Thursday, May 28th

Post sex, Chelsea admits they have a connection – but nothing close to what she had with Adam. There is one thing ‘Gabe’ can do – be the man who never leaves her and Connor. I don’t have any family – no tyrant father or siblings. No one will come between us – believe that. Oh now, Chelsea remembers she’s late for a meeting. As she scampers upstairs, Ashley comes knocking.

Back on the rooftop, Ben suggests they do something special – a date. Abby notes that he’s been remote since Uncle Yack’s party – where he took off like he was hiding something. Ben admits he has been – Ashley admitted she has feelings for me. Abby’s not impressed.

My Mom has or had feelings for you? Abby’s grossed out that her Mom’s lusting after Ben – you shouldn’t have kept his from me. Yes – it changes everything.

Ashley can see that  the are chested ‘Gabe’ sidelined Chelsea. Her being with Billy didn’t stop you – was it love at first sight? Then you had Yack hire you to be close to her. Ashley’s jealous – no one ever threw away an inheritance to be with her. When Chelsea comes down, Adam leaves them – so Ashley can ‘sort out some things’.

So, you’re a smuggler AND a user, wow, Victor hopes he’s clean now. No – it was a woman Yack was in love with – from a small village. She was beautiful and pure; I fell hard. Yack helped her get clean – then left her to protect her from his old enemies.

As Yack hides, the guy shoves packages of drugs down his pants – and closes the wood box back up. Once alone, Jack opens the box, and a bag (and is promptly punched out when the guy returns)

Ashley was a mistake. Ben’s crazy about Abby (who worries about hurting her Mom, after her sister and her niece) Ben’s kiss is persuasive. But how can Abby go to work and pretend she doesn’t know. You must, Ben says.

Ashley doesn’t need to tank Chelsea’s line for revenge – she’s already lost by choosing Gabe over Billy. Despite missing  a meeting, Chelsea vows to show Jack that he was right to support her.

Back at the lab, Yack demands Adam make amends and work with Billy. No way – I’ve taken his fiance and defended the man who took his daughter. Imagine if he found out who I really am!? Yeah – imagine. Adam can’t help but be impressed with Yack’s act towards Victor. No one wants to see my Father go down in flames more than I do (as slip that stuns Yack)

Be smart – as much as you want your Father to fall, you want Chelsea. She’s your weakness – you can’t tell her who you really are. Adam knows – she blames me for Delia’s death. The only way to get her back is as Gabe Bingham. Just let me know when you want to pull the trigger – pull the company away from Victor.

At the club, Victor’s on the phone – amused that the head of the Abbott family is hiding among crates of cocaine. Find him. The cop knows the path the smugglers will take – they’ll chase them back through Peru. Peru? (that seems to work perfectly for Victor)