Thursday, May 14th

At the cabin, the kids take turns blasting Fen – who admits he didn’t drug the punch for kicks – he was being blackmailed.

Yack dreams of Victor talking to him through the wire mesh of his cell – what’s your name? he asks in Spanish. What’s YOUR name? Victor. Victor! Yack awakens to grab Phyllis (who seems to be taking video of him) What the heck do you think you’re doing?

Joe’s congratulated by the doctor – he should be able to go home and continue as an outpatient. Amazing – Joe can use some good news.

Sharon drops by Avery’s to return Dylan’s wallet. OK – it’s just an excuse – she needed to explain why she sent the text. Avery’s not here – we broke up, Dylan updates.

Joe’s surprised that Avery’s back so soon – and crying – and not wearing her engagement ring.

Gosh – Sharon sees Dylan holding the engagement ring. He explains that they ran out of causes to fight for- so started fighting each other. Sharon’s so sorry – it was selfish. Yes, it was! Dylan’s gone out of his way to help Sharon – and this is how you repay me?

Yack apologizes – the camera in his face startled him. Phyllis wanted to record him – so they can figure out what’s going on. You were sweating and writhing – and shouting out in Spanish – and Victor’s name. Yack blames the meds – then heads to the shower. Her wrist hurt, Phyllis makes a call – something’s not right with Jack – get over here now.

Noah confronts Fen – you told Courtney it didn’t matter where you got the drugs! Why did you put us all in danger!? Fen was flunking – so hacked into school records to adjust his grade. He would have been expelled if it came out. Austin and Courtney were murdered! all lunge at Fen. Paul comes in shouting and aiming. It’s Fen you want – he lied to all of us! Summer tattles.

Fen thought Sharon was guilty – but now he stepped up and told the truth. Such a hero – some friend, all grumble. So brave to come forward now that two people are dead, Abby scoffs. No, the blackmailer hasn’t made any more threats. Fen got an anonymous text – your F became a B – I’m watching you. The next one was about a package on Old Post Rd – he was supposed to spike the punch. He hasn’t heard anything since.

Sharon doesn’t want to lose Dylan – she understands why he’s mad – but it didn’t feel underhanded. Dylan doesn’t see how a friend could act that way. You said you and Avery were having problems – she’s already back in Chicago. Maybe Sharon can talk to Avery. No, it’s too late. There must be something Sharon can do. Yeah, go! Is that what you really want? Dylan’s left to pout.

Sharon did was she always does – what’s best for her, Avery weeps – if she and Dylan were in a good place no one’s obnoxious behavior could break them up. Dylan chose to spend his time with Sharon. Love isn’t always enough, Joe says all the right things. Look how far we’ve come, Avery says – but jumps back when Joe leans in for a kiss (what are you doing!?)

Victor chuckles at Phyllis’ recording – he sees why she’d find it disconcerting. Yack’s nightmare’s, and speaking Spanish, are worrying Phyllis – is something else going on? Yack interrupts – Victor’s a busy man. He better stop calling out Victor’s name in his sleep – people will think they’re in love. Victor wonders if the stress of the merger is effecting his health – maybe we should call the whole thing off.

Yack won’t scuttle the deal – he’s going to be more involved in running the company – the family will fall in line. Phyllis doesn’t see Billy and Ashley rolling over on this. Yack will convince them – he’ll protect them from the evil Victor Newman. Soon he’ll sleep like a baby. Victor will keep a close eye on his friend.

Fen shows Paul his cellphone – which shows the dates and times of the texts (sent from a burner phone) Anything else? The vile the drugs were in? Courtney threw it away. Fen has the envelope the vile was in (which a cop bags for evidence) Fen will tell his folks. Ben says no – go back to school while we look for the killer. Sorry, Fen can’t do that.

Back home, Sharon flashes back to waking up in Dylan’s arms – then the kiss. Oh how sad and alone she is. Meanwhile, Dylan pouts too – wipes his eyes and leaves Avery’s. I wonder where he’s going.

I literally JUST ended my engagement – Avery’s not looking for a rebound. She’s there to help Joe. It’s more than that and we both know it, he says.

After Phyllis is sent up for a nap, Yack wonders why Victor would talk about killing the merger. Victor’s pissed that Yack’s speaking in Spanish. Yack can’t help it – his brain’s short circuiting. Victor suggests Yack piss Phyllis off so she’ll sleep in another room. No? What do you mean no?!

Fen needs to check on his parents. OK – but then Paul wants him on the first plane to Arizona. The killer can’t see him interacting with anyone at the cabin. This could be the break we need. Maybe the killer licked the envelope – Paul will run it through the FBI database. Maybe we can ID this killer.

Back in the rehab room, Joe knows why Avery’s at his side – even though he has an entire medical staff looking after him. We have a connection. Joe was honest when he said he wanted Avery’s happiness (but now thinks he has a shot) You feel the same way – that’s why you came here as soon as you ended things with Dylan.

Dylan marches into Sharon’s – sorry he pushed her away. He was angry. About the text – and for not being honest about his feelings. Avery asked him some tough questions. She said I had feelings for you. She was right.

Paul gone, Ben suggests they all go about their day. But when everyone else blasts Fen, Kevin defends him – he was finally off drugs, in college, messed up – can’t go to his parents. Noah’s not buying it. Kevin then reminds that each and every one of them have done something stupid. Noah and Abby feel Fen’s as guilty as if he killed Courtney and Austin himself.

Yack repeats – no – he won’t be talked to like one of Victor’s kids or employees. Victor tells him to stop acting crazy – Phyllis is too smart. Yack pours a drink. Use your brain – forget the rest of your anatomy. Victor takes the drink. I call the shots around here – not you!

Avery thinks Joe’s misread her intentions. She caused his accident. Joe keeps misunderstanding her signals. She doesn’t feel the same way – it’s over – don’t cross the line. Joe’s sorry – he understands. When Joe’s recovered, Avery will go on with her own life. I hear you – loud and clear, Joe mopes.

Dylan’s a bit messed up right now – he self destructs – hurting the people he cares about; like Avery. I’m a poison – I’ll never make a relationship work. He doesn’t want to hurt Sharon. She feels the same way – afraid she’ll destroy everything. But it doesn’t have to be that way ~kiss~

Walking the parallel bars, Joe worries (to the doctor) he’s not ready to go home. His previous success was a fluke. Sure enough, he crumples after a couple of steps. Avery watches through the window (on the phone with Phyllis – who worries if Yack was released too soon) In tears, Avery updates that she broke up with Dylan – besides, Joe needs me.

Sharon apologizes – I shouldn’t have done that. Dylan silences her with a more passionate kiss. Clothes come off as they make their way upstairs.

Abby, Mariah, Summer, Kyle, and Noah blame Fen for Austin and Courtney’s deaths. Fen was a kid – he made a mistake, Kevin pleads for compassion. No one agrees (even Ben can’t absolve Fen)

At the station, Paul gets an alert on his computer; match confirmed. Gotcha, he says.

Yack is Victor’s partner and must be treated as such – or this whole thing blows up. Victor reminds that the Peruvian police didn’t know who they had in prison – but the FBI would like to know – you’re on their most wanted list. Yack knows that’d blow up Victor’s operation. Victor can’t be tied to a damn thing. You talk. I talk. Victor’s not intimidated by ‘Marco’ – winner takes all.

Next: If you think I’m gonna move in with you, forget it, Sage’s statement seems to surprise Nick …. There was a match to a wanted criminal in the FBI database – he’s known for leaving no witnesses, Paul tells the kids … You are suffocating me – I’d rather be with a hooker who makes no demands on me!! Mike reduces Lauren to tears (as Fen looks stunned)

My Thoughts: Funny that Kyle blasts Fen for ‘a little thing called obstruction’ (a bit hypocritical since just yesterday he brought out his Dad’s Harvard ring – which he hid from police when Jack was a suspect in Diane’s murder – years ago) Never mind that the kids have all been obstructing justice since day one … The Chain of custody on the tire iron being ‘obliterated’ is why Sharon was released. Why would an envelope Fen’s had kicking around his backpack since Valentine’s Day be any more valid as evidence? … Booger alert. Check out Yack’s left nostril when he suddenly awakened with a start to say ‘Victor’? … Why hasn’t Traci made the trip from New York to see her faux brother? Yack will probably ask ‘who the hell are you’ when she appears in the Abbott dining room one day … Sharon and Dylan deserve one another; may they spend the rest of their days happily saving one another from psychotic episodes. Hard to have four people in a relationship? Not for Sharon. I wonder how Nikki react when she learns that her precious firstborn is shaggin’ Sharon …. Jack and Victor in love? You’d think so, given their mutual obsession …. Of course Joe’s going to fake his progress to keep Avery in Chicago. With Mike sick, I guess no one’s running their law firm.