Friday, May 22nd

Next: Kevin udates the kids – Someone’s trying really hard to make it look like Tobias is the killer. Now who would do that??? …Avery confronts Dylan – You’re not staying at a hotel are you. You’ve been staying with Sharon … Victor interrupts Nikki’s sputtering – Please stop making excuses – you’ve got to stop drinking.

My Thoughts; Vikki’s dress was hideous the clear nude ‘modesty’ netting looked like it was pulled off an old olympic figure skater’s locker …. And was Ashley dressed as an Oscar statue. ED is a stunning woman, but the dress screamed ‘look at my belly’ …. Why would Lily feel the need to kill her own party by announcing there’s been a ‘severe’ car accident? If Tobias was supposed to be ‘poured into a cab’ how did he manage to get into an accident? If he drove himself out of there, the GCAC could be libel. Did the valet actually give Tobias the keys? Odd that Lily said ‘the guy who made a scene earlier’ (like she’s the only person there who doesn’t know his name? … Mariah’s plan ‘won’t get her and Kevin arrested’? How is stealing a housekeeping uniform and card key any different that Kevin breaking in???… If Tobias’ condition was that dire, why wasn’t he in ICU – and why didn’t anyone stop the Spanish Inquisition from parading in? .. Why is Neil acting all Mayweather lately? He can’t act all high an mighty about Nikki’s drinking if he’s out of control…. The two richest familes in town – a hospital donation – and not a reporter in sight.. Have you been drinking? Is Victor that stupid? Nikki’s not even bothering to pop breath mints… You’re beginning to disgust me, Victor has the nerve to say.