Thursday, May 21st

Today’s all about glitz and glamour as Yack brings everyone together at the club to celebrate the merger – and honour

Lily and Phyllis are already dressed and at the club for Yack’s shindig – the Abbott’s and Newman’s celebrating – together. Spotting Devon and Hilary arrive, Lily flies over to snarl.

At the ranch, Neil notes that Victor’s invited Nikki. She shouldn’t come – your wife is very vulnerable. It’s too much pressure to keep up appearances (while wanting to drink) Get one thing straight – Victor loves his wife (who then arrives to ask what’s going on)

In the lab, Yack rallies the troops for the party; Abby, Ashley, Ben and Billy (who’s most opposed to the gathering) Vikki arrives – she’s not thrilled either.

On the island, the cop pulls the blanket away – to reveal blonde hair and a bloody hand (presumably Kelly’s)

Dylan immediately finds the keys Sharon’s frantically searching for. No – she’s fine with Nick and Sage having a baby. Bye (she runs out)

Hey Squirt, Nick puts flowers at Cassie’s grave – a lot’s happened since last year. You’re getting another little brother or sister.

Lily (the sanctimonious bitch) and Hilary (the lying piece of trash) are about to part ways thanks to Phyllis – until Lily wonders aloud if Rose would be proud of Hilary. You are not fit to mention my Mother! Hilary lunges (and is restrained by Devon – while Phyllis has a hold of Lily)

Arriving with flowers, Sharon listens to Nick talk about having a baby with Sage. This is your time – Sharon will wait. No, stay – Cassie would like us being here together. It still feels like yesterday. Both mourn. Dylan watches for a moment, then steps out of sight.

Back at the lab, Billy’s dour reaction to the party has nothing to do with Chelsea going (as she won’t be – she’s home with Connor; and ‘Gabe’ probably). How can Yack get some enthusiasm out of Vikki? Their reluctant attitude is why he’s throwing this party – let’s prove we can work together; a united front. The legacy of two families must succeed. Billy and Vikki agree to make an appearance. As Yack exits, Vikki catches him to discuss him OK-ing Chelsea’s line. Yack set HIS personal issues aside and hopes Vikki can follow his lead.

Victor and Neil were just discussing business. Nikki woke up stone cold sober and thinking of Cassie. She’s only there to pick up a dress for the event. Victor steps aside to take a call; we have a problem – Kelly’s dead and Jack’s gone.

Neil lists reasons why Nikki shouldn’t attend the party; Cassie, her drinking. Yes, she’s too fragile. Going will be a mistake. This party might not go well – if things get ugly, Nikki may get caught in the cross hairs.

Terrible – she was so young. Obviously you DIDN’T do your best, Victor mumbles. The cop reports that she’s been dead a while, her wallet’s gone. But it’s a small island – we’ll find Jack. You better. The body? Give her a proper burial. Finding Jack is the priority – or else. Someone watches Victor through the window.

As Lily and Hilary continue, Devon hopes that she and Neil will one day accept that he’s with Hilary. You’re delusional, Lily marches off.

Nick and Sharon rehash the same ole, same ole – Nick suddenly being a Father of two. Oh how amazing he was with Cassie – and what a special girl she was. Soon, Nick will have a new baby. And Sharon has Mariah – but neither will replace Cassie. Our memories are ours and ours alone.

Nikki makes it clear that she doesn’t need Victor OR Neil running her life. She’s going to the party to show the kids that she’s OK. They know she’s staying at the club, but not that she fell off the wagon (past tense) If Jack wants us to act as one big happy family, that’s what Nikki will do.

Back at the lab, Abby’s putting her brain on party mode. Ben promises to keep her safe. As they’re about to kiss, Ashley jumps up and runs out. That leaves Ben and Abby to comment on how ‘remote’ she’s been (perhaps it has to do with their ‘special night’ – the shower)

At CL’s, Dylan apologizes for intruding on Sharon and Nick’s grief. No – Sharon should have told him it was the anniversary of Cassie’s death. She got a call from Jack (to celebrate the merger) Could it be an ambush? Sharon doesn’t think Jack would do that. Well, if she decides to go, Dylan will be at her side.

In Vikki’s office, she grumbles about the party – but is curious how the soirĂ©e will play out. Billy can’t believe Victor’s suddenly great pals with the Abbott’s. He won’t cross the line tonight – if Victor doesn’t.

Oh look – someone’s watching in the shadows as Victor greets Ben and Abby (at the club) Watching, Yack comes over to wonder why Victor was fawning over a lowly lab assistant. Victor then joins Vikki at the bar (she’s still pissed that he made Gabe her equal) He won’t change his mind – so get along with him. Yack then congratulates Billy for not fighting with Victor (who won’t do anything to ruin this party) Yeah – you believe that, until he’s stabbed all us Abbott’s in the back.

Phyllis assures Nikki that Yack’s himself – doing the right thing for his family and company. When Nick and Vikki come along – there’ll be no griping about Victor on the anniversary of Cassie’s death. And look – here’s Neil, with Gwen on his arm. At the bar, Gwen sneers at Hilary and Devon – well, aren’t you two something. Now we can have ourselves a party, Neil’s chest puffs out.

Lily and Gwen exchange small talk. But after Gwen goes to iced tea, Lily wonders if this is really how Neil wants to play it. Neil really likes Gwen and she feels the same about me.

At the bar, Hilary’s concerned about Neil – he got into a fist fight with Billy the other day – now you – he’s acting out. How does he seem? Gwen doesn’t believe Hilary cares – and when Devon comes over snarls ‘you repulse me – both of you’ NOT happy that they used her to cover their affair (and that Devon slept with her) Gwen thinks they’ll get what they deserve.

Ben talks to Ashley – Abby feels you’ve been distant – it’s just work right? Ashley doesn’t want to have this conversation. OK – she developed feelings for Ben. She understood him going back to Vikki – but then going right to Abby hurt her feelings. It’s OK – Ashley’s accepting things.

Sage and I are having a baby, Nick tells the fam. What! Are you sure it’s yours? Her marriage to Gabe was an arrangement, Nick explains. Are you committed to this woman? Nick’s committed to this child. Sage might come later, she’s not feeling well. Phyllis is the first to wish Nick well. Yes, Sharon knows – she reacted shockingly well. Watch your back, Victor warns. On cue, Sharon arrives. Why? Because Yack invited her. He appears to ask all to make Sharon feel welcome. Victor excuses himself to take a call (Find that SOB – he can’t come to town to ruin everything) Problems? Yack appears to say not to worry about why Sharon was invited.

Concerned about Neil, Hilary asks what game Gwen’s playing. Lily appears – you have no right to question her! Gwen jumps in – Neil’s doing JUST fine, considering the way he’s been treated. You have some nerve showing up here together. If he’s a powder keg, YOU’RE the match. Neil comes over – what’s going on? Gwen’s sorry she made a scene. I’ll go – I don’t want to ruin it for you. WE should go too, Devon and Hilary exit too.

Abby asks Ben if her Mom opened up about what’s bothering her. She’s concerned about our relationship – she wants you to be happy, he lies. Then we’ll just wait out the awkwardness, Abby says. Ben suddenly remembers he has to go to the lab. Bye.

Jack really knows how to throw a party, Sharon suspects there’ll be drama. Drink? No thanks. Nikki comes over to praise Dylan for defending Sharon – but you don’t have to escort her around town anymore. Dylan then drops the bomb – he and Avery are over – he’s with Sharon now. She’s the last person you want to get involve with, Nikki’s horrified. Sharon and I have similar issues, Dylan goes to check on her, leaving Nikki grabs the nearest glass of champagne.

Yack gathers all (as someone watches) Phyllis at his side, he blathers on that Newman Abbott is the merger of two great families. Something we and our children can be proud of. Let’s bridge the divide. Why today? It’s the anniversary of Cassie Newman’s death, Yack tears up. He’s funding a new pediatric wing – dedicated to Cassie’s memory. Nick steps forward to shake Yack’s hand – Sharon’s next. That was lovely, Ashley says. Victor agrees. Both (and Abby) look stunned when someone approaches. You should not be here, Victor frowns.

Next: A cop finds Kevin in Paul’s office. What the hell are you doing on the Chief’s computer??… Nikki? You OK? Dylan stops her as she’s about to exit. Actually, no, she admits …. Lily announces – There’s been a severe car accident and the valet said the car was driven by a party guest. Where’s your Mother? Victor asks Nick (now with Sage)

MY Thoughts: So Dylan moved his stuff straight from Avery’s to Sharon’s? If Sharon was really putting Faith first, Dylan would be integrated into the household slowly, not just be part of the furniture when she comes home from her next sleepover ….. Why is Nikki shaking her head because Victor takes a call? He’s a business man – she sure doesn’t mind all the luxuries that come along with that business (that said, Victor wasn’t exactly taking a business call) …Great police work; It LOOKS like ‘the lady’ was murdered? Good guess (unless she killed herself and Jack then made his getaway) But is it Kelly? .. Lily’s such a brat – I’m Sorry – but (why is she saying I’m sorry to Hilary? She’s not sorry at all) BUt since Devon’s her BOSS, maybe he should reprimand her …Neil had to look at ‘the guest list’ to see that Nikki was on the guest list? Since she’s staying upstairs, how could she NOT be invited? … Why does Abby always have to remind everyone that she’s a Newman AND an Abbott? Who cares? … It’s ridiculous that Yack would donate a pediatric wing in Cassie’s honour. Why not honour Delia? or Colleen? Or donate a transplant wing to honour the baby you and Nikki lost. Why wasn’t anyone there from GCM? Do thye know they’re getting a new wing? Do they want a new wing? Seems to me they should invest more money in their DNA lab… I always find it odd that Sharon prattles on about what a great Dad Nick was to Cassie, but he never reciprocates. And did he really have to mention that he had another baby on the way? … So – who’s just wandered into the club? It can’t be Jack already…. Neil’s an idiot and gets what he deserves with Gwen (she’s just way too young for him) Can’t Neil join a dating website of something – find someone his own age? ….Nikki wants to show the kids that she can ‘handle her drinking’? Doesn’t she mean handle her sobriety?