauren would like to get back to work. He’s a Godsend, Lauren couldn’t have managed without him. Lily forces a smile.

At the station, Cane grills Felicity – the man she was with last night is a friend of his. It’s not his style to step outside his marriage. Yes, Felicity heard all about how much he loves his wife. Yes, all they did is talk. Cane’s left to call Mike – we need to talk now.

Kyle and Phyllis have a talk in Yack’s room. No, she doesn’t blame Kyle for the accident. Yes, he’ll come back to us. And when he does, he’ll talk to Billy and Ashley (about what they’re trying to do)

Vikki doesn’t want to pry info out of her Dad for Billy. Ashley appears – legal doesn’t have a copy of this contract. She left a message for Hilary too. Victor appears – yes, everything IS in order, Smugly, he hands Ashley the contract.

At CL’s, Cane confronts Mike – he knows he didn’t have sex with the prostitute. Go and tell Lauren the truth. No – he wants to irrevocably push Lauren away. He can’t be what she needs emotionally, physically. She deserves more than a husband she pities. It’s BECAUSE Mike loves Lauren that she must let her go. Cane speaks from experience – he and Lily got past it. You can have that with Lauren IF you want it. Our marriage is over, Mike walks.

Hilary meets Devon in his suite – she couldn’t meet him for lunch because she had a run in with Neil. He’ll never get over it. We should be friends. Is that what you want? Devon stops her from leaving ~kiss~

Cane’s with Lauren at the bar. Mike’s in a dark place – he needs time and space. He’ll hit rock bottom and come to his senses. As Cane hugs a weeping Lauren, Lily watches.

Cue the sexy sax music. Devon and Hilary are rolling around in bed.

In Victor’s office, Neil asks Nikki is she’s tempted. Surprisingly no – she won’t let Victor or anything drive her to drink. She’s stronger every day. Neil’s glad to hear it, and proud (and doesn’t see Nikki eyeing the booze a few feet away)

Phyllis holds Yack’s hand – no more sports cars. Safe sports only. Smile for me baby. When Kyle worries his Dad won’t have a future with them, Phyllis hugs him.

Interesting timing, Ashley hands the contract to Billy. Victor says that’s that – it’s business as usual. Nope – that’s not Jack’s signature, Billy declares. All glare at one another.

Next: Adam and Chelsea make love … Please tell me Jack signature wasn’t forged, Vikki asks her Dad … Billy confronts Neil – you’re the one who can’t see the truth – you didn’t even realize it when your son and wife were cheating on you. Neil punches Billy.

My Thoughts: It seems silly for everyone to think Jack won’t come out of his coma – months after Phyllis woke up from hers. He just needs some of Dr Cuttler’s coma juice …. I’m surprised that Neil would go along with Victor’s wrongdoing. He’s always been annoyingly righteous … And if pressured, will Nikki really stick by her lie? I’m guessing she realizes Victor’s duped her, and heads straight for the bottle….. It’s as if Jack signed it himself, Victor crows – like he has Jack’s signature engraved in his memory. Does he even have anything to compare it too? … Where are the Jabot board members in all this? The ones who were willing to oust Jack? They’re not even challenging Hex being pulled from the shelves it was recently ‘flying off’? … Nice that Devon remembers Mother’s Day (as it relates to Hilary) – but what about HIS Mother? Will he even call Yolanda? …How could Felicity not recognize Mike Baldwin? He’s represented every high profile defendant in town (most recently Sharon) and his face was all over the media when his and Avery’s partnership was announced …. Why wouldn’t nosy Lily check to see who the suite’s rented to before calling the police? She must have guessed it’d be likely be someone she knows (or is related to) … Lily and Neil MIGHT see us? Hilary frets. I’d say it’s a certainty since Lily’s never seen anywhere else BUT the club …. An officer is discussing Mike being charged with solicitation – in the middle of a dining room? And how was Felicity spotted outside the club? Unless she was swinging her purse and leaning into car windows to negotiate a price, she doesn’t look any more a hooker than Lily or Lauren… We haven’t been exactly close lately, Phyllis tells Kyle. Oh? Is she referring to the time she put her tongue down his throat? (which is even more repulsive to think about with nuPhyllis and nuKyle)