Tuesday, May 26th

Time crunch today folks!! Have at it ūüôā

On the rooftop, Nick applies sunscreen to Sage (who complains that the water’s too cold for swimming) Nick will keep her warm (and takes off his clothes to reveal swim trunks) Let’s go.

At the club, Billy and Vikki discuss Nikki being ‘plastered’ last night. ¬†Vikki’s further irked that her Dad doesn’t even want to discuss it. If only she could help¬†her Mom.

Hearing an ‘obnoxious’ pounding at the door, Nikki ambles out of bed – stop it! ¬†May I come in (holding the door open, Neil’s NOT really asking) Nikki doesn’t want to talk to the man who sold her out. Who the hell is that? Neil asks, as a man rolls over in the¬†¬†bed. Nikki gasps in horror (clearly, she had no idea)

On the patio, Dylan and Sharon are looking online for a suitable apartment. Phyllis marches over – despite them being ‘joined at the hip’, she really needs to speak privately to¬†Dylan (who says she can speak in front of Sharon)¬†Smiling, Sharon goes for a refill – leaving Phyllis to update Dylan that Joe’s released – and shacking up with Avery.

At home, Avery talks about making the place more accessible. As they¬†argue over who’ll sleep on the couch, they manage to plunk onto it together. See? The couch is very comfortable, Joe smiles.

Now seated at the club, Vikki and Billy debate. If Nikki doesn’t want help, you can’t help her (Billy knows about addiction) Vikki throwing him out was his rock bottom. But Vikki can’t sit by and do nothing (especially with the MS meds her Mom’s on) Billy thinks that an excellent point – let’s figure out a plan.

Why is that piece of trash in your bed? Nikki has no idea how it’s even possible. Hey you! Neil gives the man a shake. Yes, I’m the guy¬†¬†who hit you (and will do it again). You took advantage of this woman. I didn’t come on to HER¬†– she came on to ME, the man insists.

Joe and Avery joke as she gets off the couch. He appreciates all she’s done. Avery’s more than willing to help Joe – and there’s no social life for him to put a crimp in. You have my undivided attention.