Friday, May 8th

Napping on the sofa, Chelsea awakens from a very erotic dream – of Adam.

In the lab, Billy declares Jack’s signature a forgery. Why haven’t we seen it before now? Ashley adds. It’s Jack’s signature – simple, Victor ‘assures’. Are you really gonna let him get away with this? Billy makes Vikki squirm.

As Hilary and Devon make love in his suite, Gwen joins Neil in Victor’s office. She strokes his ego – the company is in good hands. Neil wishes it were that simple.

Nikki orders club soda – but eyes the bottles of booze behind the bar as she thinks about signing the contract. She’s typed out a text to Neil; I lied. I need help.

Vikki has no reason to believe Jack didn’t sign the contract. He fired you, Victor reminds Billy. He and Ashley are fighting for their Father’s company. You couldn’t shine your Dad’s shoes, Victor thinks Billy an embarrassment to the family (who’ve all turned their backs on him) How many have turned their backs on YOU? Billy snapsback. Not too many, Victor has a wife, children, grandchildren and runs a multi billion dollar company – everyone’s dumped you. Calm down, Vikki murmurs to her Dad (as Billy looks hurt)

Vikki referees – this is a business discussion. Tell your Dad that, Billy says. Victor merely came to show them the signed contract. Billy hands the paper to Ashley (who doesn’t comment either way) Billy will prove it’s a forge – and bring Victor down once and for all. After the Abbott’s step out, Vikki asks her Dad if the signature is legit.

In the lab, Billy rants. Ashley worries that if it’s a forgery, Victor will have made damn sure it can’t be detected. She has another way to find out if it’s real – the witness.

Nikki orders another drink – this time with vodka please. The bartender pours.

In Victor’s office, Gwen’s offer to lend Neil an ear is declined. But since she’s here – let’s go over the sales figures. But first, some Indian food for lunch. Reading Nikki’s text, Neil apologizes – he can’t do lunch. A friend’s in trouble.

Chelsea opens her door – she and Adam share a loaded look.

Chelsea blames Adam for ruining her life – she should be married to Billy right now. You should be thanking me! Adam argues – and does NOT think Chelsea wants him ‘gone’. Her eyes concur.

Is that Jack’s signature? Victor’s sure that when Jack wakes up, he’ll verify it is – and Billy Boy will have to concede defeat. You didn’t have to be so hard on him, Vikki chides. Hmmm, Victor gets a text from Abby – Jack’s condition remains the same. You really do care about him, Vikki realizes.

In bed, Hilary hates that Neil will be hurt. Devon can’t keep this secret again. Hilary gets a text from Ashley – she needs to see me. Neil will come around, Devon reassures again.

Back at the bar, Nikki’s relieved when Neil replies – on my way. She pushes the drink aside and is then surrounded by Ashley and Billy. Taking a table, Ashley mentions the contract – you were there when Jack signed it. Victor won’t tell us when Jack signed it – when did you sign it? You didn’t see Jack sign this, did you? Ashley pulls out the contract. Neil appears – step off. Nikki and I both saw Jack sign. Wow – you sold out to Victor too, Billy’s disappointed.

Neil will ‘go easy’ on Billy, knowing he’s worried about his brother. Yes, perhaps Billy IS acting out of character – but what’s NEIL’S excuse. Did Victor offer him a corner office – to forge the signature of your unconscious friend? Neil knows what Jack wants. You don’t know the first thing about my family – you know Jack would never team up with Victor! Billy argues. He changed after the collapse, Nikki reminds. Yes, he had a concussion, Billy thinks Jack’s not thinking clearly – or being manipulated. We all know Victor has no conscious. Has he corrupted you so much that you’d do this to Jack – a man you care about?? We gave you proof – accept the truth, Neil says. You don’t know the truth – not even when your wife and son were cheating on you! (Billy then gets punched)

Adam’s deluding himself if he thinks it was anything more than sex. Chelsea just wanted revenge on Billy. She came to Adam because he was easy – and right across the hall. You don’t mean anything to me. But when Adam kisses her, Chelsea responds – then pulls away. Yes, she wants him to stop. Are you saying I don’t mean anything to you? Adam challenges.

Devon races in (with Hilary) to break up Neil and Billy. You have no choice but to accept the truth, Neil concludes. Maybe not – Billy asks Hilary to look at the contract (as Neil comments on Devon and Hilary arriving together) Did Hilary ever see this document? Did Jack sign this? Hilary’s seen every document Jack’s signed. But no, she’s never seen this. Then who signed it? Ashley glares at Neil.

How can we believe anything Hilary says? Jack signed the papers, Neil claims. Jack’s hardly at Jabot anymore. It’s possible Nikki witnessed Jack sign and he didn’t take them to Jabot. Maybe Ashley doesn’t know her brother as well as she thinks. Billy wonders why the contract’s been so hard to find. Nikki reminds all that this is what Jack wants – he’ll say so when he wakes up. And if he doesn’t? Are you OK perpetuating this lie? Billy’s sure a handwriting expert will prove the signature false – and then he’ll see Nikki in court.

On is way out, Billy tells Victor that it won’t work – Nikki’s too good and decent to follow through on his lie. Ashley also thinks it low what Victor’s doing to his wife. Nikki thanks Neil (who leaves when Victor joins her) Jack didn’t sign that contract did he? she confronts him.

Never mind what’s going on with Billy – what’s going on with you two? Neil grills Devon; who admits that he and Hilary are back together.

Are you that full of yourself? No one can resist you? Chelsea huffs. Yes, Adam’s a self centered jerk with a big ego. He knows Chelsea has feelings for him – but doesn’t want to hurt Billy. His dear friend in a coma, Adam wants to seize the day. What we shared was more than revenge sex – we have a connection. Tell me you don’t feel anything for me and I’ll leave. Just say it. Chelsea kisses him – and the clothes come off.

Devon explains that Hilary lied – saying they’d both been duped, hoping that Neil would forgive him. She sacrificed her own happiness so we could be happy. For a few days? Neil’s not impressed. Hilary’s the reason you didn’t go to prison. Just accept that we’re together and in love.

You want me to approve you being together? Neil doesn’t believe a word either of them say. Devon thought they’d made progress. Hilary saved you from going to jail. Neil bets he can guess how – she’ll decimate you – son. Not true – Hilary loves Devon. Like you loved me? Neil wishes them both pain and unhappiness. Karma’s a bitch, he stomps off.

At the lab, Ashley tends to Billy’s but lip. What happened Vikki asks? Was it Gabe? My Dad? No, Neil. Then he must have a reason for doing it. Billy’s surprised Vikki’s OK with her Mom being brought into this. Ashley used to convince herself that Victor had done nothing wrong – but you know it – and have to live with it every day. Can you? Live with yourself? Knowing what Victor’s doing to us? At a loss for words, Vikki goes to get a first aid kit.

Nikki wants Victor to answer her questions – she believed what he told her, the Abbott’s not so much. Victor can handle Billy and Ashley, it’s imperative that Nikki be on his side. Then tell me the truth – or I’ll go drink every drop of alcohol behind that bar. Are you serious? Yes, Nikki’s dead serious.

Chelsea and Adam have hot steamy sex (I think I heard her whisper, Adam in his ear)

Upstairs, Hilary wants to call the whole thing off. No, Devon only regrets they weren’t honest with Neil at the beginning.

Gwen returns to Victor’s office (for her tablet) – to find Neil icing his hand. Her offer to talk still stands. Hilary and Devon are back together – they expected me to move on. Did it feel good when you punched Devon? No – Neil hit someone else (who deserved it) Gwen tends to his hand – you don’t deserve to be hurt ~ kiss~

You’d sacrifice your sobriety to spite me? Victor scowls. You’d let me? Victor won’t be emotionally blackmailed by Nikki. If she doesn’t want to lie for his sake, do it for the family. Oh, there it is – the family card. Jack signed that damn contract, Victor finally claims.

Vikki cleans up Billy’s cut – she’s worried about him; Chelsea cheating, getting fired, Jack’s accident. And don’t forget your Dad trying to steal Jabot. But don’t worry about me – I won’t fall into a bottle, a woman’s bed, or a poker game. This is the new Billy. And he won’t need anyone to lean on. Jack’s cleaned up all his messes – it’s time he stepped up – repaid the favour.

Well that was surprising, especially when you called out Adam’s name. OMG – OMG – it’s not OK, Chelsea’s alarmed – You should go – this shouldn’t have happened. It’s happened before – it’s like I can’t get Adam out of my head. Yes, she loved him – he may be the only man she’ll ever love. It feels like I’m cheating on him – please go. Adam leaves (looking pleased)

Next: I think you and I have more in common than you realize, Victor tells Adam … Sharon leans in to kiss Dylan …. Jack, Jack, Jack – hi baby! Phyllis is thrilled. Do I know you? Yack looks puzzled.

My Thoughts: Chelsea and Adam were smokin’ today. Way more chemistry than he had with Sage – and her with Billy…. Did Neil forge Jack’s signature himself? It’s so out of character for him to be doing this. And I can only hope Nikki – or Vikki, does the right thing… Where’s Traci? … Neil’s an idiot – wasn’t his main reservation with Hilary, her age? Now he’s going after yet another ‘young lady’ his daughter’s age – and who’s ALSO had sex with his son. Winters family gatherings should be very interesting if and when they accomplish it… Anita watched Billy publicly humiliate he daughter – why hasn’t she been fussing over Chelsea? (does Jeff even know? Or is he still off on a racing yachts?) …If Victor wanted Nikki to be convincing, why didn’t he drum it into her head what date she supposedly witnessed Jack signng the contract? .. Yet again, I find myself wondering why I’m even watching. There’s no one left remotely likable in GC. .. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there!!