Friday, July 31st

Told the whole truth, Phyllis vows revenge against Victor .... When Marisa helps the police put out a sketch of Marco, Kevin''s suspicious. Victor's glad it looks nothing like Jack - it'll give him time to find Marco before the cops .... Noah confronts Marisa on meeting his grandpa at the park ... Billy and Vikki spend some family time, while Ashley assures Abby that she has no respect or love left for Victor. Read more

Thursday, July 30th

Cane can't forgive Lily, but he won't use the twins against her - they'll co-parent .... The wedding fast approaching, Devon lives with the guilt of (not) cheating on Hilary. Having hired Collin to take the video, Neil has the ammo to blow up Devon and Hilary's relationship .... Victor convinces Nick to stay on at Newman ... In Istanbul, Phyllis questions Jack - and is stunned to hear that there were two Jack Abbott's. Read more

Tuesday, July 28th

There's a distance between Jack and Phyllis that a trip to Istanbul likely won't fix ... While Lily helps plan a wedding, Cane hits the bottle; Neil continues to envision revenge against Hilary and Devon ... Ben and Abby are not on the same planet ... Adam's not grateful to have his freedom and his job ... A heart attack won't keep Paul from his job or family ... Great - GC has yet another unstable young person... Having already botched a PTSD storyline with Dylan, why would the writers try again with a new character? Read more

Monday, July 27th

Vikki and Abby are suspicious of Victor's claim that he and Jack will work together ... Billy still feels Gabe belongs behind bars ... The William's have no one else to arrest except Gabe ... Chelsea's terrified when Adam takes off with Connor ... Phyllis seems to miss Marco's roughness Read more

Friday, July 24th

As Noah and Marisa grow closer, Kevin and Mariah find (or don't find) something in the lake .... Nick decides to stick by Sage (and would do so even if the baby wasn't his) ... Chelsea ends things with Adam once and for all (yeah, right) ... After seeing their baby via ultra sound, Dylan finally tells an insecure Sharon that he loves her ... It seems that Ben and Abby are only excited by the thought of him protecting her from danger. Read more

Thursday, July 23rd

Jack threatens to expose Adam if he doesn't go along. He plans to bring Victor down when he least expects it .... Victor's not happy that Neil's coming between him and Nikki .... As Vikki and Abby butt heads, Ashley warns that the rear threat is Victor and Jack as partners.... When Gabe changes his story yet again, Paul and Chris are suspicious ... Phyllis wonders if she misinterpreted Jack - and what does the '2' mean?? Read more

Wednesday, July 22

After Victor warns Jack that he could be in trouble for the deaths of Kelly and 12 ship's crew, Jack awakens to confirm that Victor shot him in self defense .... Overhearing Billy and Phyllis, Chelsea convinces Adam to drop his fight with Victor (and the company) ... Noah convinces Summer and Kyle to keep quiet about Marisa, but Kevin and Mariah are going to look for Marco's body in the Lake . Read more

Tuesday, July 21st

After Kevin and Mariah do some digging, Noah confronts Marisa ... Jack enlists Ben's help - he's awake, but reveals this to Victor before anyone else ... The Ben, Abby, Ashley triangle continues to nauseate ... Read more

Monday, July 20th

While Abby's confined to a hospital bed, Ashley and Ben get closer ... Jack lets Phyllis and Billy know that Gabe is not his son ... Victor has a warning for Adam and Marisa ... Noah's confused over his feelings for Marisa .... Nick talks to Sage about honesty .... Chelsea won't stick around for round two of Adam vs Victor. Read more