Tuesday, May 12th

What the hell are you doing? Are you alright Jack? Victor takes Adam outside – he’s sensitive. Sensitive!? You were trying to kill him!!

At the mansion, Summer’s brought a bag of stuff to remind Yack of who he is. Yes, we need the REAL Jack, Phyllis agrees.

Vikki’s sorry Yack’s lost his memory. Billy’s sorry Yack’s in a bed while Victor takes advantage – and forged Jack’s signature. We don’t know that. You better have proof! Billy’s phone rings – oh look – proof!

Chelsea scolds a sleeping Connor for finger painting on her bedspread. She knows he misses Billy – and it’s because of me. Change and loss is part of life.

Pregnant – wow. Is the baby mine? Nick asks Sage. Yes, the baby’s yours. Um – Nick was told Sage …couldn’t …. She was told years ago she could never have kids. She has an appointment with an obgyn later. Does she know what she’s going to do? Sharon appears – am I interrupting? No – Sage leaves – to go to her thing. A thing? Sounds important, Sharon observes.

Billy updates Vikki – a top handwriting expert has deemed the signature inconclusive. They butt heads – I had an expert analyze an expert – Victor had the job done right – but Billy’s not giving up. If Vikki was honest, she’d agree.

Victor picked the syringe up off the floor – it’s dangerous. Nothing was in it – forget it. OK, Adam agrees – but it’ll cost you.

Kyle returns something he hid for Jack – his class ring (while him Mom’s death was being investigated) The doll? It was Aunt Traci’s. Here’s Ashley’s bracelet. Why would it be important to Yack? Because they were gifts for every year he missed out on being Summer’s Dad. Phyllis delivers a pep talk – we have to believe we can bring him back. Phyllis leaves Summer to ask Kyle if he’s OK. Just because things got weird, she still cares about him.

Nick didn’t expect to see Sharon (who will celebrate with Dylan later) She’s worried about Noah (and why Nick’s districted) Anything else? Yes, Faith – can we go back to shared custody?

Billy reminds that Victor had Vikki arrested during their wedding. That was such a long time ago, she shrugs it off. And what about keeping him in a Myanmar prison – away from his sick daughter. Then bringing Chelsea to town. Oh – then he hired a hooker to hit on me. He did all this to YOU, the daughter he loves- what would Victor do to Jack – a man he hates??

So, I’m supposed to NOT tell the Abbott’s that you tried to kill Jack – right after the signed contract appeared? Adam wants a position – with all the trimmings – he wants higher status, more money than Vikki. Victor chuckles – the difference between ‘negotiating with leverage and blackmail is a line you just crossed. You keep your mouth shut without me buying you silence. Why? Because we all have secrets – right Gabriel? You think about the only option you have, Victor walks into the hallway…..

By phone, the St Martin cop assures Victor that everything is under control. I need the phone! Jack wants to call home. Victor doesn’t trust any of them on the island (including Kelly or the cop) Don’t make me come down there. No need to leave GC Sir, the cops says. That’s where I’m from! Jack continues to blather in the background. My family think I’m dead – tell them!!! The cop exits.

At GCM, a smiling Sage flashes back to making love to Nick – then her rough sex with Adam. The doctor reports she is indeed pregnant. I was told that wasn’t possible. It’s a miracle. Yes, it’s a welcome pregnancy. The Father? How does he feel about the baby?

Nick’s not so eager to give Sharon full custody – she’s doing inappropriate things – like coming to Underground. You made a mistake too – punching a reporter (and I defended you to CPS) Sharon knows their relationship is over – but Faith is a shared responsibility and bond. Let’s do what’s best for her – she needs a Mother and Father. Why is Nick so distracted? Did something happen? No. Sharon wants Faith to know that they’re both equally responsible in raising her. Nick can’t guarantee things won’t change at some point.

Vikki knows how far her Father will go – but there’s no proof. Billy’s driven-convinced – maybe Jack was tricked, but something’s off. And knowing Vikki as he does, Billy knows she believes him. Chelsea arrives to discuss sketches – but not right now. When? Later – Vikki has something urgent to take care of. Billy admires the childrenswear sketches. How’s Connor? He misses you.

Adam’s with Yack – You don’t think Victor really knows who I am do you? Yack has no idea – who are you? Feel better, Adam slips out. Yack pops an eye open. Victor returns. Yack had a lovely visit with Gabe. I’m not ‘expendable”- I’m the one person who can find out his secret. OK – but stop acting recklessly – or else, Victor warns.

Sharon credits Dylan, Mariah and Noah etc – she’ll live up to Nick’s trust. OK- he’ll think about custody, but not today – he needs to get things done. Sharon asks what she walked in on with Sage – for Faith’s benefit is he still seeing her? She worries – about me. It’s none of Sharon’s business, but it’s best for Faith’s sake that Nick don’t see Sage anymore.

The DR is told that the Father of Sage’s baby will be a wonderful Father, if he chooses to be.

Vikki wants the truth this time – did Victor forge Jack’s signature. You pressured him – and the signed contract suddenly turns up when Jack’s in the hospital. It’s not Billy’s fault she’s confronting her Father. Victor’s so disappointed that she doubts him – so must bring in someone else. You wanted to see me? Adam strolls in.

Phyllis has an album of memories – and gifts from Summer and Kyle (no, Summer’s not his) Yack turns the pages. You saved my life. How? Years ago, Phyllis went through IVF – hormones made her very sick – she almost died. Do you remember that? Yack’s sorry …. Phyllis won’t let Yack slip away from her. I need you to come back to me. Please. Yack remembers Istanbul – a waiter – it’s coming back to me. I love you Red ~kiss~

Connor’s been asking for you – he’s a terror with the new babysitter. Kids don’t like change. If Connor needs me, Billy can be his friend. He hasn’t had time to spend with Johnny and Katie. He hates what Chelsea did – but publicly humiliating Chelsea wasn’t right. The outcome would still be the same though – we wouldn’t be together. Billy then steps out to take a call.

Well, Sharon should go, Dylan’s waiting for her. Sage returns *awkward* It’s confirmed – I’m pregnant, she announces. Wow. Sage is sorry this complicates Nick’s life, but being a Mom is all she’s ever wanted – it’s her miracle. You don’t have to be around – I’m going to raise it – I won’t ask for anything – no expectations.

No, need for Vikki to leave her Dad’s office. This involves her too. From now on, ‘Gabe’ will work alongside Vikki – peers – same title – same compensation – and responsibilities. How could you do this to me? Vikki’s pissed.

My family – my wife – she’s coming, Jack babbles. YOU – you have to call my family – tell them I’m alive. You’re too loud, he cop grumbles. Your wife will be back (he leaves)

Yack’s happy Kyle’s OK. He mentions the phone call – what was it about? Wrong number. Billy’s surprised to be called Billy Boy – he hated seeing his brother hurt. We need to talk business. But you’re no longer at Jabot, Yack reminds. Do you remember signing this? Billy shows him the contract.

Nick understands why this baby ‘s important to Sage – but honestly, it’s the last thing he was expecting – he doesn’t want Faith to feel threatened. But no, he doesn’t want Sage to leave. He needs time to figure out how to tell Faith. Do I seem like the type of guy who’d send you off to raise this baby alone? They agree to keep it quite. Faith will be happy about it, some day. Are you happy? Yes – this baby’s ours. Nick loves being a Dad. Sage is in tears ~hug~ Over her shoulder, Nick’s not quite so thrilled.

Vikki and Adam bicker as they arrive at the lab. Chelsea’s told to forget the kid’s line – go work on the men’s line. Adam shakes his head – that’s the last time you talk to Chelsea like that (which puts a smile on her face)

The merger agreement – yes, Yack remembers signing it. Victor quietly closes the door and smirks.

Next: Avery bellows at Sharon – How does a man’s wallet fall out of his pocket unless he was on his back and you were on top of him!? … Ben confronts Ashley: Everything about you screams that you have a problem with me seeing Abby … Mariah hovers as Summer leaves a message for Paul – call me back when you can. There’s something going on at the cabin.

My Thoughts: So Nick thinks that protection should only be used against pregnancy? Not STD’s/HIV? He knows nothing of Sage’s sexual history. What if she slept with famed playboy Gabe (before he died – never mind the problems it’ll cause if Adam’s the babydaddy) Sage having Nick’s miracle baby is sure to send Sharon’s head spinning right off her shoulders (and I’d keep my eye on big sister Faith)….. Bwa ha ha – go Adam. I hope he makes Vikki’s work week a living hell. How could she ever think her Father respects her as a business woman? He might as well tell her to go home and back some cookies …. Victor didn’t cave in to Adam’s demands – he’s on par with Vikki, not above .. Oh – so Vikki thinks everything he Father did was fine – because it didn’t break her and Billy up?…. Where’s Nikki? Is she off drinking again with Neil? …Oh Summer, Yack’s not going to remember all those stupid trinkets he gave you… And has Kyle really been hanging onto Jack’s Harvard ring all this time? Never thought to return is before now? … What’s taking Traci so long? Did she stop at the bakery for muffins? …. Nick’s an idiot – but Sharon needs to step off and let him be one. Not only is it none of her business who Nick dates (since she’s chasing the only available relative she hasn’t shagged) But if Faith has a problem with it, take the kid to therapy! Stop coddling her and subliminally planting the idea of reconciliation in her head… Why would they go back to shared custody? Sharon lost custody long before being falsely arrested for murder. … Did she really need to mention that Dylan’s waiting for her?… Since everyone has a smartphone at their disposal, why didn’t Adam snap a photo of Victor trying to kill Yack? … How incompetent is Connor’s new nanny? What was she doing while he was finger painting on her bedspread? .. Oh great – yet another secret Victor must learn (who Gabe really is)