Monday, May 11th

I am out of time. Sorry. No time for proofreading. It’s my son’s birthday and he insists on cake and whatnot. Tomorrow, I’ll post photos of myself and Lyndsay with CBL (Michael Baldwin)

Yes, Dylan’s been waiting at the station all day for Sharon – let’s get out of here – unless she has a better offer. Nope. But she worries how Avery will react to her release (and she won’t be the only one)

At Underground, Sage looks uncomfortable that Nick’s all business – until she gets woozy (from not eating) He knows they aren’t ‘together’ but still wants to take care of Sage.

Jack remains oh so still as Kelly shaves him with a straight razor. Good thing she forgives him for stabbing her in the neck with the pen. Let’s get you cleaned up for treatment – today we work on your muddled up memory.

Adam and the chip on his shoulder have been summoned to Victor’s office – for some flattery. We have more in common than you realize, Victor claims.

Bringing sketches to the lab, Chelsea lets Ashley know that she’s a valuable part of this company (despite what Billy thinks of her) She peeks her head in the office to see Billy holding Vikki’s hands – you make everything better (she’s patched up his cut)

Phyllis babbles at Yack’s bedside – wake up – right now – please. Yack does so. Hi baby! Phyllis is thrilled. Do I know you? Yack’s puzzled.

Sage is struggling with being friend-zoned. Nick doesn’t want to hurt her, but must focus on his family (but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Sage) He still wants to be friends. That’s not how Sage feels about Nick – at all.

Yes, Adam IS loyal – to Jack – so he can’t be an impartial go-between. OK – Adam might do it for the right amount AND a position over Vikki. As Adam talks about once making a deal with the devil, Victor dismisses him – Thanks for coming by. He then opens up his laptop to see a photo of ‘Gabe’ surrounded by ‘fans’

Things are awkward enough in the office when Chelsea joins Billy and Vikki – and then Ashley makes things worse with snide remarks. Kyle marches in barking orders about a music download – he plans to report real progress when his Dad wakes up – which’ll be soon. We gotta be ready.

It’s me, your wife, Phyllis. Dr Shelby asks her to leave. In the hallway, Phyllis calls Ashley (he’s awake!) As Phyllis pokes her head back in the doorway, Dr Shelby’s asking Yack – do you know your name? It seems he does NOT.

My name is … Jack Abbott, Phyllis runs over to say. Dr Shelby takes her outside – agitation won’t help. I’m calm, Phyllis says.

Sharon’s officially free to go – she’s so relieved that Paul and Chris know she didn’t hurt anyone. She thanks Dylan ‘for a million things’ – I’m free – you’re free – no more babysitting. If I overstepped, Sharon stammers about the kiss. It was relief, Dylan understands. It won’t hurt their friendship.

Nick’s kicking Sage out (why? because he wants her too?) Adam arrives – to see Sage. Victor’s trying to make me his ally. He likes being one up on dear old Dad. He’s asking questions, Sage warns – stay under the radar. Getting a call that Sharon’s out, Nick leaves Sage to be teased by Adam (who admits he and Chelsea had sex again – and is encouraged that she called out his name)

Kelly coaches Jack – who insists it’s Phyllis he’s married to. She has some pills that ought to help – relax and let the magic happen. Gahhhh – Jack screams in frustration.

What’s happening tome? Jack’s woozy – as he slurs about marrying Phyllis. No – you married me, Kelly corrects – Phyllis fell down stairs, went into a coma – then she was dead. You and I fell in love – the ceremony was beautiful. Here’s our wedding rings. All coming back to you now huh Jack?

As Ashley and Billy are grilling Dr Shelby, Victor joins Vikki (thanks for calling) Kyle then arrives to tell the Newman’s that he was driving – and the call came to his phone. Victor tells Billy that he’s here to see his partner and friend. Dr Shelby announces that family can visit Yack. The Newman’s hover as Dr Shelby tells Phyllis that Yack may not regain his memory.

You wife being in love with a ghost is NOT progress. Sage agrees she has no room to talk. You DO look like hell, you should get something to eat, Adam says – then is surprised when Chelsea comes to Underground looking for him.

Sharon’s delighted with her homecoming party; Faith, Noah, Mariah, Nick. Tonight is all about good news – and cookies. Aside, Nick tells Dylan he’s a jackass for doubting Sharon’s innocence. Sometimes its the person you think you know the most that you know the least (Dylan’s left to mull that one over)

No, Chelsea doesn’t need to speak in private – she just wanted to tell Adam that Jack’s awake. You go – she’s left to chat with Sage (who tells Chelsea that it was Gabe’s fault) I did the wrong thing – Chelsea brings up Adam. Sage mentions him killing Delia. But you didn’t see his confession – he wasn’t a cold blooded killer. OK – but he’s still gone. Maybe that’s a good thing – he can never hurt me again.

Yack puts a stop to the babbling – they’re swarming me. Dr Shelby ushers everyone out – even Phyllis. He needs rest. Yack’s startled when Victor comes in. You a specialist? It’s not important who I am – it’s important you know who YOU are; Jack Abbott. Or maybe just somebody you paid to play Jack Abbott. Gottcha – I’m a better Jack than Jack! Yack grins; utterly delighted with himself.

Oh relax – Yack’s merely exposing his options. Door#1; Jack regains his memory and we all continue… Door#2. He tells everyone who he is – a convict doing Victor’s bidding. Door 1 will cost Victor incentive – freedom – to let Jack be Jack. Everything will work out fine. You’re forgetting something – door #3; Victor is not intimidated.

Our vows. Yes! Good job Jack – you remember our wedding, Kelly claps. I was SO Happy to take you Jack. And you said….. I take you, Kelly, to be my wife. So pretty (he sees her in a wedding dress)

Heading back to Underground, Nick’s taking Faith to the tackhouse. Noah offers to stay with her. Mariah will too. Yes, it’s cool with Nick. Let’s go. Sharon hopes things will be better for everyone (but is disappointed with his ‘get some rest’) Sharon’s left with Dylan – sorry about the text Avery sent. You’re an amazing man – you deserve a lot more, Sharon kisses him.

Nick returns to Underground to update that Sharon’s good – leaning on Dylan. We could all use someone to lean on. OK – he DID come back to check on Sage. What’s going on? I’m pregnant.

Dylan puts the brakes on – I’m sorry. No, Sharon’s sorry – it was … No, don’t go – nothing happened. I don’t want to be alone my first night home. No, Dylan doesn’t want to go home to an empty apartment. Help me clean up.

Phyllis has photos to show Yack – but sure he’ll remember (he got his legs back after all) Kyle continues to blame himself.

Kelly leads a woozy Jack around in a dance. Mrs Jack Abbott, he drools on her shoulder. My husband, my love – this is just the beginning.

Back at the lab, Chelsea chats with Billy – if there’s anything I can do…But she’s all but forgotten when Vikki comes out with some research on amnesia.

Victor tells Yack that the 3rd choice is injecting air into his IV line. You’ll die of cardiac arrest. With Jack’s signature on the contract, Yack can kick the bucket. As Victor prepares a big syringe, Yack protests – Victor. Victor, listen to me. Hey – Adam comes in – what the hell are you doing with that?!

Next: If you’re going to accuse my Father or fraud and forgery, you better have proof, Vikki snarls. Oh look – proof, Billy chirps with confidence … I just think it’s for the best if you don’t see Sage anymore, Sharon tells Nick… No need to leave Genoa City Sir, the cop says into his phone. Genoa City! That’s where I’m from, Jack gets excited.

My Thoughts: Noooooo. Of course Sage is pregnant. Of course the babydaddy is either Nick or his half bro Adam. I’d suggest a DNA test, but we all know how reliable those are… If it’s Nick’s, Sharon’s head will spin off her shoulders … If it’s Adam’s, it throws only a minor hurdle into his quest for Chelsea. So – I’m guessing it’ll be Nick’s (that said, there’s no guarantee Sage will actually have this baby) … Kelly must be stronger than we thought – dragging dead weight Jack around in circles. Never mind shaving him, where’s Jack been relieving himself? Is there a bedpan beneath the bed? And what pills is he on?? He should have developed a tolerance when he was hooked on oxycodone (which aren’t exactly a hallucinogenic) … As loathsome as Adam is, I hope he takes Victor Newman down – and I can’t wait to see his reaction to Billy and Vikki getting cozy. Will Daddy’s girl stand up for herself?… Ashley’s in the lab – and she’s wearing a lab coat – but what exactly is she working on?? Abby and Ben have the day off? … What the hell is Kyle talking about with this ‘app’