Friday, May 22nd

Just leave! Victor and Ashley demand and threaten. This is Tobias – the mole, Yack is updated. Tobias is offended – perhaps he’ll spill all his unsavoury details. Ashley’s curiosity is cut off by Victor and Yack. Hopping onto the bar, Tobias shouts – who wants to know their ‘fearless leaders’ dirty secrets?

Nick’s in Sage’s suite – there’s really no need for her go to the party. He already announced the pregnancy. This baby is really happening ~kiss~

Noah sniffles at Cassie’s grave. He doesn’t even know where Courtney’s buried. I’ll find who did this – there will be justice. Tell Courtney I love her, he asks Cassie. In the shadows, Mariah wipes away a tear.

OK – let’s print that (Kevin’s found something) A cop barges into Paul’s office – what are you doing on the Chief’s computer?!

Tobias speaks of ruthlessness, money. I know things – about this man right here (Victor) Billy’s interested. He hired me to spy on Jabot, Tobias claims – then Ashley fired me. Has anyone else been compromised, complicit, filthy? You’re all monsters – and I’m not the only one to say so (he gestures towards Summer)

Seated on the bar, Tobias sneers down at the ‘ice queen of chemistry’ (Ashley) Neil finally pulls him down, and scolds Billy for letting his sister be humiliated. THAT’S how you defend your sister!? Billy maintains that the weasel is harmless – just pour him into a cab. Yack thanks Billy – who won’t let the night be ruined for Cassie’s family (and her memory) Nikki manages to find another drink.

At the cemetery, Noah understands why Mariah’s drawn to Cassie’s grave. She wonders how things could have been different – and encourages Noah to find out where Courtney’s buried. He can keep her alive the way he does Cassie.

Back at the bar, Lily worries about her Dad attacking Tobias – and Billy the other day. With a quick kiss, Neil tells Lily to worry about herself – he’s fine.

Phyllis and Yack chat with Summer and Kyle – who admit they caught him spying on them at CL’s. Maybe it wasn’t so innocent after all.

For Yack and Phyllis’ benefit, Abby suggests Tobias was just eavesdropping for info on the party – but aside the kids worry – and what did he mean by ‘I’m not the only one who thinks you’re scum’? Could he have something to do with the killer? Yack watches the tense chat.

Kevin tells a cop that the Chief asked him to inspect all computers – so if there’s online poker on your computer, you better go erase it. The cop hurrying out, Mariah’s not happy – but she might be when Kevin tells her what he found out.

Billy schmoozes with Vikki – they enjoy working together – perhaps they can do a project together. Vikki then makes a beeline for Nick and Sage (who’s re-introduced to Nikki and Victor). Overhearing the news, Noah says ‘wow – congratulations’. As Victor calls a toast, Nikki declines. Assuming Nikki’s not drinking because SHE can’t, Sage’s learns that Nikki’s an alcoholic. *awkward* Reminding Nick of the ‘anonymous’ part, Nikki goes to powder. Her. Nose.

Dylan catches Nikki – you OK? No, she’s watching both her sons saddle themselves with a woman who’ll only hold them back. You’re just like Nick – running to the rescue – fawning over the poor little bird that’s really a vulture. Hello Sharon.