Friday, January 30th

Cane puts a stop to Collin's blackmail - and Devon gives Jill the money to buy CI ... Ben worries that Kelly's losin it ... Phyllis goes to Fairview.. Chris has a scare. Read more

Thursday, January 29th

Nikki's confesses - her MS is flaring up. Worried, Victor calls Jill - he'll sell CI (and not the warehouse property) ... Vikki asks Ben to move in ... Gabe (and Sage) move in to Billy/Chelsea's building... Paul and Chris arrest Phyllis. Read more

Tuesday, January 27th

The lab shut down, Ashley confronts Victor ... Vikki backs her Father's lies, until Ben makes her see how wrong that is ... Nick and Sage grow closer (as Adam continues to make a pest of himself) ... Paul questions Phyllis. Read more

Monday, January 26th

Jill pressures Victor to sell CI (while all wonder where Collin came up with the money) .. After a session with her new doctor, Phyllis apologizes to Kelly .... Hilary and Devon are ecstatic to learn about Neil's new treatment. Read more

Friday, January 23rd

Dylan threatens to kill Joe. He and Avery both think he's 'losing it' ...Gabriel introduces his girlfriend (Sage) to Chelsea and Billy ... The hostility increases between Nick and Sharon. Read more

Thursday, January 22nd

Jack vows to stand by Phyllis (even if she did try to kill Kelly) ... Collin gets more cash from Devon (which will enable Cane and Jill to buy CI from Victor) ... Dylan bursts into Joe's suite - with a gun. Read more

Wednesday, January 21st

Kelly and Phyllis step up their battle over Jack (which also has Ben and Vikki at odds) ... Faith's scheme works; she's home with Mom (and Nick and Sage are now free to enjoy their evening) .... Fen upsets Summer; who then upsets Mariah and Austin. Read more

Tuesday, January 20th

Devon and Hilary escape getting caught again (but Collin needs more money) ... Mike and Lauren both turn to their siblings .... Sharon's not happy to find Sage at Nick's (neither is Faith) ... Things get awkward between Gabe and Chelsea. Read more

Monday, January 19th

Ashley and Victor continue to play cat and mouse ... Collin has an idea ... Devon and Hilary get busy while Lily's supposed to be having a massage ..... Phyllis is not happy to see Dr Cutler, and after being confronted, Kelly ends up in the hospital (allegedly poisoned). Read more