Wednesday, May 27th

Nikki’s in a floaty white nighty; all is bathed in light. Where am I? ‘Guess’, a man, also dressed in white replies – what’s the last thing you remember? Nikki remembers her kids brought her home – to play peacekeeper.

Flashback to Nikki pissed at finding everyone at the ranch – she assumes it’s about the company – until Dylan arrives. What exactly is going on here? Nikki eyes the group (her kids, Noah, Summer, Neil)

I don’t want to talk about it, she tells the gentle-speaking bearded man.  It’s like a bad dream – things are off – nothing makes sense – until it makes too much sense.

Nikki knows what this is – she planned the same ambush for Katherine. You are so sneaky, she hisses at Nick and Vikki. She’s about to exit when Yack arrives (he’s a close friend who knows what she’s going through, Neil calms Victor down) One by one, they implore Nikki to stay.

Back to the heavenly set – I felt trapped – wanted to get the hell out of there. Where am I? Home. OK – and who might you be? Call me Angel (says Angel)  Nikki giggles.

Back at the intervention; We’re here because we love you, Dylan speaks for all (as Victor tries, but fails to get rid of Yack)  As Neil gets things going, Nikki interrupts – she knows how it works, and before this charade continues, lists all the stress in her life  – her kids have relationship issues – Summer and Noah suffered unspeakable loss. Glaring at Victor, she has tension in her life. She needs to take the edge off but can stop at any time. I don’t have a problem. Neil’s lied to himself too (and has to live with the guilt of killing Chris and Paul’s baby) He goes on about the strange man in her room. Nikki denies it – nor did she black out. Neil concludes – if Nikki doesn’t accept treatment, he’ll no longer enable or support her. When Nikki tries to escape, Victor insists everyone get a chance to speak.

Yes, Nikki stayed – all of them staring at me ……. Noah and Summer, Nick (who plays the Cassie card) Dylan (speaks of the years they’ve missed out on)….Vikki’s next- I love you Mom. I want you to get help. Do it for Johnny, Katherine (you almost dropped her) Nikki was tired that day. You were drunk! You lied. Don’t you see what you’re doing Mom? If you don’t get help, I will never allow you around your grandchildren again.

Nikki’s disappointed by Vikki’s threats – she loves her grandchildren more than anything on this earth. One day, you’ll look back and see this is wrong. Who’s next? Nikki claps. Yack – and he’ll be ‘completely honest’ (as Nikki rants to Angel – it’s like they were putting me in my grave – but I’m alive) Yack talks about addiction; a disease he knows personally. Victor watches as Yack pours water (almost in tears) Neil now thinks it’s important that Victor speak.

Victor’s as concerned as everyone else – how this drinking will effect Nikki’s MS – and the family. Family, Nikki scoffs – Victor’s enough to drive anybody to drink. He has nothing more to say. Is this over? Nikki stands. Neil’s attempt to prod Victor into speaking is interrupted – let’s turn the Nikki bash into a real bash. Oh look – my favourite brand, Nikki pours vodka. Please stop this, Victor’s at her side. No, the grand-kids shouldn’t see this – shame on me – shame – shame. Nikki starts to shake – the glass shatters on the ground. Nikki moans as she collapses onto the back of the sofa.

I was trying to speak – I couldn’t breath. It felt like…. Like what? Like I was dying. It’s all hazy after that. They would have taken me to the hospital right?

Nikki’s at the nurses station – watching her loved ones file out of a hospital room. We all tried. It’s nobody’s fault. Noah, Nick, Dylan, Summer, Vikki – she chose a bottle of vodka over us. My kids will never know the person she was – just a grandmother who drank herself to death. Nick’s got a kid on the way – who’ll never know who her Grandma was. Hey guys – I must have given you a scare – but I’m here. I’m here. The hugs do not include Nikki.