Monday, May 25th

Putting a weight down, Joe assumes the legs he’s admiring are Avery’s. Oops – I thought you were my wife, er.. my ex wife. Dr Emilia Weston introduces herself – and asks about Joe’s expectations (once he leaves)

Avery and Dylan are both surprised when he comes walking in her apartment. She’s back for the day to help Mike with a case. He’s not sure where he’s taking his stuff (having rented out his loft) Avery won’t be long – stay. Dylan admits he’s been staying at Sharon’s. Still gonna insist you’re just friends? Avery challenges.

Sage joins Nick and Faith at CL’s. Why is SHE here? Tell me what? Faith pouts – that she’s your girlfriend again? Living with us? No, Nick’s interrupted when Sharon comes in, Faith’s excited by great news. Sharon assumes it’s about being a big sister. Huh? You’re having a baby Mommy!? *awkward*

On the rooftop, Kyle, Summer and Mariah chat – Courtney’s parents won’t take Noah’s calls – even though the killer’s been identified – the deceased corpse known as Tobias Gray.

Kevin hovers as a cop puts a folder together – all the evidence against Tobias Gray. Paul will be happy when he gets back. Lucky an anonymous tip was called in. Yeah, lucky, Kevin agrees.

As Nikki races in looking for Neil, he’s released. She’s so grateful he saved her from the drunk guy who tried to assault her. Leslie got the guy to drop the charges. I’m still on probation, Neil reminds how much trouble he could have been in. Kevin has bad news – Neil’s arrest is top story on GC Buzz. As Nikki frets over her phone, Neil wonders if she’s worried that they reported she was falling down drunk.

Victor ends a call with his island cop – no updates – just find him dammit! ~click~ Yack and Phyllis arrive at the club. She’s finds it hard to believe that the double killer was caught due to a random car accident. Yes, hard to believe, Victor and Yack exchange a look.

Nikki’s not worried about her reputation. And she was NOT drunk. Vikki knows otherwise, Neil says. Nikki’s already cleared that up – she was just tired. And that’s the truth. Nikki doesn’t need help (as Neil did) And off she clip clops.

Phyllis is just glad the psycho was caught so he doesn’t kill again (and that Yack’s having no more nightmares in Spanish) The party went well too. As Phyllis goes to get a table, Yack expects an apology – he didn’t kill the kids. Victor disagrees – he thinks Yack killed Tobias as well. That’d make me a dangerous man indeed, Yack narrows his eyes.

Sage is having a baby, Nick announces. No – you should be having a baby with Mommy, not HER! Faith pouts. Sharon does a good job of listing all the fun ‘big sister’ things she’ll do at Daddy’s house. Faith wants to stay with her Mom. Nick reminds that a Judge decided she spends nights with him – that hasn’t changed. It could, Sage surprises all by saying.

Avery tears up hearing that Dylan’s now with Sharon. OK – you don’t worry about Joe. I won’t worry about Sharon. But why would Dylan worry about Joe – there’s nothing going on – is there??? *awkward silence*

Emelia encourages Joe to continue treatment as an outpatient. She can recommend someone for him to talk to (and notes he only makes progress when his ex wife’s around)

Avery’s not planning to jump from their bed to Joe’s (as Dylan did with Sharon) – if that’s what he’s asking. Let’s not talk about Joe or Sharon, they agree. What happened to us? Dylan pauses to ask. Maybe there was no us, Avery sniffles. They’ll always care about one another. Going to get his things, Dylan pauses to watch Avery mope.

Sage clarifies – it’s up to the Judge. Maybe one day, Sharon smiles, then goes to pick out cookies with Faith. Sage apologizes to Nick. She was just trying to help. Nick has to wonder – you don’t want Sharon anywhere near this baby, but you’re pretty quick to hand MY daughter over to her. Why is that??

Kevin joins Kyle, Summer and Mariah – but he doesn’t see reason to celebrate. He came from the station. Nobody knows we called in the anonymous tip. But – it’s odd that no clues in all this time – then within 24 hours Tobias makes a grand reappearance – is ID’d as the killer, then dies. It’s not one big coincidence – it’s FOUR. Now, who would want us to believe Tobias is the killer?

Kevin’s worked at the OD long enough to know that cases don’t get solved this easily. This one did – let it go, Summer, Mariah and Summer declare – case closed. Otherwise, the killer’s still on the loose.