Wednesday, May 13th

Kelly spikes Jack’s OJ – then toasts to their marriage. I could have stayed in you arms all night long. Jack remembers dancing – but wants to see his family in GC. I’m your family now, Kelly clinks glasses to a long and happy marriage – then tilts OJ down Jack’s throat.

In her old office, Ashley isn’t a fan of the Newman Abbott logo. And where’s Ben’s latest ‘appendage’? Tall, blond, kinda looks like me? No, Ashley doesn’t have a problem with Ben seeing Abby – it’s if he STOPS seeing her actually.

The kids are all gathered at CL’s. With the cops now once again looking for the killer, they’re in danger. Mariah suggests private security. No, not from her tips – Snowflake can foot the bill from her trust fund. Abby relays Ben’s reassurance that they’ve told the police everything, so have nothing to worry about (except whomever’s watching them from outside)

Avery surprises Phyllis at Yack’s bedside ~hug~ Updated on Yack, Phyllis asks about Joe. He’s recovering – but it’s Dylan Avery needs to spend time with now.

Dylan and Sharon awaken snuggled on the sofa (clothed) She insists on making him coffee – are we OK?

Phyllis is sure Avery can whip Dylan back into shape. Yack knows who she is – that’s all Phyllis needs. After Avery leaves, Yack awakens from a nightmare of being in a Peruvian cell; shouting in Spanish – escuchame! (listen)

Phyllis tells Yack that he was talking in Spanish (which he’s never been able to order a drink in) Yack mauls Phyllis (who wants him to recover – relax) We’ll soon have plenty of time to learn all the things we don’t know about each other.

Cuddling Jack in bed, Kelly assures that no one’s looking for him – he was lost at sea. Everyone was sad, then moved on. They’re fine – you’re fine. I’m all you’ll ever need. But what about work? Jabot? There IS no Jabot, Kelly smiles.

As someone continues to lurk outside, the kids agree – the killer is probably long gone. Kyle’s just got a call from Phyllis – she’s bringing Yack home. All this good news, Summer can finally breath again. Not for long, with that attitude, Mariah huffs off – Kevin chasing her to the patio. He won’t let anything happen to her. Mariah knows Kev’s lying – you aren’t convinced we’re safe either.

Dylan thought they decided it was just a moment – two people feeling beat up. Yes – but Sharon worries it’ll effect their friendship. No, Dylan assures – we’re good. I should get going. He’ll check in later. Sharon gives him an awkward hug – then is left to sigh. As she picks up the blanket, she finds Dylan’s wallet. Knock knock. This must have fallen out of your pants. Oh, it’s Avery – and she looks like she’s been slapped.

Kelly tells Jack that Jabot merged with NE – it’s now Newman-Abbott. Ashley and Billy would never agree to that, Jack’s stunned. There’s nothing left for you in GC but sad memories, Kelly says. Memories like me! ghost John appears – to remind Jack of the truth.

You play musical chairs with women, Ashley doesn’t want to see her daughter get hurt. Ben claims that what he feels for Abby is different – he can be who he is – he doesn’t judge her either. We’re good for each other. Ben won’t screw it up. Good to know, Ashley leaves.

Back at CL’s, the kids are glad to put the whole killer thing behind them. Oh no, Summer gets a text – come to the cabin now. Uh oh – Everyone else’s phone goes off too.

Looks like I’m too late – Dylan’s come and gone, Avery steps inside. Sharon gloats – they dropped all the charges – Dylan was the only one who believed in me. He has a heart. You have feelings for him, Avery sees. Friends. Friends with benefits? The only way Dylan’s wallet fell out of his pocket is if he was on his back – and you were on top of him!! Sharon knows that’s what AVERY wants to be doing with HER ex. When Dylan comes back, Avery reads the text. I didn’t send that, he says. I sent it, Sharon admits.

As Sharon tries to explain to Dylan, Avery accuses her of swooping in to take advantage – come between her and Dylan. As Avery rants, Dylan jumps in. Are you going to defend her!? Avery’s aghast. As they leave to discuss it, Sharon looks worried.

Phyllis settles Yack onto the sofa at home – and asks about his nightmare. Yack would rather talk about the good dreams he’s been having ~kiss~ When Ashley arrives, Yack claims the accident has changed him – things will be different from now on.

Abby reads the text to Ben – come to the cabin now. No cops. Stay there, all of you, he orders and runs out. Ben’s on his way, Abby tells the rest of the kids. Kyle decides he’s going to the cabin now. He’s done waiting to see who the next victim will be – this ends now. He marches out.

By the time Ben gets to CL’s, only Abby, Mariah and Summer are left; Noah and Kevin went after Kyle. With a kiss, Ben promises he’ll come back to Abby. Mariah doesn’t like staying put – or Summer calling Paul’s direct number (to leave a message that something’s going on at the cabin)

Sharon’s got you where she wants you, Avery gripes. She’s got a lot going on, Dylan can’t abandon her – what kind of person would that make him? A smart one – let Sharon’s therapist help her. Feeding into her psychosis isn’t helping. When are you going to admit it’s more than friendship?! Dylan accuses Avery of making it about Sharon – when it’s really about her feelings for Joe.

Kelly will take care of Jack, like a good wife should. What Jack needs is the truth. Kelly goes to fetch Jack a clean shirt (look at me, I’m so domestic) Jack recites the story Kelly’s told him – but it doesn’t make sense. I have questions. Then keep asking them til you get answers, John orders.

Yack’s been trying to be someone he isn’t – trying to recapture his youth. He still supports the merger – and will be giving up golf to go back to work. He’ll be a guiding force in his Father’s company. Victor won’t cross the line. Ashley’s glad to have her brother back. Yack bids the ladies good bye and goes up to rest. What a turn around, Ashley’s pleased. Phyllis isn’t so sure.

I can’t Pop – I can’t remember what questions to ask. They’re inside you, John says. When Kelly comes back, Jack asks about the merger. Stick to your guns son! John orders. OK – Kelly brings out more fake news articles (all about the merger – Ashley takes over the Jabot side, working closely with Victor) Any more question? No – no more, Jack says.

At the cabin, the boys finally check the closet – and are relieved to find there’s no body. Ben appears to scold them. Who’s he calling? The cops. Did you hear that? I’ll handle this. I’ve got him! Ben pounces. It’s me – Fen. You get, a text too? Kev and Noah come out to ask. No – Fen sent it.

Dylan saw Avery in Joe’s arms. I was ‘groping’ Joe? IF I was holding him, there was nothing sexual about it. So you ran into Sharon’s arms to get back at me!? Both wonder how they got here – they always fought together. Now there’s nothing for soldier Dylan to protect Avery from. The battles are over – does that mean we’re over?

Fresh as a daisy and looking so handsome in your nice clean shirt, Kelly cackles. John warns – do not forget – the wife. My wife, Jack says. Yes – I’m your wife – you love me – isn’t that right? Isn’t that right!!?? Yes, that’s right, Jack smiles.

Ashley’s surprised to hear Yack was talking Spanish in his sleep – Mrs Martinez used to laugh at how he butchered it. Perhaps it’s a dormant skill from the coma. What else could it be?

In bed, Yack tosses and turns as he again dreams of being in a cell – shouting in Spanish – I gotta get outta here!! I’ll do anything!!!

Sharon finds a photo of Avery and Dylan in his wallet – and pouts as she tosses them both aside.

Avery can’t go on the way things are right now – the accusations, suspicions. All those nights praying he’d come home from Afghanistan – life didn’t look like this. Dylan’s ‘s not the same man who went off to war. And she’s not the woman he left behind. What Avery sees is two people trying to fix something … that can’t be fixed? What should we do? Avery knows what they shouldn’t do … No, no, Dylan protests – as Avery puts the ring in his hand and runs out in tears.

Why would Fen send a text that would freak everyone out!? He had to make sure they’d all come. Where’s Summer, Abby and Mariah? Never mind ….Fen announces that he’s been in contact with the killer – from the beginning. In the doorway, Abby, Mariah and Summer look stunned.

Next: I’ve gone out of my way to try and help you – and this is the way you repay me? Dylan’s pissed at Sharon (in Avery’s apartment) …. In the rehab room, Joe leans in to kiss Avery (who jumps back – what are you doing?) … Just back off, Yack orders. I call the shots around here, Victor warns – not you!!

My Thoughts: Rush hour traffic? From the ranch to CL’s? I doubt that at any time – but especially when everyone’s already at work …Line of the day gores to Kevin; Courtney didn’t have Mariah’s ‘survival instincts’? What!? She was a trained cop who’d done undercover work. Mariah’s a cult member, petty thief turned bartender.. Fen couldn’t just text Summer and ask her to gather everyone for an important discussion? And this meeting at the cabin is more important than checking on his cancer stricken Father and his Mother who’s just been dumped?? … I’m no fan of Avery, but Dylan deserves exactly what he’s getting in Sharon. Just her sending Avery that text from his phone should have been enough of a red flag – that she’ll do whatever’s necessary to get what she wants. And when busted, she rationalizes it, instead of apologizing and realizing it was wrong – she was ‘helping’ Dylan… If Sharon wanted to get better, and truly had Faith’s well-being in mind, she’d be seeing a therapist daily, perhaps even commit herself as an inpatient… So – who’s the killer? With Detective Harding rumoured to be on his way back, I hope he’s not the one… If Fisher (Jack’s dog) hadn’t vanished, he’d be able to sniff out this doppleganger … We have to be ‘smart about this’ Kevin says with a straight face.