Monday, November 30th

After Patty's sent off to Paris, Victor and Phyllis' visit with Ian takes an ugly turn .... Adam and Chelsea make up for lost time (no, not with their son silly - in bed) ... Dr Anderson gives Sharon the OK to take her son home (and again lends Nick her ears) ... Sage lashes out at Mariah - then Faith, Read more

Friday, November 27th

Busy shopping today – it is what it is 🙂 At Jabot, Billy confirms the ‘lead’ Jack and Kevin are chasing in Geneva was his doing; a diversion while they plot to bring down Victor (and maybe Ian) Vikki arrives to say they only one she thought would be destroyed... Read more

Wednesday, November 25th

Today's show was a repeat 'classic' of a drunken Nick at the cabin reflecting on his life. As such, there's really no need for me to 'spoil' it for you again. If the guide is correct, tomorrow will be a rerun of Nick and Sharon's bachelor/bachelorette party, so I'll be taking another day off and return on Friday. The original airdate is November 24, 2014. Those interested can access the spoiler in the archives. Happy Thanksgiving. See you Friday. Read more

Tuesday, November 24th

At the station, Neil insists on doing what he should have done months ago – the right thing. Devon doesn’t think that’s sending Neil to prison – and it won’t change how Hilary feels about him. In her suite, Hilary flashes back to telling Neil that all she feels for... Read more

Monday, November 23rd

With Neil and Devon at the station waiting to tell Paul the whole story, Dylan's knocked out after Neville lies about agreeing to tell his story) ... Mariah visits Sharon and the baby. Telling Dylan the news over the phone, Sharon's worried when the line goes dead (as he's injected) ... Paul finds Dylan unconscious at the motel.... Adam agrees to help Victor against Billy and Phyllis (but won't stab Jack in the back) Read more

Friday, November 20th

Nick's not happy that his Dad plans to get Adam out to help him save NE (and doesn't want his help) He's also not happy when Dr Anderson continues to disrespect Sage and his family .... Freaking out about her flat belly, Sharon's sedated - and wakes up holding her new son! ... Gwen forces Neil to tell Devon everything. It goes as expected .... Cane tries (but fails) to have Joe arrested. Read more

Thursday, November 19th

MY apologies for the delay – tech difficulties. Devon and Gwen chat. What does Neil have to be guilty for? He forgave us at our wedding – no, Devon won’t ‘drop it’. He wants to know what Gwen knows – and why she’s lying to him right now. Upstairs, Neil... Read more

Wednesday, November 18th

With Victor no longer helping him. Adam goes to prison (and is promptly beaten up, much to Chelsea's distress) ... As Billy and Phyllis continue to plot against Victor, they also decide to find Ian Ward (because Paragon's still doing damage) ... Hilary lies to cover for Neil - while Paul and Dylan are determined to find Neville ... The Ashby's fight some more ... Gwen becomes more jealous - and she doesn't even know that Hilary's kissing her man. Read more

Tuesday, November 17th

Much to Chelsea's distress, Adam's taken off to prison .... Word spreads that Ian's body wasn't found; either Adam lied and he was never there, or he escaped and is the reason Paragon's again attacking Jabot and Newman.... All suspect Billy's up to no good ... After Hilary faints, more blood tests are done. Emma confronts Neil - you were the one who hired Dr Neville! Read more

Monday, November 16th

Nikki warns the Judge to do what Victor asks, then makes it clear she isn't happy about him having an affair with a married woman (never mind that he was single at the time) .... Ashley is NOT happy to hear that the Newman's will be setting up shop at Jabot ... Billy and Phyllis are up to something.... Ben confides in Dylan - then decides his future is with Abby ... As Nick and Sage drift apart, nurse Susan is tending to a healthy Christian. Read more