Tuesday, June 2nd

Adam's concern over Sage's baby causes suspicion (she's OK - the baby is wait and see) ... With Kevin slated to spend the night in jail, the killer responds to his post on GC Buzz... Marissa tells Jack/Marco that it's too late - he's being sold to the highest bidder (of his many enemies) Read more

Monday, June 1st

The only one convinced the killer's still out there, Kevin finds himself arrested... Harding's back - and 'quietly' investigating Kevin's suspicions .... Mariah accidentally tells Kyle and Summer that she loves Kevin ... Overnight at her Mom's, Faith wonders when she and Dylan will have a baby ... Uh oh - Sage needs an emergency appendectomy ... Signing divorce papers, Neil has revenge on his mind ... Victor's not happy to hear that he's not on Nikki's visitor list. Read more